Tuesday, November 30, 2010

happy to the list

why hello, beautiful

For the record, I made this list yesterday, so technically it's still a "happy list Monday." Alright? Alright.

1. a scalding hot shower in the morning to wake me up. like a jacuzzi for poor people.

2. good-smelling lotion...there were many times today that I caught a whiff of myself and thought, "dang, I smell good." kinda weird...but so true.

3. finding out I don't have a presentation in Spanish until Friday!

4. getting into Rexburg and seeing a temple on the hill

5. snow, for looking so tame and beauteous when it's first falling.

6. this song, currently playing in my ears

7. my heart-- it is my favorite organ (no duh)

8. shopping at Broulim's without a shower cap on

9. my eyelashes

10. Alma 14, worth reading at least twice in a row

11. graham cracker structures...more specifically houses of cards made of graham crackers (if I had a camera, there would be a picture of this, but alas, no lo tengo)

12. smelly mistletoe above our doorframe--don't worry mom, it's just propaganda

13. real life, legitimate mullets spotted on the 2nd floor of the library

14. Christmas trees, even if they're fake and don't smell as awesome as the real ones

15. making a slip-n-slide out of our tile hallway using my fuzzy socks and thrust. Did I just say "thrust?" Um.

16. scars. they're cool, no matter what anyone else says

17. licorice-staches

18. flannel shirts. makes me feel like I'm a relative of Paul Bunyan. Or just camping.

19. memorizing the blood-flow pattern of my heart. it's pretty complex for such a small organ. and that makes it even more divine, I think.

20. warm hoodies, ahh yeah.

WHOA 20 THINGS. That's a record I think. I could go on, but then I'd be procrastinating my homework. Oh wait...think I'm already doing that.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

off the grid

(Indiana Jones circa 2004...dang, look at those braids)

I've been missing in action as far as this blog goes.

But I'm back now, just in time for the rush of finals to begin.

Starting on Monday, more excitement is bound to occur. And it will all be chronicled here. Fasten. Seatbelts.

predictions for the future...

Hair will grow to the middle of my back.
Freckles will reappear as soon as I land in Mexico.
Oh yeah, and I think I'm still goin to Mexico.
Pandora will crank out even more amazing music that I can't afford to buy.
I'll get a tan. Haha. Good one.
Rigorous running routine at sea level for 4 months. Gulp. Like that alliteration I just did?
Going to try mole, the legitimate, delicious (?) mole.
Check something off my bucket list (speak Spanish with a native).
Start writing another missionary--Chelsea Ann.
Begin my last 3 semesters in a row, count 'em, that's three left! Sigh...
Go see Tangled with the siblings in T minus 1 hour.


Monday, November 22, 2010


Psyche is one of my most favorite words. I don't really know why. Just try saying it out loud, with feeling. See? It's kinda fun.

Psyche is a word used to express amazement or in credulousness. Was that last word a real word? Hmmm.

I just found this article on CNN. It is way cool. And just a reminder to not keep technology so stinkin' connected to your hip. Psyche. Psyche. Psyche. Heh heh.

so cool.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

little prayers and smiling

liz, don't kill me for posting these pictures. they never fail to make me laugh.

This week has been stuffed full of happiness for some reason.

Oh wait, I know what the reason is--I decided to be happy! When you decide to be happy, that makes all the difference in the world. Seriously, nothing can tear you down. Doesn't matter if you can't get your bike into 2nd gear while going uphill, or if you have to wear a shower cap to the grocery store because you lost a bet, or if you got a B on a test instead of an A. You can still be a reallly happy person. I know because all of this has happened to me this week and I've kept smiling through it all.

I know some people who smile and say they are "fine" on the outside. And we all know what "f.i.n.e." stands for, right? Well if you were to ask me how I was doing (like the checkout lady did while trying to avoid staring at my shower cap), I wouldn't just say "fine." I would say "I'm doing excellent!" or "I'm doing so good I make Bill Gates look like a poor man." Dude, that analogy totally failed. And I just called everyone who reads this blog "dude." College is doing wonders for me, guys.

But honestly, this has been my best semester yet, and I think I can trace it back to a few things:
1-my early morning scripture study. this truly changes my entire day if I can just get a half an hour in.

2-my early morning prayers. David A. Bednar said this about prayer: "Morning and evening prayers—and all of the prayers in between—are not unrelated, discrete events; rather, they are linked together each day and across days, weeks, months, and even years...Such meaningful prayers are instrumental in obtaining the highest blessings God holds in store for His faithful children."
Isn't that the coolest thing?!!!

