Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Runaway iPod+Music Fast=Answer to Prayers

Yesterday was one of those days that are just "days," when you wake up feeling awesome (like I did) and go home with your head hanging low (like I did). I had dutifully packed my workout clothes to take to class so that I could exercise afterwards...it's one of my new goals to work out every day. Well at the end of Spanish 102 I, for some reason, took my iPod out of my backpack and set it on my desk, not even thinking about it as I left the classroom. About 20 minutes later I realized what I had done, but since there was a class going on I couldn't retrieve it until 5:30. I decided to go work out anyway and then swing by the Smith building on the way home. It was really dark out and raining by the time I was done, which wasn't adding much to the mood I was in. When I got to room 431 I searched everywhere but the little music box was nowhere to be found. At first I was distraught because I thought someone might have stolen it; then I had this comforting feeling that I would find it eventually. Heavenly Father is always finding new ways to try me, which I thanked him for and then asked if He would please help me find the iPod. I told him I knew that we should "lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven," but that I would feel really bad if I lost this iPod. This morning I went to the gym again and tried to put myself into a good mood. In my morning prayers I asked Heavenly Father to help me focus outside of myself and forget about my problems. It turned out to be one of the best days of the whole semester; on the way to my classes I smiled at everyone, I tried to compliment all my friends, and I let the Spirit just soak into me. I was fully attentive in all of my classes today (which was also an answer to prayer) and feel like I learned so much. When I made my way to Spanish after another amazing devotional, I kept getting the impression that I would find my iPod and I didn't need to worry anymore. Actually I'd known that all day long but I had decided from the beginning that I was going to have a positive attitude no matter what happened. I walked into my class, sat down in my seat, and lo and behold, a note on the board (from my Creative Writing teacher...coincidence? I think not!) said that if anyone left their iPod in the room the day before to talk to one of the adjunct professors. A few minutes later my Spanish teacher walked in holding the little black thing which could have made my day (and others around me) worse; instead it turned today into one of the best. The ironic thing is that, for my music class, we had to go without music for 24 hours. My fast was going on from the time I lost my iPod to the time when I got it back, and they were some of the happiest I've had on this earth. It's funny how the Lord uses our weakesses to teach us lessons and to help us grow. That's what attending the Disciple Preparation Center (D.P.C. ak.a. BYU-Id) is all about! At least, that's what I hear... :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Dozen Prayers in 60 Minutes, and Other Tales

Tuesdays at BYU-I mean one thing: D-Day, a.k.a "devo," (the latest abbreviation of a four-syllable word), or for everyone else not acquainted with these terms, devotional. The whole weekend it rained that good, clean rain I've been waiting for, and on Tuesday that rain had evaporated into not-so-good, bitter wind. This means that all us girls who wear skirts on Tuesdays for devotional get all of our leg hairs either frozen off or frozen stiff. On the way back from what was a stupendous devotional ( you can find the talks at this website if you so desire: http://web.byui.edu/devotionalsandspeeches/Default.aspx), my roommate Chelsea and I were walking across the street from the Hart to our (what we hoped was on fire) apartment when a gust of wind blew our skirts sky high. The wind was so unforgiving that we just started laughing deliriously between words like "this," "is," and "cold." That night, after tithing settlement, we all watched the Election results anxiously. As snow began dumping itself all over the parking lot and our rooftop, we said a prayer between every commercial break. We all knew what the outcome would be, so we just prayed for the country in general. After Obama swept the Electoral votes, we began to pray that Prop 8 would pass. We all rotated, so I'm not exactly sure how many prayers we each said in that hour, but I know it was at least 12. I remember my roommate Sarah telling Heavenly Father that she knew He was still a God of Miracles. When it was Christina's (another roomie) turn to pray, she asked for McCain to win, for the country to go in the right direction, and then she asked us all in the circle if she needed to pray for anything else. It was pretty funny at the time, but now when I think about it, I know that there's a lot I don't ask Heavenly Father for becaus I think it's mundane or unimportant. Heavenly Father wants us to have all things which we have need for; He wants us to ask. The next morning, when Prop 8 barely passed, we got down on our knees once more and said a gratitude prayer. I know that when the Prince of Peace comes, wars and contentions will cease, but until He does, I just have to have faith. P.S. There's still at least an inch of snow on my little car. It's defrost season again!