Sunday, February 27, 2011

weekend update: brought to you by a few redheads


on friday nights in the streets of tehuacan, there's a few things you should be aware of:

doesn't matter how ugly/fat/pockmarked/zombie-eyed you feel. if you are female, every guy will whistle at you, call you "baby," or recite to you all of the english they know--usually compressed into one word, like "hello.goodbye.ilikeit."

on one particular friday evening, me and my three amigas were walking past a futbol court at 12:45 am (don't worry mom, we had heavy books with us. and i know some boxing moves now). all of a sudden, whistles rang out. just think 4th of july, only the fireworks are human. and they're not illegal (usually. haha).

the weeks are flying by here. i cannot believe it's already almost march. do you know what march is? my last full month in mexico. doink.

this week...
  • my ipod went missing for a week but showed itself again after lots of prayers and some diligent mexican children who wanted to find their teacher's iPod.
  • i slept through an earthquake. how does this happen, you ask? especially when a bunch of my other compadres woke up mid-air? Well, you see, I have this little problem called allergies. And they regularly knock me out with wrecking ball strength. i'm pretty bummed.
  • i killed about a thousand cockroaches. i'm starting to become so skilled at this particular activity that i can now spot them using my peripheral vision. just call me spiderwoman.
  • i dictated a story written by my students. someday soon i will post it on this blog. it's too funny not to share. preview: it involves las vegas, a casino, a smackdown (between me and a girl named Ana Paula), kissing, shopping, and New York City. I think these kids watch too many mexican soap operas. but that's just what i think. what do i know?
  • i listened to the opening theme from "the adventures of pete & pete" about ten times. it's only 58 seconds, guys. do you remember that show? only my family will get this: "i can smell his fear, and it smells like bacon." ahh, 1993. where have you gone?
  • i dreamt the following (all in one dream, by the way): i weighed 300 pounds, my computer completely died, i was sent home for sleeping through school one day, i found out i was adopted, my dad came to teach in my place, and he was wearing those green overalls spotted on mom's blog.
  • i ate tacos filled with cesa. cesa=pig brain. oh yes i did.
  • i watched the first twilight and laughed really hard. i shoulda worn my "team edward" shirt. oh wait, don't have one. dangit.
you wanna know what i realized this week? my family is probably the best, funniest, most supportive, wonderful, coolest family in. the. world.

i miss them a lot.

i also realized that rockin' the harold b. lee's is starting to become a flop instead of a fad. for some people. for example:


oh, and one more thing. i need a haircut again, real bad. any thoughts on the subject? here's what i'm leanin' to.

hey look, another redhead. they're takin' over this blog it seems.


see what i mean?

farewell, all you lurkers. i know you're reading this by the way.

(oh have you guys seen my tabs? i think they're pretty sweet. just sayin'. check 'em out!)


Ging said...

Another awesome post. You are down right funny. Keep the heavy books in tow and no more pig brains. Over and out.

Kaitlyn said...


Terri said...

You have seen the gammet of Mexican delights. Home will seem boring free of bugs and chicken dinners.

funsizetessa said...

laughing so hard at so many things you said. Pete and Pete oh my gosh MK! Thanks for the nostalgia.

Amy said...

I can't stop thinking of your dream with your Dad in those overalls. Ha! I love the haircut option. It has my vote.