Friday, October 23, 2009

Whatever Happened to October?

I really dig this picture, mostly because it looks like October. Now, I know you're thinking, "How can you know what a month looks like?" Welp, to me, every month has a different face. October's looks like this:
  • Hot stuff (hahahaha--okay stop now, that's enough knee-slapping). And by hot stuff I mean hot cocoa, hot cider, hot soup, hot chili, hot cookies, hot fireplaces, hot clothes straight from the dryer
  • Orange--for some reason it just looks really good in this month. Orange leaves, orange pumpkins/gourds/squash, orange sunsets (they look different in the fall, you know), orange sweaters
  • Melancholy-ness--you know why? Because October is the jumping-off point, when we leave behind summer once and for all and we go headfirst right into the holidays. Why must the radio stations start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween?
I wrote this post because I feel like I missed October. I think it snuck into my room one night, breathed fog onto the windows, lent me a scarf, and then left. I didn't even know it was here, and now, BAM! It's gone. Almost. But the day after Halloween, it's November all of a sudden, and I can't keep up. Don't you guys feel this way too? In honor of the last week of October 2009, I am going to do something autumn-y every day. Whether it be to step on a crunchy leaf, guzzle some cider, thrust my hands into a goopy pumpkin-y mess (actually, I already did that one...), or just sit by the stove and warm my hands, I've got seven days left. How are you going to say goodbye to October?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Miss This:

Standing with my arms folded and still feeling cool about myself. Oh, and my brother.

Have I mentioned that I miss my parents? This isn't homesickness, my friends. It's chronic being- four-hours away-and counting-down-the-days-'til-the-semester ends-ness. ouch.

Road trips with the family! Especially this is one of my all-time favorite memories

Baby Caleb. Don't get me wrong, I love 7-year-old Caleb. But he doesn't have the same chubby-cheek appeal that he used to.

YES, YOU HEARD ME SAY IT! It only took a year and half to say it...but...I miss high school. Sue me.

These crazy children jumping on me every morning and asking me to get them breakfast. Cause you know what? I really don't mind getting them breakfast. I like it. I really do. Who gets to wake up to this cute of stuff each morning? Raise yo hands!

This dog, before he was a dog. I would've preferred it if he would've stayed a puppy, cause then he wouldn't be so old.

Being this little, without a care in the world (that includes what I wore)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

brand spankin' new

This past conference weekend, all of my roommates left Rexburg, or at least the apartment, for bigger and better things. Me, well, I didn't have the gas moolah or the motivation to brave Utah traffic when I could just watch it in my quiet apartment. So I stayed. The thing about being all alone in your apartment for conference weekend is, you end up having these "one-on-ones" with the prophets. It's pretty cool! I felt like each talk was a personal interview, and as each message was shared I had the desire to do better. After conference ended, I was on a "to-do list" kick. I was scribbling down goals like you wouldn't believe, and now I don't really know what to do with this huge list except get started! One of the talks that really stood out to me was President Monson's on service. I had the impression that I really needed to focus outside of myself this semester and really be aware of others. I made a goal right then and there to do something nice for someone every day, and boy has it made a difference. Another of the goals I made was to start saying morning prayers without fail every day. I've been doing okay on this but never very vigilant. I have been doing it each morning since I made this goal and on mornings that I miss accidentally there really is a difference! On days I say my morning prayers, things happen: I notice good things about people instead of their flaws; I always get a parking spot, no matter how many cars are in the parking lot (ok, this probably isn't related, but on the day I forgot to say my prayers I could not find a spot for the life of me); I am more positive about things that would normally irritate me; I am more patient with my roommates; I take more time on my scriptures and really soak up the words; I am more sensitive to the Spirit.
Conferenc weekend has changed me from the inside out--Orson Pratt had a way of describing this "born again" process that I just love. He said:

"Water baptism is only a preparatory cleansing of the believing penitent...whereas, the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost cleanses more thoroughly, by renewing the inner man, and by purifying the affections, desires, and thoughts which have long been habituated in the impure ways of sin . . . Hence, it is infinitely important that the affections and desires should be, in a measure, changed and renewed, so as to cause him to hate that which he before loved, and to love that which he before hated

I just love that idea of loving something you once hated, or vice versa. I believe that we should experience this every day. That's what progression is, right? Coming closer to God and further from the natural man. I hope you all had a lovely conference weekend and that you learned a lot. I sure did! I feel all brand new inside.