3- my "little" prayers. This includes prayers about little, seemingly insignificant things that I didn't used to pray about. I have found that God really does answer every righteous prayer that is offered up with "real intent." If you are too afraid to ask the Lord for help with something because you think He is "above" it somehow, think again! He knows you the best & knows exactly how to answer your prayers.

4-walking/bike riding to class. I have learned the value of saying hi to people as I walk to class and saying their names.

5-exercise+delicious food. Even if I don't wanna and I don't think I have time, whenever I exercise, I feel so much better. And my pants, well, let's just say they are immodest without a belt. Gulp.

6-becoming a social butterfly. Ha....um....alright, so let me define this. Most of you know I have been a wallflower for most of my life. Ever since Fall 2008, I've gotten a little bit more outgoing. But this semester I had an epiphany (as well as a lovely talk with my Bishop)--you've got to put yourself out there and take risks if you want something really worthwhile! So be nice to everybody! Be a good friend! Don't be afraid to be yourself. These are no-brainers for some people, but for me, well, it took awhile.

6-choosing to be happy and smiling no matter what. I used to get discouraged about little things. Now I try to do just the opposite--get really happy about little things. Find joy in the blessings you see every day. I like to make those happy lists because it makes me notice the tender mercies, and I am overflowing with gratitude.

I know this post was cheesy, but I just had to write it. Life is just too good.

xoxo, kenz

i submit to you that a creepier picture does not exist anywhere on this planet.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

deliciousness as of late

No, I don't have that food blog up and running yet. Personally, I don't think a food blog is quite the same without pictures. And I don't got no camera.

However, I still have this here blog, and I can still put up my faaavorite recipes. I've been cookin' up a storm all semester, you know.

Some things that I make all the time:

"Bad Breath" Salad-yep, I named this one, but that's because the ingredients are simply black/white beans, feta cheese, red wine vinegar, dry basil, tomatoes, cilantro, and red onions. Try getting a smooch from your luvah after eating this one.

Spiced Butternut Squash Soup-I actually just ate this one for lunch. With some of these deeericious applesauce oat muffins. Try it for an easy Sunday dinner. Or whenever dinner. It's just good, okay?

One-Bowl Brownies-according to one recent taster, these were "the most delicious brownie specimens in the history of brownies." Uh-huh. Direct quote, people.

Bacon-Egg Tomato Sandwich-a Kenzie creation, which is basically one piece of whole grain toast, a little bit of whipped cream cheese, a few f.a.t. slices of tomato, two slices of bacon, and a fried egg w/ fresh rosemary and thyme cooked on top. Oops, I just drooled on the keyboard.

Famous Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies-if you want success in life, all you have to do is make these cookies. 2 boxes of spice cake mix, 1 big can of pumpkin, and 1 bag of chocolate chips, bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes.

Cure-All Smoothie-1 C. milk, 1/2 C. Greek or plain yogurt, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, 1 frozen banana, flaxseed, drizzle of honey or agave

Chicken & Black Bean Tacos-I made this one up on the spot last night. I also accidentally added cinnamon to it (chili powder looks like cinnamon, ok) but it still worked! Chop 1/2 red pepper, 1/2 onion, saute in olive oil with chili powder, cumin, and a pinch of cinnamon if you're feeling adventurous. Then add a can of black beans and some chicken breast, cut into strips. This would've probably been even more yummy if I had marinated the chicken before. Then you warm up corn tortillas directly on the burner until brownish, throw the chicken mixture on top, sprinkle with avocado, salsa, and cilantro. DELISH! I made this for breakfast the other day, too, but I took out chicken and added eggs, and I didn't add the spices.

Spinach and Zucchini Pasta-cook whole wheat pasta, saute zucchini and spinach in olive oil with a pinch of red pepper flakes and Italian seasoning. Add your favorite tomato sauce and put it on top of the pasta. Sprinkle with fresh parmesan. Yes, it must be fresh for the sake of your taste buds.

Turkey Chili & Cornbread-I LOVE this turkey chili recipe and it makes a TON. Also, this cornbread recipe is super good and it's from my gluten-free days. Usually I've found that cornbread is crumbly and dry, but these muffins hold together really well and they are moist. YUMMERS.

I guess that's all for now. But I'll be back with mucho mas sabroso foods!

love, kenzie

Monday, November 15, 2010

una lista de felicidad

just imagine your monday is HERE

Ohhhhh, I am very happy today. Remember how Mondays used to be kind of looked down upon? I feel bad for them! I just had a random memory: when I was a kid, I used to sleep with lots of stuffed animals. Oh yeah, and my bed could fly. No joke. Usually we flew to Arabia or India....I was into the Middle East.

