Thursday, October 30, 2008

Da Party in the Crib (601)

So my parents have been complaining that I haven't been taking any pictures...and they're right. Oops. But my roommates sure have! So I think I have rights to this photo, even though I don't know whose camera it came from. This was taken a week ago today at Niki's birthday party (she's the one in the green stripes). As you can see, we college students know exactly how to throw a fact, we've left all the decorations up and they will probably stay where they are for the whole semester. Sarah (the one who's pulling a vampire face in my direction) re-curled the ribbons the other day while the rest of us were in class (she's off-track right now). So we pretty much think our apartment is the coolest one in the whole complex now because we have decor. I'll post some more embarrassing photos of me later on. Teaser: one involves a hillbilly face, which I know is your favorite, mom :-)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Currently Homesick For:

  • Portland Temple
  • The McKenzie River
  • Early-morning seminary
  • Masterpiece Theater on Sundays
  • Nintendo 64 with Ike
  • Goshen Grange in Winter
  • Camp Alpine
  • Christmas-tree hunting in Oregon
  • 567 Archie, 1338 Andersen, 311 Mint
  • Schultz Cabin
  • Oregon Coast
  • Mercer Lake
  • Griffey
  • Liz's House
  • Liz's Room
  • Liz
  • Pistachios
  • Alpine Loop in Autumn
  • Last Chance Trail (Sundance)
  • Cocoa and toast
  • River Bike Path (Eugene)
  • Neptune Beach
  • Heceta Head Lighthouse
  • A good clean rain
  • Homemade bread
  • AF Fitness Center
  • Dad's old movie collection
  • TiVo, and by extension, Eli Stone, The Office, and Pushing Daisies
  • Caleb's smile
  • Caleb's frown
  • Ellie's mischief
  • Isaac's kindness
  • Mama's advice
  • Dad's understanding
  • A quiet bedroom
  • Mucho Gusto
  • Pioneer Used Bookstore
  • Church History Museum
  • Frozen Yogurt Junction
  • River Road Park
  • Petersen Barn Park
  • WinCo
  • Free laundry

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day Because...

...It's the day we finally got to do baptisms for the dead in the Rexburg Temple. It only took three tries before we made it to the chapel early enough; if you arrive at or after 11 am, the line to get in the chapel stretches to 5 pm. My rommates and I felt bittersweet about the whole thing. On one hand, a lot of spirits were being baptized into the church and the Lord's work was moving forward like it always is. On the other, we couldn't participate in the work because we just weren't early enough. Yesterday morning Courtney burst in the bedroom from the living room (where she fell asleep the night before) and woke me from my long-awaited weekend slumber. It was past time for us to be at our home teacher's apartment (they were making us breakfast), and we still had to get the bacon!! Blasted meat-loving males.... Anywho, after downing some crepes, Niki, Courtney, Christina and I rushed home to get dressed and to the temple. I said a little prayer beforehand that we would get in. "Please" was the only part I really remember about the prayer. :-) We made it to the doors at precisely 10:50, and I was dreading having to poke my head around the corner and look down the hall at yet another long line. Who says prayers aren't answered? I looked for that line and there wasn't one. We went right inside the chapel and sat down, watching reverently through the glass as another child of God entered into His gospel. As we made our way down the bench (they have a system of rotating people throug the locker rooms because it's so busy), waiting to get our clothes, I started to think about Grandma Great. I am positive now that this was not a random thought concocted by me, because number one, I was in the temple, and number two, I was preparing to do work for the dead. I went back in my memory to the day of her funeral, and I replayed everything that was said that day and all of the silent prayers I felt. I remembered how many of the speakers talked about Grandma's testimony and how she wanted all of her family to have a testimony of the gospel too. That's when I felt her there with me, at that moment, and she let me know that I was where she wanted me to be. I am so grateful that once again, I live very close to a temple, and that I was worthy to enter therein. The Lord loves us so much--if you're not sure of this, just look at the temples. He wants us to be together for the eternities. This is why I love Saturdays.

Monday, October 13, 2008

October on Wings of Ice

It was only a few days ago that I was sweating all the unnecessary water out of my body as I traversed to the Hinckley Building... and now as I look out my bedroom's window I can see little ice droplets hanging from the leaves on the tree out there. So where on earth did autumn go? I'm guessing it's still hanging around in every other city but good ol' Rexburg, Idaho, where snow came down like Frosted Flakes (yeah, I'm talking about the cereal) all weekend. After church yesterday I went to my Relief Society Board Meeting (that's what you get when you're the R.S. pianist) and then to finally get set apart... Sidenote: It was a really cool blessing. Anyway, then my roommates Courtney, Christina, and I all waited for our lovely Relief Society prez Sarah (who also happens to be our roommate) to get out of her meetings so she could drive us home. Home, by the way, is a mere ten minutes from the Smith Building, where our ward meets. All I can say is that this winter will not make a wimp out of me! Oh wait...maybe it already has. And the snow hasn't even stuck yet! We barely squished into Sarah's little red car and then coasted down the hill in neutral because she was practically out of gas. Part of the reason she gave us all a ride, she said, was so we could get out and push in case the car stalled. Relief Society presidents are so compassionate! I just realized that I haven't blogged about Mother's Weekend one bit, even though I'm sure my mom will take care of some of the details. All I can say is thanks, madre, for forsaking the warm Utah weather just to be with your crazy brownish-redheaded (that's right, Jenny, I have red in my hair! and photographic proof!) kiddo. I have plenty more stories to tell, but right now I've got to bundle up for class (ahem...only 5 minutes away).