Wednesday, September 28, 2011

that's about as awkward as it can get


there was this one time I slept on a pyramid. that was awkward. and yes, I'm sleeping while sitting up. even more awkward. were there tourists around? plenty. were we wasted on Dramamine? maybe.

Let's face it, either I'm awkward (mostly true) or I just bring out the awkwardness in other people (also true) or I attract awkward people. Blurgh.

  1. Dreaming that I wrecked my brother's sweet Laser. This is awesome because it was, in fact, a dream, and not reality. In the dream I kept thinking, "I hope this isn't real and that I wake up. I have no money for new tires." Wish granted.
  2. Bon Iver=a musical poet. Watch this and try to keep your mouth closed. I dare you.
  3. Kaitlyn Kaycee Dwiggins making her way to Rexburg just when I need her. Last night was not a good night for me and my allergies, people. Once again, I sound like a man and my face feels inside out.
  4. Finally getting Sister Gopp's address by way of crazy coincidence!
  5. Idaho autumn-y sunsets. How many days til October?!
  6. It's conference weekend, por fin.
  7. A beautiful thing called pumpkin smash smoothies at Jamba Juice. With the first sip, I died, came back, then died again.
  8. scripture study in the sun (who knows how much longer it will last...sniffle)
  9. Mint Green nail polish, mmm yes. It kinda makes me crave milkshakes, though. Problem.

  1. A certain home teacher who came over unannounced (as per usual) at around 10:30 pm, gave me unsolicited advice on my personal life, offered to set me up with one of his friends who "might be gay," and then took my roommate's ice cream out of her hands and ate some.
  2. Saying "Are you following me?" to people I keep running into, because I think they automatically think the opposite: " she following me?" Uhhhhhhhhh
  3. Eating red onions--never a good idea, even though they taste good. They ruin your mouth (and thus, your prospects...ya dig?) for days.
  4. Seeing no less than 10 people with the same shirt as me in one day. That's what happens when you buy something from American Eagle. Oy.
  5. Telling a roommate a hilarious story only to have her misunderstand and miss the punchline completely. Don't mind me, I'm just laughing at my own joke over here. Ha. Ha. Ha.........
  6. Trying to chat with someone on facebook, only to have them get offline right as you say "hey!" Well fine....I didn't wanna talk to you anyhow!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

snacks + music


Sometimes I have to do things to keep my brains from melting.

Things like riding my bike up and down the hill by my apartment.

Things like having mini dance-parties by myself, to get the blood flowing. Yes, by myself. I just admitted to that, who knows why?

Or sometimes I get on this blog and write something partly coherent. But mostly not. Make sense? Didn't think so.

This week I've noticed a pattern...when I get distracted and can't go on any longer, I start listening to a certain artist, and snack on a particular snack. For example...

monday imagine dragons+triscuits
tuesday phoenix+almonds
wednesday death cab for cutie+jamba juice
thursday bon iver+carrots/peanut butter

What does this say about these particular artists? Well maybe Imagine Dragons music makes me want to dance, and that makes me really hungry, and that calls for fiber. Hence the Triscuits. Phoenix is a French band...and French people like almonds, right? I'm starting to get in way too deep, here. Death Cab for Cutie is hipster music at its finest, and smoothies, well, I mean...what else can I say? Bon Iver never gets old, and neither does peanut butter. It goes with everything. So does Justin Vernon.

And that, my friends, was a brain meltdown on paper. Er...a blog.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

oh, the cleverness of me


-avocado+jam+egg sandwich. you know you want one.
-demolition derby (aka redneck jousting). now that's a good place to find a huzzbend.
-um, postmodernism is only, like, the BEST english class ever. And I can't believe I just said it like that, but I've lost all words. We read a story on Wednesday and my mouth was open for all 17 pages.
-secret glances heheheh
-a movie known as Midnight in Paris. It made me proud to be an English major. Oh and whoever played Ernest Hemingway...was attractive. Go ahead and think I'm weird for liking a dead guy. I dare ya.
-the very first open meet of the x-country season. It was surprisingly easy. And then the coaches' pep talk was, "Guys, it's gonna get easier, I promise." I smiled the whole way home.
-autumny rainy days

-seeing some guy friends from back in the day walking to sammy's...and then rolling down my window to say hi...and then my brain misfired at that exact moment and instead of making the "hi!" noise my mouth made the "ow-ow!" noise. oh the shame. they waved awkwardly as if they didn't know me. and then we sped away. face, meet palm.
-walking past my new classroom about five times, like a freshman with those cute little maps. and having a few upper-classmen (wait..that's me!) eyeball me with concern. Don't worry guys...I found it! It's...right here. In front of my face.
-the computer I'm currently using literally gasps for breath, guys. It kind of scares me when I'm trying to fall asleep and then all of a sudden, "Mehhhuuuuurrrrshhhhhh!" I'm sitting up in my bed faster than a hungry cheetah (huh?). I have no idea how you would pronounce that, by the way.
-being in the middle of a movie night with your roommates (meaning I was in my jammies...meaning that's all I was in. Get my drift?) when guys from the ward decided to pop in. Oh please, do not turn on that li.....oooh, too late. I'll just grab the nearest dishtowel then.
-that awkward thing people do when you are having a conversation with them and they start texting. which happens to me regularly. oy.
-that other awkward thing people do when they eavesdrop on a conversation you're having with someone else and then they add their own little anecdote. "Excuse me, do I know you? You're standing awfully close..."
-did you know that some boys (aka most boys) eat whatever's in their fridge no matter how badly it smells? I didn't. Luckily I wasn't the only one who noticed the strange smell. My friend came out of his room and said, "Who vomited?" Somebody get these kids an eternal compadre, stat!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011



I've only been in Rexburg for four days (only four?!) but already I've been surprised by my Heavenly Father. I think I've mentioned before how much He enjoys "one-upping" me. I think I've got everything figured out..and then He kindly points me in the right direction--which is usually a place I never even thought about looking.

