Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a list created to induce smiling

(how I feel about Mexico)

That's right, 'tis time for yet another happy list.

By the way, I have taken my sweet time updating this blog because, well....I was really getting used to seeing Wentworth Miller every time I opened up my page. Shameless, I know.

1. A musician known as M. Ward. Discovering new music is always a happy thang.

2. Being in charge of the FHE lesson every week. You wanna know somethin? I usually (9 times out of 10) make up a lesson either 10 minutes before we start or on the spot, going off of a quote or a scripture. Tonight I used about being one of the wise virgins from my trusty Spencer W. Kimball book. Then I ended up talking about preparing for General Conference...which I wasn't really planning on. Guess the Spirit had something else in mind.

3. Talking to old friends, making new friends. I'm sort of nervous for next semester because all (and I mean all) of my old posse which I have known since my freshman year will be gone. But I think I've got this friend-making-bidnez down. Right? Right.

4. Missionaries. I think I've mentioned them before on here. But man, I love 'em. I have so many friends either on missions, going on missions, or returning from missions. In other words, I have really good friends, folks.

5. OK, this is more awkward than happy: when people post on facebook the weekend after they get married. Hello, do you really want us to comment on that status about waking up with an elbow in your face? Oy.

6. Dating advice from Spencer W. Kimball that actually makes sense.

7. We get to play soccer not once, but two times a week now. Did you know I love soccer now? Oh. Well I do. Even though lots of people get hurt, including myself (last night it was a soccer ball to the ear and a lovely kick in the shins). That's just how we roll.

8. We're goin' to the D.F. (Mexicans' nickname for Mexico City) in 2.2. days! (I say .2 because we're leaving at 2am on Friday morning. Psyche.)

9. Apple-Cinnamon candles.

10. Turning the song "Wheels on the Bus" into a rap so my kids will wanna sing it. Success.

11. Did you know that National Geographic actually re-created the floating house in Up?!!! Yeah, they totally did! Because they're National Geographic and they can do whatever the heck they want. Geesh.

12. This video. Please watch it and laugh 'til you cry. Thanks...and have a nice day.


Ging said...

SWEEET. I wanna laugh til I cry. Or do I wanna cry til I laugh. Maybe I'll do both today.

funsizetessa said...

Baaaaaaaahahahha waking up with an elbow in your face. YIKES!