Tuesday, March 8, 2011

one month from now, i'll need to borrow some kleenex

benji is a creeper...

i go crazy after teaching all day every day, clearly. but i like it.

this is my "what the heck are ya doin' now?!" face.

me trying to stop them from demolishing my computer. oy.

Today is the one-month mark. Already?!!

How this happened, I'm not quite sure.

Yesterday when I told my kids my last day of teaching was April 8th, the first words out of their mouth were "Aw teacher" and "party." Mexicans know how to throw parties. But this one will be happy/sad. Mostly sad. I'm afraid they will probably see their teacher cry. Not like they haven't seen that before, right?

If they didn't say such cute things, it wouldn't be so hard to leave them.

If the food wasn't so delicious, I might have an easier time leaving that, too.

If the people weren't so generous and kind and smiley, maybe I could get on that airplane without leaving a piece of my heart behind.

Oh Mexico, what have you done to me?

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