I'm glad He doesn't answer all of my prayers the way I want Him to. Otherwise I would've married Christopher Hardisty from the 3rd grade by now. And I probably would've gone to BYU instead of BYU-Idaho. I might even be living at home.

So here's to the element of surprise when it comes to our life plans. Jones Stephens said "I have learned that the head does not hear anything until the heart has listened, and that what the heart knows today the head will understand tomorrow." I fully believe in this. I also think you could substitute "head" with "natural man" and "heart" with "spirit."

Sometimes it's something as simple as randomly reconnecting with old friends from freshman year 3 years ago. I love reunions!

Or deleting a number from your phone you never thought you would. Sweet release!

Or maybe it's in becoming really good friends with a girl you've known for awhile but never really hung out with until now.

It could be in changing up your class schedule 48 hours before school starts and realizing that even though it was dissappointing to drop soccer at first, the Old Testmament Class was made for you.

Perhaps it's in getting a calling you never thought was coming to you. My mental reaction: "Who, me?!" [more about this latah]

It could be in switching jobs kind of at the last second. I love good impulses. Ha.

Maybe it's in crushing on someone you would have laughed at the thought of liking a few years ago. Laughed. Out. Loud.

It could be in attending that x-country information meeting. X-country, the last time you and I were friends was in 9th grade. Let's reconcile.

Here's to a fantastic fall semester!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I haven't forgotten

I was tying my shoes when I heard the guy on the radio talking about the World Trade Centers in New York.

I went downstairs and saw everyone gathered around the TV. Mom turned and looked at me, and her face told me something was wrong.

That day, Isaac and I walked home from school looking for planes in the sky. Even though we lived in Oregon, I remember wondering if there would be a terrorist attack somewhere close by. I went home and watched the news. I think that was all I watched that week. Finally, my dad told me it probably wasn't good to watch it so much.

I remember when they pulled a firefighter out of the rubble, still alive. I remember seeing all of the missing posters on TV and hoping that the people would be found. Even though I knew that most of them wouldn't. I remember everybody was praying and putting out their flags.

I remember President Hinckley announcing that we had invaded Iraq. Little did I know that 10 years later, we would still be in this war. I hope that we are always in a war against evil--not necessarily a physical war, but a spiritual one. I hope that there will always be those willing to stand. I hope that we never let wickedness prevail, no matter the cost.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm not a gymnast but I can tumblr!


So, somebody just read this blog from Dublin. Hiii person if you are still here! Or should I say, "Go mbeannaí Dia duit." That means "May God Bless You." I may or may not have just googled "Irish phrases" and unintentionally landed on Irish phrases in the Gaelic language. Google 1, McKenzie 0.

On another note, school is gonna start in T minus 4 days. But am I in Rexburg? Check no! I'm still in my basketball shorts and t-shirt, at home, milking the last of my free time. Because in a few short days, its back to The Idaho. I don't know why, but I just like referring to that particular state with the article in front of it. I must be an English major or something.

This summer has been pretty marvelous. Here's what I mean by marvelous:
  • Park City not once, but two times
  • The hike-every-week goal? Fulfilled! Ok, except for one week I missed. But don't worry, I'll make up for it sometime before the frost comes (Dear Rexburg, please don't let that happen until December. Or Thanksgiving. I can handle Thanksgiving.)
  • Lots of family reunions (three in a row)
  • garden tomatoes
  • friend reunions (Kaitlyn Dwiggins gives the best hugs, people)
  • running in the summery night air (which has become the autumny night air, which I also love)
  • rooftop concerts. Hello, Imagine Dragons, my new favorite band. But the sweaty guy who spit on me, goodbye. Good. Bye.
I could list a whole lot more, but I don't want to put you to sleep. We'll save that for the post when I'm trapped in the library again. Oh gee willickers, please don't let that happen to me again this semester.

In the meantime, here's some pictures from my tumblr to entertain you. I will put real photos up here once my computer is fixed. The next time I write on this thing, it will be in Rexburg. Slán leat! (that means goodbye for all of you non-Gaelic-fluent people)

I still quote this show despite the fact that I am 21 years old.

I want to frame it.

Autumn is coming at last!

Does anyone else miss cassette tapes?

I have experienced this many a time.

Will always remain one of my favorite movies of all time.

I just like it, and that's all.

He will be at my next concert. Preferably on stage.

Stuff from this movie shows up on my tumblr a lot.


How can you not like him?

A lot of my tumblr is foresty pictures, because maybe I wish I lived there.

A lot of people say she's my celebrity look-alike. What say you?


Art that I like (also comes up on the tumblr)

This made me laugh.

I know that lately this blog has been nothing but another place to put my tumblr pictures. Don't deny you didn't enjoy them! But I promise, soon this will go back to being my blog, and the tumblr will have its own place. In the meantime....have a looksee at all this goodnez!