Monday, January 30, 2012

a human jukebox


Somebody told me I needed to update my blog. I know all of you (how many of you are there, like five?) are wondering where the heck I've been. I'm not in the social networking part of the internet anymore, which really hasn't affected my life too much. Except for the people-getting-engaged part. They act offended when I don't know...oops. Guess I'm prehistoric now or something. Anywho, that's why you don't know about my life too much anymore. I don't blog, I don't facebook..but I still use pinterest and tumblr! Yay!

Wow, this post is incredibly boring. I always think of funny/clever stuff I could blog about during the day, but then 9 o'clock hits and so does the procrastination monster. He tells me that I need to stop reading 20-page articles and answering endless busy-work questions. So I agree with him and attempt to write a blog post. Which fails... And then I'm more tired than I was before. Oh, the life of a college student. Soon I'll be an ex-college student, and that will be a wonderful day.

In the meantime, here's what I've been eating/listening to/thinking about. Maybe I'll start blogging for real after April 6th...

  • double chocolate cheesecake=the reason I left Dan a really awful message last night. Sorry, dan-o. I really am. We all know what sugar does to me.
  • the hush sound. I knew I liked them before, but then they were given to me by a certain individual on a mixed CD and apparently now I cannot stop listening to them. music is so weird that way. p.s. music in portuguese makes me laugh a little bit, just because I can't for the life of me understand it, and then I try to, and it's just...bad. Me trying to understand it...not the music. Ok, goodbye longwinded and pointless postscript.
  • camping, I just need to go as soon as the snow melts. my desire to be outside is reflected here big time.
  • mexico, always.
  • ernest hemingway, why must your paragraphs be so long?
  • estimate of how many pages of reading i have done in the last month: upwards of 5,000. It ain't pretty. And none of that is recreational reading, btw.
  • I have probably made at least six loaves of bread this month alone. And the hippie references (toward me) are through the roof lately. That's what I get for growing my own yogurt and stuff.
  • 50,000 recipes (ish) dreamed up in the margins of my notes.
  • 1 lesson done did and taught in relief society.
  • I haven't slipped on the ice yet, but I almost went down today in a lovely flailing motion.
  • Songs learned on the guitar: one (that's two halves of a song actually)
  • Awkward hugs given/received: a jillion. okay three in particular come to mind.
  • I dusted off my Moleskine full of poems and poetic thoughts again, cuz my right brain needs a place to get away, just like me. It doesn't do well in 3-hour long classes all about how Obama writes his arguments.
  • more freckles than I've had in awhile. rexburg=mexico? not even close. but in this regard, it is. and I guess the taco bus is a derivative of Mexico. Let's call it Mexico Lite.
  • sharing my music taste with everybody who wants to know. hence the human jukebox...heheheh. get it? drum roll anybody?? kaitlyn, that was a shout-out to you.
  • coincidences/serendipitous don't even want to know what kind of mind games fate is playing with me right now. And for the record I know that coincidences and fate do not exist...I just like pretending they do so I don't get too frustrated with where they really come from. :)
  • matching socks, and the lack thereof in my sock drawer. It's getting (slightly) embarrassing to be wearing half purple/half green. But I can dig it.
  • Justin Vernon and his crazy genius. He seriously is the craziest guy ever. But holy smokes, his music...his MUSIC. Ack! Not fair, I tell you.
The long and short of it: I'm still the same ol' awkward, reddish-brownish headed, freckle-faced, music-obsessed, overthinking, right-brained fool who is trying to get through the last eight weeks of school. That's right, EIGHT WEEKS.

Ahhh, deep breath.

Friday, January 20, 2012

this blog used to be funny.

(if you don't know who this is...yeah I just don't even know what to say to you.
here's a crash course: this and this)

funny...and updated.

But you know what, my classes have been off the heezy lately. And you don't even wanna know what that means.

While I figure out how to be funny/sane again, here is a brain entry from just last night. I apologize in advance for talking about my legs again. I just can't seem to get off of that subject on this blog. Or in real life. Ha.

{Something smells like chicken noodle soup and it's making me hungry.}<--that's the title, btw
Also, I haven't shaved my legs in 2 weeks, what?! That's kind of sick. But on the other hand, it's flippin' FREEZING here and walking to the library feels like the climb to Everest with the wind chill and all. Ok, maybe not that dramatic. The point is, my legs are going to stay unshaven for at least a few more days. The End and Amen.

Can you tell that this is a brain barf? I figured the title would be a dead giveaway. Seriously, that soup or whatever is cooking (at 10 o'clock at night...hmm) smells GOOD. I'm going off-topic..which isn't breaking any rules because this is a brain barf, folks! I wore 5 different coats today. Not at all once, of course, because that would be RE-donkulus. And yet, maybe it would be genius. I wasn't a fan of the wind today--it ruined our "snowstorm" which was supposed to strike this morning. Boo. I choose snow over wind any day. Back to my coats. I'm going to rate their effectiveness in this crazycrazycrazy cold weather.

1-my Mexican "drug rug" (don't hate). A solid 7, and it could be higher but I didn't wear it outside and really test its abilities.
2-BYU sweatshirt, 5. It's losing it's fuzziness. Unlike my legs...haha! Ahem. Anyway.
3-brown old navy coat, 0. It's just for decoration after all.
4-grey AE hoodie. A 4, it's way too small, meaning I have grown since age 16! So I guess my doctor was wrong-o when he told me I was done growing in 6th grade. That's right, 6th grade! Do you know how tall I was in 6th grade? Probably not as tall as you were.
5-my winter coat, a 10 of course. Now I just need sufficient coverage for my leggies, cuz my leg hairs+jeans aren't that much protection.

