Thursday, March 3, 2011

i've never missed my bathroom more than i do now

see #8 below

I have a really sweet blog post in the works for you guys. I've been working on it for a week now. Yeah, that's ded-i-kay-shun.

But since it's not quite finished yet, and I can see all of you lurkers lurking on this blog every day (really, I can), I know that you are anxiously awaiting a post. So here you go.

(this idea was inspired by the lovely tessa)

a few guilty pleasures in mcfrenzy's life

1. sometimes i go to to read about celebrities and thank my lucky headbands that i am not one of them.
2. i didn't used to like taylor swift, cuz everyone else liked her. that's kind of a lame reason to not listen to a good artist. yeah, i just called her a good artist. does that mean you'll stop lurking on my blog? prooobably not.
3. eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. my parents are probably rolling their eyes/laughing right now. they have a pretty large stash of cereal in their to my room. connect the dots.
4. i write letters to my kids. and no, you crazies, i don't have any kids yet. but when i do, and when they are old enough to read instead of drool, they can read 'em. and probably laugh. and probably say, "whoa, our mom is nuts!" yeah. it's ok. at least i admit it to them early on.
5. did you know that this is the new superman?! boom-baby. oh..uh...and my guilty pleasure is looking at this picture. the end.
6. i watch "the emperor's new groove" a lot and i quote from it. a lot. i'm also 21.
7. online-shopping. i have...uh...quite a bit of things saved in my shopping carts at amazon, target, downeast, forever 21. Who knows if I'll ever actually buy any of it.
8. reading, especially old, used books. i can spend an entire day reading a book and not feel that guilty about it. so i guess this isn't a guilty pleasure. just a pleasure.
9. driving my car around AF or Rexburg, blasting my music with the windows down, with absolutely no destination in mind. sometimes (when i still had my car) i would take the long way home on purpose just so i could keep listening to my music and feel that free feeling. ya know?

10. having spontaneous D.P.'s while doing chores, especially the dishes.
11. talking in abreev with Chelsea Ann. it's kinda funny when people get mad at us for talking in abreev. it bugs me that i do it, and yet i like it. what up with that?
12. watching SNL clips. tee hee...
13. i will have to second what TP said and profess my love for swings. i love swinging. and playing at parks in general. again, i am 21 years old. but most people think i'm 15.
14. the tv show Bones. i could go on about it, but that's all i wanna say. it's the only show i consistently watch.

15. writing notes to people. i do this a lot cuz writing is how i express myself. if you've ever received a note from me, consider yourself "in da club." whatever that means.
16. reading scriptures early in the morning. no need to feel guilty about this one.
17. having spanish classes with all RM's. I just love listening to them talk to each other! They're so hilarious and random.
18. eating baked goods. my mom is an excellent chef, but her homemade rolls/cake/cookies are the best. there's no contest, at least in my eyes.

19. layin' in bed with my chinese homefries. they crack me up. especially when were half-asleep and such. that's when the real personalities come out.
20. having sleepovers. i don't mean with 15 girls, watching movies all night and eating junk food. ok, maybe the junk food part. i just mean me and one or two girls, sleeping in a tent, or sleeping on the back porch of a lodge in the wilderness, or just sharing a bed with them, and talking. it's fun, ya know.
21. ice cream. especially from g's dairy delights. Chels and I had to set a goal last semester to only go there once a month. that's how crazy we are about it.

22. guys, reading food blogs is so addicting. geez. if you've ever been to my food blog, you know that my bloglist takes up most of the page. ridiculous. the best ones are pioneer woman, smitten kitchen, kerf, picky palate, joy the goes on and on and on.
23. watching old movies, especially the musicals (singing in the rain, seven brides for seven brothers, meet me in st. louis, all so good).

23. i secretly really like comments, which is why i'm always virtually elbowing you lurkers. FYI, that right there was me, elbowing you. ya catch my drift?

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Brit said...

Lurk, lurk, lurk...Glad you have so many pleasures :)

chelsea said...

lo yo guilt pleas. gla i am in th clu o nots. i don kno wh thi both peop....

funsizetessa said...

this list is so great. i'm glad to be your inspiration. ha ha ha.