Sunday, June 26, 2011

my weakness

they multiply like rabbits.












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maybe i want roasted brussel sprouts with bacon
maybe i want cold blueberries with yogurt and honey
maybe i want pumpkin waffles with cinnamon
maybe i want salsa verde with homemade corn chips
maybe i want asian noodle salad every day
maybe i want to eat an orange and let it stain the cement while it drips all over me
maybe i want chocolate almond butter on a pink lady apple for dessert

Thursday, June 23, 2011

this journaling bidnez is starting to get out of control


Some people's journals are probably going to be LEGIT as far as the angels are concerned. They will quote those things up and down because they'll be really spiritual and inspirational. And mine, well...I just don't know what they will do with mine. "Hey Kenzie, thanks for your contribution, but we won't be needing your crazy stories for another million years."

At least you guys read them.

March 10th, 2010
Tonight I closed with the lovely Dee. If you want to know how busy we were, just know that Dee fell asleep a grand total of three times during our shift. Quizno's is to me as molasses is to winter.

March 15th, 2010
Sometimes I think Heavenly Father looks down at me from heaven and slaps his hand to his forehad, saying 'Oh Kenz...' He loves me--I have no doubt about that--but I bet there are times when He would just like to let me struggle in my own silly weaknesses, because I got myself in the mess in the first place. But I know it's also because of that love that He eventually pulls me out of the stormy seas which I'm in (because I capsized the boat) and asks, "What did you learn?"

April 6th, 2010
Today at the pool a chubby kid with a water gun kept squirting kids with it, including Cal. Ellie drove him away every time he came near. Caleb said, "Well he was super rude." Ha!

July 4th, 2010
Tonight when Caleb hugged mom goodnight he held on for a really long time. She said, "Okay, Cal.." to get him to let go. He said, "I just can't stop loving you!!"

August 2nd, 2010
TP, Kristine and I decided to go up to the grassy part where people were playing Frisbee. I got the brilliant idea to roll down the hill...which was fun 'til I stopped rolling, and then I was just nauseated. I used to have hill-rolling skills...when I was five. We went back to observing the Frisbee game after that along with some crazy-shaped clouds. Tessa and I always see the most random objects in the sky, but that's the fun part. We tried to get Grant to join in--he actually wasn't bad--but he thought his manatee cloud wasn't legit enough. I can't believe I'm actually writing in my journal about a manatee cloud.

August 29th, 2010
Today Ellie said, "Kenzie, I want you to get married now!" Me: "Why?" Ellie: "Because I want you to be a mom!"

September 4th, 2010
Mom wanted to go to the Sundance Outlet Store [while we were in Sugar House], and so Chels, myself, Ellie and Cal sat on the sidewalk by the road and played the alphabet game. Caleb helped Chelsea cheat; whenever she needed a letter, he'd just draw it on his Magna-Doodle. Honestly?! Pretty sure Ellie and Cal are the number one fans in Chelsea's Fan Club.

March 30th, 2011
Today Alejandro and Angelica were talking about math. [Remember these are ten-year-olds]
Alejandro: Math is very easy.
Angelica: For you? For me, no is easy.
Alejandro: Well, I am very intelligent.

April 5th, 2011
Is it weird that I just washed my feet with shampoo because my soap ran out and I don't wanna open a new one five days before I leave?
Is it weird that I wrote Chelsea a brain barf today for her letter?
Is it weird that the people I enjoy speaking Spanish with the most are children?
Is it weird that Alejandro answered every question I asked today with "poop"? Nah...he's a 10-year-old boy. Not strange at all.
Is it weird that I am counting down the number of times I have to use our shower? (down to four more!)
Is it weird that I wrote a journal entry composed entirely of rhetorical questions?

May 17th, 2011
I reserve the right... eat smoothies-in-a-bowl for breakfast. And to lick my lips when I do it, because it's ta-sty. run on treadmills even when the weather's nice because everyone needs a little ESPN classic. play the piano as loud as I can to drown out the voice majors doing drills. file for a teacher I don't even know just so I can hear him rant about politics for an hour and a half. Funny. shower at night so I can wake up with wavy hair. wear my brown boots like everyone else at this school wears TOMS--every stinkin' day. listen to a Phoenix album 3x in one day. eat garlic with dinner every night since the semester started. Twilight fans stay away! want to hike, fish, climb, and camp all summer instead of school. Sometimes you don't get everything you want.

February 9th, 2011
I am really white (mom calls it “fair-skinned” to make me feel better). So when I sat out on the beach for 5 hours on Saturday, I got myself a lovely sunburn. That night I was having trouble walking because I was in so much pain. Hold on, is this a sunburn or is it a tumor?! Well, now my left thigh is swelling up pretty big, turning purple, and yeah, it kinda feels like a tumor. Final conclusion: sun poisoning is bad. I prefer being fair-skinned to being burned and super freckly and my face falling off because it is peeling. Gross.