Dude, I can't believe how much I got done today! When I woke up, I was dreading everything that I was going to have to attempt. But somehow, by focusing on one thing at a time, I did it. What the junk? Maybe it's because I deactivated my facespace until April...yeah, maybe. In between classes, I worked on a huge assignment for English 450 (it's kicking me in the pants, seeeriously) and exercised. And worked at the RC (it's a miracle I still work there...I seriously thought about quitting this week because I was so swamped). And made a legitimate dinner. And had scripture study. And looked at moccasins on the internet because I really want some. And listened to lots of indie music, which only made me want to go to Coachella more and see Justin Vernon in the flesh!!!! Sigh."

I'm telling you...on a crazy scale from 1-10, my journals are a 15.
And so is the whole no-snow-in-Rexburg but snow-in-the-Pacific-Northwest thing. These are the things that keep me up at night, friends. Moccasins, Justin Vernon, and the wind practically blowing this apartment to smithereens.

p.s. you need to watch this right now. right. now. ya hear?!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

wish list

I know, I know. School is in session and it's my last semester...and it has been a bit difficult. Hence the take-a-nap-every-day rule I have recently implemented. Sometimes rules are awesome, don't you think? Anywho. Here are some things I have been wishing for lately:

Coachella tickets (aka tickets to a modern-day Woodstock...minus the hippies. I think). Oh, what I wouldn't do to get my little hands on these. What. I Wouldn't. Do!
p.s. I don't understand the clothes-less blue guy in this picture. That's all.

this guy, from this show. what, you haven't watched it yet? for shame!
to think that people with faces like that actually exist!

this cabin in the woods, somewhere for me to get away.

hats, hats, more hats! my roommate Caitlyn said I remind her of this character, anybody recognize him? He was always changing into different hats. That's my life.

to sit on this pyramid again, without any Dramamine in my system. And a water bottle. My new motto: no taking naps at ancient historical sites!

1) for it to be summer and 2) to go tubing

this book would be incredibly useful.

homemade pizza, get in my mouth.

I'm sorry, but who wouldn't want to sleep in this? We're going to exclude any children under the age of eight from that question.

everyday when I get home from school/work, my toes are numb (c'mon, just a liiiitle snow?!). So I obviously wish I had a set-up like this in my apartment.

a road trip to someplace that blows my brains out, it's that cool.

a summery bike ride. my bike has been patiently waiting for a ride since October. sigh...

Enjoy your long weekend!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

oh no you didn't.


Is it bad that it's only January 5th and I have things to confess? Deal with it.

confession one: last night I stayed up late having one of the funniest/most awkward conversations of my life with an individual who will remain unnamed. just in case he/she does not want to be associated with said conversation. trust me, it was all about mexico and some downright embarrassing things that happened there.

confession two: in the same conversation, we discussed having a funeral for a mustache. what?

confession three: I may or may not have taken a 2 hour nap yesterday after I got done with 10am. Better not make this a habit.

confession four: I tripped going up the stairs in the Smith Building on the way to my first class. And that's not the first time, either. I recall a certain incident at the tender age of 18, whilst I was running up the stairs to the 4th floor for Spanish class. All of a sudden I was no longer standing on solid ground, and I had that moment we sometimes get when we're in the air. The one where you're thinking, "Oh crud. I'm about to hit the ground and make a really awful scene, aren't I?" Yeah. Then came impact. And lots of return-missionaries making sure I was okay. But I just laid there, looking pathetic and ridiculous. "Hi....I'm new here." Ugh.

confession five: I have already been to the taco bus, and I've been here for four days. What am I going to do when I move? Wait..I just had a stroke of genius! I'll just sneak into the bus when some big futbol game is on the TV (so the people who work there are distracted), and start the engine, and then drive away with all of the Mexicans inside of it. Then I will have delicious Mexican food at all times. Hooray.

confession six: a couple of nights ago I decided to prank a few of my old roommates and tell them I was engaged (via text message). "It happened so fast!" I said. Or something like that. Ha! Luckily my friend who really is engaged had just sent me a picture of her ring, so I forwarded that to them to make the prank more believable. I guess that 17-year-old prankster still lives in me.

confession seven: I signed up for a free 7-day Hulu Plus trial just so I could watch old episodes of The Office. Man I miss when that show was really good. I mean really.

confession eight: the other day at the bank I stuck my tongue out at a little girl in front of me who was really into making faces. But I'm pretty sure my little game was confusing other people around, who couldn't see the 2-foot girl in front of me. They could only see a college student sticking her tongue out every five seconds. Yikes.

Hmm only eight confessions. That's not too bad. One for every day of the week, plus an extra for the weekend. Ha. Just kidding. Kind of.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

and so it begins

...not much has changed.

The last few days have been kind of surreal. I got to Rexburg, unpacked my shtuff, went to a friend's apartment, made dinner there, then went to a movie. When I woke up the next morning it finally hit me that this was going to be my very last semester in Rexburg. And I was sad. This is my home--it really is! And it's only taken me almost four years to figure it out. But I really do love it here, and all of the people in it. I'm going to miss it when April rolls around. This time, I'm hoping the semester goes by very slowly.

This morning on the way to class I passed two girls with maps, looking around and asking each other where certain buildings were. I recognized the looks on their faces, because I experienced the same thing almost four years ago (back when I started this little blog). I, too, wandered around campus on those first few days with my crumpled-up map. I too, walked into the right classroom at the wrong time, where I was immediately faced with a bunch of very amused upper classmen. I, too, thought that campus was "so big" and I'd never be able to figure out where everything was. I reassured the girls that they'd be able to find their way around in no time. To be honest, I envy them. They have four (probably) amazing years ahead of them. I have four months. Months?! How'd it get to this point? All I know is, I'm going to make them count. It's interesting how your perspective changes when you know something is about to end.