me gusta

(inspired by amy)

i like when boys play the guitar in the apartment living room and the sound bounces off the walls.
i like wandering through used book stores and being frustrated because of the immensity of books.
i like eating peanut butter crunch until it burns the roof of my mouth.
i like it when i'm walking with someone and our arms kinda knock against each other.
i like running my fingers across the surface of the piano keys before i play a song.
i like when mom listens to aaron copland and tears start rolling down her face.
i like it when the prophet walks in and everything is quiet.
i like it when i'm in the middle of running and it starts raining.
i like the shock of being in a hot tub and then jumping into the swimming pool right after.
i like being in the mall late at night, being the only one in the dressing room, listening to the music play throughout the store.
i like the feeling of camping all day and then washing my face with cold water at night.
i like wearing shorts and a t-shirt and then piling on blankets in the summertime, window open.
i like sleeping in a tent by the ocean and hearing the waves up against the shore.
i like when ice cream is so hard it's chewy, and then it slowly melts in your mouth.
i like those secret glances and looks you get from people.
i like turning over in bed and feeling the cold part of the sheets and the pillow.
i like reading poems before i fall asleep and then having crazy dreams because of it.
i like getting letters in the mail and knowing that the last person to hold what was inside is your friend.
i like staying up late, talking to my parents about the little things and how they all add up and make sense.
i like reading my scriptures in the morning when it's still dark outside and everyone is asleep.
i like the feeling of waking up really early to weed the garden before it gets too hot.
i like the smell of dirt in the summertime.
i like walking around my neighborhood barefoot on summer nights, listening to the crickets hum.
i like driving to oregon with the family, especially through the night, and looking out the window.
i like the smell of lizzy's house, because it still smells like lizzy, which smells like my childhood, everything good.
i like jumping on the trampoline with isaac, because he always jumps me the highest so i can see over the back wall.
i like when someone leans over and whispers in your ear and it makes the hairs by your ear move.
i like walking uphill to the rexburg temple. it feels symbolic. i think it is.
i like wading across catherine creek in grandma's tennis shoes and then walking around in them afterwards, wet footprints behind me, squelchy sound.
i like driving to the lodge on that bumpy gravel road and then finally getting out of the car and taking that first breath of mountain air, it feels like home.
i like that anxious/excited feeling that comes on the first morning of school. it's like dread, only more hopeful.
i like how i don't have to say anything to chelsea but she knows what i'm thinking anyway.
i like putting on earrings and walking at the same time, i always walk sideways when i do this, no reason.
i like coming home from a far away place (be it mexico, rexburg, wherever), and hugging mom and dad for the first time.
i like hearing caleb and ellie's voices on the other end of the phone.
i like safety pins stuck on my jeans so i can braid a bracelet all day long.
i like freckles on my arms, like constellations.
i like rain on the windshield, on my clothes, in my hair.
i like driving through eugene at night and remembering growing up there.
i like watching sunsets from the roof of anyplace, but watching sunsets is general is splendid.
i like looking at photographs of ireland, england, scotland. i don't care if it's rainy. i'm going someday.
i like reading books on the floor with my feet up on the wall.
i like riding my bike around rexburg in the autumn and breathing in the autumn-ness.
i like watching 80's movies and laughing about their hair, wondering if my kids will laugh at me someday.
i like helping my mom cook sunday dinner, but i especially like watching her make the rolls.
i like holding babies, looking at their eyelashes, touching their bare feet, hearing the noises they make.
i like playing in dead leaves, that smell of october in the air, summer leaving, coldness coming.
i like drinking out of the hose. oh, and i've never gotten sick from it, p.s.
i like saying "p.s." after an aside, not before.
i like driving through union, oregon, and imagining my grandparents growing up there.
i like eating pineapples and oranges on the back porch, juice staining the cement.
i like sitting on the pitcher's mound with tessa, reading letters, talking about "ten years from now," laughing.
i like walking along the oregon coast, eyes closed, feeling the tide pool rocks jutting out, seeing the lighthouse.
i like staying up late with grandma and watching crime shows on TV in her bed.

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