Anyway, if my stuffed animals ever fell off my bed during mid-flight (like, over the ocean, for example), I would quickly snatch them "out of thin air" and save them. I always felt so bad for the stuffed animals who were lying on my floor in the morning. Because technically, they were dead. I chose to ignore that fact.

Mondays are kind of like those stuffed animals that got kicked out of bed after I fell into deep R.E.M. And you know what? I think Mondays are pretty awesome and shouldn't be kicked out of bed so often.

So I shall now make a list of pure, unadulterated happiness for Monday, and figuratively "snatch it out of thin air." Dang. That. Was. Random.

1. Taking baby steps to class so I don't slip on the ice. Ice=bad, baby steps=good, walking on ice=worth the danger of walking on it. Me explica?
2. Making one-bowl brownies and giving them away. There will be a more embarrassing post on this later.....
3. Writing thank-you notes to my friends, just because. They can't even ask me why I did it.
4. Waking up laughing. Yeah, this actually happened to me today. I think I dreamt I was a stand-up comedian.
5. Oooooooooklahoma where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain! Um, so I watched that this weekend, and I realized that people don't flirt like they used to. Back in those days, girls just had to do ballet moves around a guy and they were as good as engaged. I've never been to country dancing up here...does anyone know if this tactic still works?
6. Learning about sangre (blood) in science class. Sangre just sounds better. But blood, oh man, it is SO COOL!
7. Homemade squash soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Alright, just lunch. But if I only had to eat one food for the rest of my life...it would be....chocolate. Almost had you, didn't I?
8. Music that nobody has ever heard of. It is just the best.
9. The smell of the Taylor Building. I like to go inside just so I can pretend I'm at Temple Square.
10. Writing my name on the window when our apartment steams up because there's a zillion people inside. Remember when your mom wouldn't let you draw on the car window after you breathed on it? Well, I finally got it out of my system.
11. DP's, a.k.a. dance parties. Chels and me initiate them spontaneously. Blame it on Michael Jackson's rhythm.
12. Reading in the Book of Alma---'tis my favorite book in El Libro de Mormon. I'm glad I don't have to choose, though. So very glad.
13. Did I just put Alma and Michael Jackson on the same happy list? Oh man.
14. Doing dishes...whaat? I can't believe I just confessed to that. But it's true. I don't mean loading dishes into the dishwasher, nah, I like to get the hot water and the suds going so there's bubbles floating all around the room, and then I crank the music up and scrub. I think I just made doing dishes sound like a New Year's Eve Party. Whatev.

Friday, November 12, 2010

it's a beautiful day alright

Friday, friday, friday at last.

Today the snowflakes drifted down between science class and nothing. They looked like cotton balls that had been ripped to shreds. Perfect for landing on eyelashes.

I love it when snow gets caught on eyelashes.

This week I have learned a few pretty wonderful things:

Bicycling is better when there's not two inches of snow on the road.

Smoothies are especially tasty after running 3.2 miles (and only 3.2 miles).

Gwyneth Paltrow can sing country music and she has a food blog.

Some people like to trample all over the snow while others like to preserve the pristine-ness of it (like Chelsea Ann). I happen to be in-between.

Just because a box of tomato soup says it is reduced sodium doesn't mean it tastes better.

One of the most beautiful things in the world is a carpet of golden leaves right on top of the blazing white snow.

Blasting this song in the morning is quite amazing.

Sleeping in basketball shorts and a t-shirt, with my fan on and my blankets pulled all the way up to my chin, heater on, it's snowing outside. Perfect temperature control.

The time it takes to fill out mission papers is far too short for my liking.

When my apartment constantly smells like pumpkin, cranberry, and lemon bread, you know there are some lucky guys on this earth who haven't yet met my roommates. Congratulations, mystery men.

People look at you strangely if you say "hi" to them instead of "thank you" when they open the door for you.

Coming home to find Chelsea doing this reminds me of how much I'm gonna miss her come next semester.

Realizing that my job is probably the best job ever and it is because the people I work with..are dang hilarious.

It's a good day when I'm watching the Spanish soap operas inside of the taco bus, while eating carnitas, while the windows steam up, while my soaking wet moccasins get my socks wet, too.

The Merchant of Venice is probably one of Shakespeare's most underrated plays. Drop Romeo and read this, people!

It's Friday.

Tonight: Extravadance. Tomorrow morning: 5K if my calf muscle stops acting like I pulled it....

update: I'm not the one filling out mission papers...Chelsea Ann is. Jus' so ya know.