June 20th, 2010
When I arrived at the airport, Chels and Niki were waiting there with a banner! I sure did miss those girls…obviously they missed me too because I was only gone for 2 ½ days. People standing there waiting probably thought I was coming back from a long vacation or something. Nah, it was just a three day thing. No big.

June 23rd, 2010
In Spanish class, we sang “Viva EspaƱa” for our opening…um…hymn. I think I laughed through most of it because half of the guys were off-key, half of them couldn’t get the right rhythm, and then the rest of them were singing with the “cecea” (Spanish lisp—those darn RM’s from Barth-e-lona!). Levi said it was probably the worst we’ve ever sounded (accurate…). People walking by the classroom were staring at us like we were a pack of half-crazed wolves howling at the moon. That’s probably what it sounded like… ¡Ay caramba!

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
This morning Chelsea and myself woke up at 5:30 so we could do everyone’s clean check for them. All of the credit for the idea should got to Chelsea, because she is awesome and always thinks of such things. Anyway, it definitely started my day off right because 1, selfless service has a way of making everything in your life better, 2, getting up early is always bomb-diggity because I get to have a good scripture study, a slow breakfast, and a DP [dance party] all before I walk out the door!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

first day of summer


Today I sat outside and read D.H. Lawrence.

I let the grass cram between my toes like furniture in a small apartment.

The sun was hanging very carefully behind some trees, almost like it was about to drop suddenly. I thought about the sunsets in Mexico. Good evening, Rexburg. Good evening, Mexico.

I went inside and ate a mango with honey on it. Then my taste buds composed a thousand Odes to Joy. I always knew my mouth liked classical music.

Only five more weeks 'til long nighttime walks, early morning hikes, and the sound of Catherine Creek in my ears.

I love summer.

Monday, June 20, 2011


I do not believe this is real. This cannot be real. No. Way.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I must confess...


someday soon I'm gonna sleep just like this.

  • Confession 1: I may or may not have gotten choked up multiple times at the finish line of the Teton Dam Marathon this past Saturday. Seeing the 80 year old finish, or the mom with the child in her arms, or the woman who was obviously in pain…man I’m a baby.
  • Confession 2: because of aforementioned finish-line-drama, I decided to run a half marathon in September down Spanish Fork Canyon. Cause I’m crazy and all that good stuff.
  • Confession 3: thanks to Amy M, I’ve been stalking this blog lately. Guess what? I’m gonna travel ‘til I die. Not really groundbreaking news…but I’m putting this in the “confession” category, meaning I am slightly embarrassed about how often I talk about it. When the travel bug bites, it bites hard. And leaves scars.
  • Confession 4: I love everything pumpkin (you’re thinking “aaand when is this confession-session actually gonna get juicy?!). And I may have made pumpkin oatmeal, a pumpkin pie smoothie, and pumpkin pancakes all in one week. It’s not even October, McKenzie. Geez.
  • Confession 5: Without a bike I feel nekked. Yeah, you heard me. That means without clothing. Ahh yah, look at me now, I can do a confession session, alright!
  • Confession 6: I would very much like for my children to have freckles, and if they don’t, well, guess I’ll take them back for a refund...oh I'm just kidding. Sort of.
  • Confession 7: I plan what I’m gonna put on burned CD’s before I give them to people months in advance. I hear a few songs and then I think, “Hey, ___(name of one of my friends here) would love this!” Bing-bang-boom, playlist created, CD burn-ed. Yeah, I’m efficient.
  • Confession 8: Justin Timberlake is obnoxious. Why do girls like him still? Yugh. (yugh=yuck+ugh, a word I just made up, and yes, I do that often)
  • Confession 9: I went to the taco bus not once, but dos veces last week. In a row.
  • Confession 10: I listen to the “Sigh No More” album about five times a week. Problem? I think so.
  • Confession 11: I am excited for Harry Potter 7.2! {and can I just say that adding the “point two” makes it sound like an updated software…except it’s Harry Potter…so maybe it’s Harry Potter—the updated version! AKA the last version, AKA the version when **** DIES! Sorry for all of you who haven’t read it yet and don’t know what I’m talking about. You’re sort of behind the times…just sayin’.}
  • Confession 12: There have been multiple times this semester when I’ve dreamed about dropping out and moving to the woods. It’s a scary thought, huh? Me, in the woods, with my bike, and my Chacos…this is starting to sound like a really bad version of “Into the Wild.” But then again, there wasn’t really a good version of that anyway.
  • Confession 13: I’m indecisive about my hair. This is an annoying idiosyncrasy of mine which others have noticed (*cough*Chelsea*cough). It may look awesome to you but to me it’s like Mufasa’s mane! I don’t want to be one of those people who hates their hair and everyone else loves it. So I’m trying to change my ways.
  • Confession 14: I don’t like computers. Let’s just leave it at that.
  • Confession 15: I introduced my younger siblings to Bob Dylan and The Beatles. And they like it. Oops. Wait…I mean…I’M AWESOME!
  • Confession 16: I want this confession session to be over before you all realize how much you really don’t want to know all of this information about me. Am I too late? Anyone?? (crickets…)
Ok. Bye…

p.s. "confession" is a weird word.

