Friday, July 22, 2011

la musica es mi amor verdadero

It's a well-known fact, I like music way too much.
so I decided to give you guys a few of my faves.
ten zillion points if you can guess them all!
ok, ok, I won't make you guess.
p.s. if you click on their names, you can hear a song from them that i like. but only if you wanna.








(it's all bout the hair, am I right?)


(let's face it, I like all their songs)





(again with the hair)



if you didn't know who this was, i'd be disappointed in you.





don't lie, you wish you were them right now.

i'm sensing a pattern here....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

promise I didn't forget about you

(finals week last fall, i barely survived that one)

It's that time of year again!

No, not Christmas, geesh. Don't get ahead of yourselves, folks.

It's finals week! Otherwise known as "must eat all the food I have left in my fridge which consists of milk, carrots, and flaxseed" week. Or "spend all my free time that I really don't have in the library eavesdropping on funny conversations" week. Or "lose all hope of sleep for the next few days because you ain't gettin' any" week. Or "sad because the semester went way too fast even though I kind of wished it upon myself" week. Yeah, that time of year.

I have approximately 2 hours of studying, 1 hour of exam-ing, and 1 hour of potluck-ing to do before Spring Semester 2011 is officially adjourned. Oh sweet relief.

In the meantime, here's a happy list I've accumulated over the past few days. Yes, it is huge. I call it the "the giant happy list of epic proportions and awesomeness." It's been stuck on the wall by my bed for the past week, and every night I pencil in a few things that made me happy. I can afford to waste just one more piece of paper. It's for a good cause, you know. Sanity always is.

  • talking to Alyssa MC, she is the bomb.
  • overnight oats with blueberries
  • the moon outside my window
  • singing primary songs @ a ward fireside
  • Erin's hugs
  • watermelon (an insane amount, I tell you)
  • getting an unexpected A- in piano class, whaaa?
  • my fan. I'd die without it.
  • building on The Rock
  • poetry readings (mine was about Prefontaine, baby)
  • the smell of rain on hot pavement
  • not having to turn in an assignment I lost
  • re-painting my nails
  • mango/pineapple/banana smoothies, ohmylanta
  • not wearing makeup and then rubbing my face
  • cleaning apartment #5's kitchen and living room, for no reason besides happiness
  • "Surprise Homecoming" show on TLC. It's a tear-jerker, kids.
  • Bike fixed at last!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • yummy food all day
  • park + Sisterhood of the T-Pants w/ Amy (yeah, I just said T-pants, I dunno where it came from)
  • pre-bed showers
  • summer breezes
  • talking to Ikey
  • napping in the Ricks Gardens
  • temple w/ Amy
  • being baptized for Mexicans (one was from Puebla!)
  • homemade popcorn
  • patriarchal blessings
  • Isaiah 17:10
  • Harry Potter 7.2 (now what do I do?!)
  • Reese's Pieces
  • laughing at certain movie trailers about certain vampires
  • Craigo's with Apt. #5, my adopted apartment this semester
  • Zac Efron and 17 Again, ahhhh
  • funny girls in my ward
  • ward potlucks
  • my mom
  • knowing all will be well in the end
  • naps
  • Falafel!
  • Sunday night walks
Next time I see you, it will be in American Fork! Or if you are not a member of my family or a friend from my hometown...keep lurking! I'll be back with more when this is all over.

feeling reminiscent? check out my blogs about finals week last summer here and here or last fall

Sunday, July 10, 2011


oldish things on my camera you never saw be' fo.

yep, we took pictures in the rigby idaho tv museum bathroom. phew. what a title!
and what babes, no?!

she'd kill me if she saw this. but guess what, she's in south america, haaaa!!!

in case you were doubting how many freckles i actually get in the summertime,
there's your proof. and also evidence that i am pretty crazy.

she can ride her bike with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars.

word: I miss these people.

more freckles+a double chin, wasssssup!

