Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family Project! If you are related to me, please read!

Hullo family! And of course, anyone else who happens to read this blog. I am starting a project for my Marriage and Family Relations class that's due in 3 weeks, and what I need from you is oodles and oodles of photographs! Any and all family photos you have, from when you were little to right now...I don't really care just start sendin' 'em in. I need some photos from now all the way to four generations back, so whatever you have you can send my way. I'm going to put them all in a slideshow and then of course I'll post it on here for you all to see! email me at: pelirrojorunner@gmail.com
Be excited!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Awesomeness Squared

This week was pretty great for the following two reasons:


Having déjà vu? That's because I went to the temple twice in seven days! I can't remember the last time I've done that...in fact, I probably never have. Liz and I almost went for the third time on Friday but they turned us away, which I was okay with because I'd already gone twice!

The first time was early early on Tuesday morning with my ward. If you ever want to get closer to someone or a group of people, go to the temple with them. It's awesome how this gospel, in its purest form (service!!), can unify us. Anywho, most of the baptisms I did were from the 1800's Mexico, which didn't surprise me much. Maybe I'll be able to speak to them in Spanish when I finally meet them...haha. Of course that's only if we don't speak a Celestial Language in heaven. The second time was with Lizzy after Math class on Wednesday. I think it's pretty cool that I can just walk up to the temple after Math class is over. How many other college students can say that? We barely got in because walk-ins were just ending, and it turned out that Liz and I were the last two to perform baptisms for the day. Going to the temple with people you love just makes you love them even more, right? Right! This is how I feel after leaving the temple, every stinkin' time:


no worries

have eternal perspective


excited for the future

closer to my family

thirst for more gospel truths

full of love

You should definitely try it sometime; it's the ultimate cure-all.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Before June is Gone

I noticed today that I've only posted twice this whole month, and it's almost gone. Holy smokes time flies! Right now I am up in Driggs, Idaho at a place called Badger Creek with my roommate Chelsea and her sister Sarah, who used to be my roommate. Right now we are sitting in the Logistics Center listening to the rain pour on the roof. Darn. We were going to go canoeing. Guess we'll have to wait until the real summer comes. Last night we decided to forego the loft in the cabin and sleep on the patio. The cement patio. Now that's what I call roughin' it. The best part about sleeping out there was not that we got to mummify ourselves in sleeping bags, but that we could see the stars stretching for jillions of miles into space. Whenever I see the sky like that I think of the scripture in Alma 30, when Alma tells Korihor that "all things denote there is a God..." How can anyone doubt when they smell the rain before it falls down, or hear the thunder doing somersaults in the sky? Or when they hear the trees move at night and see the sky laid out with Orion and The Big Dipper and the Milky Way? I just don't know. After we looked at the stars for awhile we started getting a bit hyper and took some pictures of ourselves...which I'm sure could be used as blackmail later in my life. Shudder. We tried making a movie of Sarah doing her 100 pushups/situps for the "100 Club" (do 100 pushups and 100 sit ups every day or you owe a treat to everyone; my roomies and I are doing it too) on the patio; Chelsea and I provided the Rocky background music. Mind you this all took place at about midnight. Oh yeah! This morning when we went into town I saw the Grand Tetons for the first time and the clouds weren't covering them. A-mazing! I want to climb one someday. Also, there's this drugstore in Driggs that makes the most amazing Lime Freeze I have ever tasted. Pretty much, I love Badger Creek!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

La semana pasada

For those of you who aren't Spanish aficionados, this post is all about the past week and the adventures within...

It has been raining for two weeks straight now, and the forecast still looks as wet as ever. Being from the Pacific Northwest, it doesn't bother me much at all. I like how everything stays green and keeps that musty, dirt-ish (not dirty) smell. In the past couple of days we have had some major thunder and lightning storms; I'm talking shake-the-house thunder. Awesome.

Last week for Enrichment we tie-dyed shirts. I waited an extra day to wash mine out because I wanted the colors to really be dark 'n' deep. It turned out really cool! I'd put a picture on here but I don't have a camera. Just imagine a T-shirt dyed the colors of the sky right before the stars come out:

Tuesday was the big day--President Eyring came to speak at our devotional! I had all of my classes before 2pm that day (when devotional starts), and so I had all of that time to think about what he would say to us and wonder if I really was prepared like President Clark asked us to be. My roommates and I got into the Hart at about 1:15 and by that time it was almost full! We were lucky to get some front-row seats by the choir, but I saw some people's backpacks being moved because security was being really strict on saving seats. Bummer! President Eyring's son is a stake president up here, so when he came to seat on the stand I could feel everyone catch their breath for a second. They look almost exactly alike. Everyone got really quiet about 2 minutes before he even came into the room; I think we all knew by the Spirit that was there. When he walked in--now this is the embarassing part--I started up the water works. I don't even know why I was crying! I was happy to see the guy! Ah, well. I am my mother's daughter. :) The talk was soooo good. Here is the link because I know you all want to read it:


Later that night I went door-to-door asking people to join i-Team/i-Rep (the new student orientation thing) for the Fall. Now I have a little taste of what missionaries do! It's hard to have people say no over and over and just shut the door without any interest. And we weren't even asking them about the gospel! I think those things are always harder to do when you actually care about the thing you're asking them to try. I just want everyone to "taste of the exceeding joy of which I [do] taste..." (Alma 36:24)

On Thursday Christina and I went with Chelsea to an extra-credit seminary (for her Women's Health Class) on post-traumatic stress. The woman speaking had been abused for her whole childhood by both of her parents and her brothers. I was amazed by her because number one, she was able to talk about everything without crying, two, she had used the Atonement in her life and her testimony of the Savior was very strong, and three, she lives a pretty normal life now with a husband and four children. Wow! Talk about an eye-opening experience for me. I need to be careful not to take things like my family for granted.

On Friday night my friend Rachel (yeah, the engaged one) came to stay with us because her and her fiancee were going to look for apartments this weekend. It's weird when your friends who are your same age start getting married. She seems different now; more grown-up, I guess, but she's still the same ol' Rachey.

Saturday was mighty eventful! Well, most Saturdays are... 3 of my roomies got up at the crack of dawn to volunteer for the Teton Dam marathon. At around 10am I got a phone call saying that they were starving and could I please bring them food? I raided the pantry and walked the 20 minutes to the last corner, where they were cheering runners on. Seeing those people come in, either with grimaces on their face or a tired smile, made me REALLLLLY want to run. Run a race, run a relay, run a half-marathon, whatever. I just really want to start running in races again. Mom, this is a memo to you to be my running buddy when I come back for the 7-week break. That's all I have to say about that.

Well, this post has been pretty long and kinda boring...so if you don't comment because you didn't even read the whole thing, that's okay. I know you like photos but I don't have any...

Until next time!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seven Weeks and Counting

June is here---what the junk?!
I thought that I just got done with that 5-month, wintery break...guess not.
I also thought that I just graduated from high school, but here I am a year later, and feeling rather unscathed from those four years. Darn. Thought I'd at least come out with scars.

Now all of a sudden I'm supposed to register for classes in the fall?! As in this coming September? As in it's already been a year since my first semester?!

What is going on here? I mean...where exactly is time going? I'd really like to know so I can catch up with it and then tie it down to a chair. Then maybe duct tape its mouth shut and beat it up. Mebbe? Agree or disagree? That's probably too violent for my personality.

Also--don't you just think missionaries are the BEST?! I recently attended my good friend Elder Hanford Blitch Shuman IV's (haha yes that's his name, I know you did a double take) farewell. I think one of my favorite things in the world is seeing new missionaries leave their families behind, ready to go out into the world on their own, ready to bring the gospel to those who don't have it. All is right with the world when a humble, green lil' missionary enters the MTC. Love it! Adios, Elder! See you in dos años! (P.S. He's goin to Salta Argentina! I know, cool, right?)

One more thing--I love the rain. Spring/summer weather is here, but I do like a good rain. It makes the world green again. It feels like it's taking a breath from all the dry, hot weather. A nice, long, refreshing breath. Ok now this is starting to sound a little on the poetic side. That's a different post for a different time.

All for now! Must sleep (four hours isn't doin it for me I guess)!

Ok, so I never put photos on here....here ya go. You'll notice my face in this one. It's because the headline read "BYU-Idaho Student Has Swine Flu." Say oink! ...then run away.

Devil's Churn...a place I would almost always rather be. Except for when the tide's in, of course (that was for you, mom).

Manti Utah Temple. I don't know why but lately I have been feeling this crazy desire to visit all the old Utah temples. Especially this one because numero uno, my parents got married here, and numero dos, I've never actually seen this one in the flesh. All the others (St. George, Salt Lake, Logan) I've seen. Okay, and I haven't seen Vernal. But this one's at the top of my list.

This is my friend Rachel Doxey. She is getting married in approximately 3 months! Rachel was our adopted roommate last semester. And yes, those are dots on her teeth. Just thought all you guys that read this blog should know...this lady right here is gonna be off the market pretty soon.

P.S. This is Elder Shuman!! Only this picture was taken about 6 months ago...he looks a lot more like a missionary now. Cause missionaries don't ride around in kid strollers with strange girls. Right? Right!