Friday, June 10, 2011

it's friday, i dig it

O my lanta. On a scale from 1-10, this week has been a negative five, yes that's not good in case you were wondering. I got hit with some unexpected senioritis+then some and then other mishaps started to bike got all wonky and un-ride-able just when I ran out of food, I went to see a craazy doctor who told me running was bad for me (that's not all she said either), I forgot where my teacher's office was and missed our conferencing appointment, and I didn't quite get the schedule I wanted for fall, meaning I will not be done with classes until 4 or 5 o'clock at night....BLURGH. So friends, that is why I have been behind on this blog, because I just haven't felt like saying anything, for fear that it would all come gushing out like a dormant volcano. And it was a volcano, trust me. Mt. St. Helens all over again.

But now it's Friday. Time for a "things I am currently digging" list. And a preview of that post about that writer's retreat which you're gonna wanna me.

1. Whole Foods Market. I like to read other people's blogs who live near these fine establishments so I can vicariously shop there...without spending any money or eating any of the deliciousness. What I wouldn't do for a natural food store in Rexburg!


pictures via

2. This bike...oh man. I don't even know how long I've had the bike I do's been awhile. And since I am also car-less, I figure, why not just save my moolah for a sweet bike? Yeah, "sweet" means expensive. Maybe it will be my graduation present to myself.

3. These shoes. Can they please be on my feet now?

4. Cool braids. I'm gonna learn how to do this, mark my words. via

5. letters from Sis. Bedke

6. this blog

7. packages from amazon...we're going on three this week already (and three more to come...heehee)

8. sleeping in...someday 6 weeks.

9. for some reason I really miss the 60's. even though I never lived then. Look at these pictures, you'll see what I mean. Maybe I just miss the music.








10. oh and this song......good times

this week was such a midterm, rain-in-the-middle-of-june, homesick with 6 weeks left, kind of week. Good thing it's over.

writer's retreat sneak-peek:

"I actually have a crimson unicorn that I sleep with at home..."
yeah that's a direct quote from one of these people.
I know. I know.
get ready....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

blurgh times a thousand

Oh, this week.

The things I could say.

But I'll save that for Friday...

Just know that there is another dig list coming up. And something about unicorns (as per my mother's request--and if it was anyone else requesting that particular subject I would make like a snake and attack. And that made no sense.). And funny pictures.

You don't wanna miss this.

For now I'm copying busybeelauren and lynsey with a summer to-do list. We've hit the six week mark now, and I couldn't be more ready for summah.
  1. go to Zion's. Please someone take me...otherwise I'm gonna hitchike. And, well, I could do that, but I might come back a hippie and nobody would recognize me.
  2. play soccer with Caleb and Ellie pretty much every day.
  3. trampoline sleepovers (I copied Lyns)
  4. adventures with Tessa and Allie (including but not limited to Target, Zupa's, the pitcher's mound, random music festivals we are bound to find, and other mischief)
  5. somehow buy a guitar and then find a hipster to teach me how to play it.
  6. initiate pancake saturdays at the Livingston casa.
  7. fix my feet and run every day like I did in the olden days.
  8. hike Timp or the Y. Or BOTH.
  9. go fishing with dad at Tibble Fork Reservoir or Catherine Creek. Basically anyplace where there's fish. Yeah, dad, I'm seeerious.
  10. craft with the madre. can we go to used bookstores too? and the D.I.? okay thanks. not even a question...
  11. sticky shoe theater with ike! I don't even care which movie it is to be honest.
  12. ride my bike to the library every week and get more books for that booklist o' mine.
  13. make new mixed CDs to give away.
  14. photo scavenger hunt.
  15. bake homemade pizza with yummy toppings (aka mozzarella tomato and basil YUM)
  16. i plan on going down mary pulley lane really fast...on a bike...or in a shopping cart. heh.
  17. roll down the hill at "quail cove" or whatever they're calling the park across from the temple nowadays.
  18. temple every thursday just like I do now!
  19. cook dinner for the fam once a week at least. i have recipes to try!
  20. hammock. i need to break it in.
  21. somehow find a way to get to liz.
  22. learn how to longboard.
  23. stargazing.
  24. CAMPING. a MUST.
phew...that list is huge! and let's be honest, it's probably going to get bigger as the weeks go by and I lose half of my hair from school. I don't know why but I am really not quite here this semester! Must. Get. Through.

adios amigos!