Monday, November 8, 2010

melancholy monday

{the snow just doesn't know how to ask nicely}

What, you think I can't have a happy/sad day? Well, I can. And I did. But no worries, it was 75% happy, 25% sad. See if you can guess which part of the list goes with which emotion. C'mon, I'm in the mood for games, guys.
  1. currently in the library, poppin' gum and listening to Fleet Foxes/Mumford and Sons/Wiretree
  2. shoes are soaked through because it has been snowing all day and I really need rain boots
  3. granola bar for dinner, time for another grocery trip
  4. no bike ride today (remember the snow part)
  5. zombie-eyed-ness isn't attractive, right? I guess on certain people it could be (like if Paris Hilton was ever in a slasher flick, she could probably pull off zombie and still look semi-good. Which is really twisted if you think about it. I wouldn't want to be known as a "hot zombie." Just sayin'.)
  6. early-morning conference talk reading
  7. my hair is kinda like Ariel's today (and by that I mean it wasn't frizzy and crazy, but smooth and sane....just forget about the power bangs, people. I would never go there.)
  8. wearing a giant scarf that looks like an albino boa constrictor from far away...or...uhh... just a really long scarf....
  9. saturday happiness: playing in the leaves
  10. best friends are leaving me (CB Scent made a big decision which I dunno if I am allowed to say on this blog...but anyway, you'll find out eventually.)
  11. seeing my breath stream out in front of me....oh coldness.
  12. not once looking at CNN's website today. The comments section is usually the most entertaining part (seriously, go read it if you need to laugh), but the news part is usually depressing.
  13. imagining walking home from the library, my current home, to Apartment 7, my other home with my bed in it, and getting into that bed, and sleeping in it.
  14. meetings with Bishop Cramer. Oh man is he funny. I've never laughed so hard in a Bishop's office before.
  15. the whiteness of snow against the still-yellow leaves
  16. writing this post on time for once

Friday, November 5, 2010

trapped in the library

I'm being held hostage against my will. The criminals aren't wearing masks. They aren't holding water guns to my face (I didn't want to be graphic. Who knows how many kids read this blog). It's almost 8pm on a Friday night and guess what? I am surrounded by homework. But at least I have good music playing and a never ending stash of gum. Tomorrow, just to spite this chair which has confined me for so long, I am going to attempt to run 7-8 miles. Heheheheheheheheh.... What, you don't think that I can, Mister Chair? [don't judge me for talking to inanimate objects...remember...I'm in the library. on a friday]

Well, I'm gonna.

Good night and good riddance.

Pray that I'll get to leave this place before the music comes on. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

november the first

I'm done crying over October. It came and left just like that, and all I'm left with is a few orange leaves and frost on the windows in the morning. *Sniffle.*

I have been Miss Slacker Face when it comes to these Monday Happy Lists. I would apologize, but I know you guys aren't really offended. You just missed them a little bit, right?

This morning [as in Monday morning] my bike ride to class was cloaked in darkness. That's right, cloaked. But the soggy leaves I ran over reminded me that it's only the beginning of November. No worries. I still have 1.5 months.

And now for that list you've all been waiting for:

Tutoring a native Spanish speaker (de peru) and helping him read English. Is this supposed to be a coincidence? I think not.

playing spoons for FHE....just reminds me of my freshman year at NEHS. We could play that game for hours. And yes, I champed everybody.

eating a BET sandwich (bacon, egg, tomato) for breakfast. ¿como se dice DELICIOUS?!

opening a new bottle of shampoo which just happens to smell like POG (pineapple orange guava juice, best thing that ever came from BYU and that includes John Beck)

running into Miss Courtney Gopp in front of the Taylor Building and watching as she does a pelvic thrust in front of everyone walking by. no guile, people, no guile.

clean sheets+shaved legs. in the celestial kingdom, we'll have skintimate. obviously.

pandora radio, for introducing me to way too many good musicians. I have saved 250 songs thanks to them. and that's 250 less than I need right now. sigh.

watching people's expressions when they bite into one of those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies i make. that's the whole reason i do it. :)

quote from Tessa Perry in a recent email: We're all in a crazy land and stuck in it being crazy.

have you ever noticed someone's face right before they sneeze? how many of them have had a super-attractive look on their face? that's what I thought. You know it's funny.

making funny faces in the mirror to wake myself up in the morning.

freckles. hopefully they come back after the winter.

running around porter park semi-late at night during a football game. as I ran around the 4th time, one guy shouted "I love you." I thought about responding but didn't think they were talkin' to yours truly. Until another one said, "Not as much as I love you!" Run faster, Kenz, run faster.

question: how come so many people insist on listening to christmas music the day after halloween (thank you, Kosy 106.5)? I don't see anybody wearing masks the day after September 30th. Just sayin'.

love, the mckenzers