view from the church offices building. nice place, temple square.

the first trick she wanted to show me when i got home from mexico was this.

maybe we like to go to the toy section at target late at night...and maybe you're jealous.

fun fact: allie likes wedding stuff to the extreme.
more fun fact: tessa likes to sit on her lap while she reads wedding magazines.
aren't they great, though?

this picture is just funny. this is how it went down.
"hey taylor, can I take your picture?"
too late, deed done.

lori: "aww, why do we always have to get a booty picture?"

look who found his way into my poetry anthology!

a little over a year ago, I was at the oregon coast. sigh.

ellie's never been a very avid hiker. so when we got to the top of the church offices building, what did she do? take a nap of course...what would you have done?

next up: the day we went to Rigby and stuff...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

why senioritis is bad for you

slowly going insane...

Ok, I'll admit it.

I'm a good student. Before you go off and read a different blog cuz you think I'm about to brag, stay tuned for more! What I'm actually about to say may surprise you.

This semester, school has been a little bit difficult for me. Usually it comes pretty easy, even the hard classes, because I just like doing homework (for the most part) and I get it done. Go to class, get there on time, take notes. Simple as that.

But something happened to me this semester....actually, a few things. And I figured out why I have lost all motivation for school-related things this time around:

Exhibit A: Chelsea Bedke left on her mission. This was my first semester without her. Laughing makes a difference, guys.

Exhibit B: Courtney Gopp left on her mission, too. See Exhibit A.

Exhibit C: I missed a few days of school and suddenly I was more behind than ever. Remember how you could miss a day in elementary school and all you missed was Mrs. Sage singing Beach Boys on her guitar and an intense game of tetherball?

Exhibit D: My computer is a P.C. and therefore it picks up a lot of problems. I don't like spending all day using this machine but hey, gotta do my homework. Computers vs. camping. Camping clearly wins!

Exhibit E: My young adult lit class has shown me the magic of the library. Since we are required to read at least one book a week, I'm checking out a lot of stuff from there, and a lot of it turns out to be recreational reading. It's hard to read textbooks when you have other stuff dying to be read. Gah!

Exhibit F: Piano class=45 mins of practice every day=I am starting to go crazy playing the same songs over and over. 1 credit does not 45 minutes/6 days a week homework make.

Exhibit G: Coming back to school one week after Mexico was kind of a crazy idea. I didn't really consider it at the time, because like I said, school is a natural thing for me. But now I'm thinking it may have been smart. I've been experiencing that R.M. funk (without the mission...explain that to me). Oh well, one semester closer to graduation!

Exhibit H: Post-Ragnar "runner's depression." Ok, I'm not depressed, promise, but have you ever heard of "runner's depression"? I guess it happens to some people after they run marathons. They lose all desire to run or something. I'm not saying this happened to me, but it kind of feels like it. I want to run races and stuff, but I am not motivated to run at all. My heart wants to, but my mind does not. Wha? Walking contradiction is my new name.

Exhibit I: My bike broke, and it also happens to be my favorite mode of transportation, my escape hatch. Without it, I feel nekked. The ORC should be done with it soon...I hope.

I'll let you know the cure for this when I find it! For now, encouragement is welcome. I have 2 weeks left! Must be positive!!!

p.s. I'll post some pictures on here next time...something more cheery. Promise!

Monday, July 4, 2011

hooray for independence








and sunburns and freckles
and blonde streaks in red hair
and homemade chocolate chip cookies
and stargazing in the park
and jumping in puddles
and corn on the cob
and a temple on the hill
and grass between my fingahs
and Mo Tab Choir really loud
and freedom
and sacrifice
and just because cards
and camping smell
and garden tomatoes
and family, far away but still close
and the sea, for teaching me
and 3 Nephi
and modern-day prophets
and curly hair
and air conditioning
and swimming all day
and clean bedrooms
and good, good books

and pain
and joy
and love, sweet sweet love.

happy 4th everyone.