Thursday, March 31, 2011

it's been fun

i love them far too much.

once you tacos al pastor, you never go back.

you should visit it someday. put it on your bucket list riiight now.

I nearly lost my torta on this ride.

five-star hotel room in Mexico City (complete with an autographed headboard)

this is Teo, our stake president, my second father in Mexico, at our favorite taco joint (where I ate that tear-inducing salsa)

yes, I actually jimmy-rigged a bandage for my missing toenail incident. Just be glad I didn't post the picture without the bandage.

March is pretty much over. Shoot that was fast. A little too fast for my liking.

We always count down to something big, something we're looking forward to, and before we know it, all of the little things {the most important} have sped by and we're left with a date on the calendar like the 31st.

Time is so cruel sometimes.

in the month of march,
*I got over sun poisoning, just in time to get the turista (you don't wanna know)
*I lost a toenail, which I must say looks pretty ridiculous painted over
*I decided to go home a week early and thanks to some serious generosity, I will be home soon (add an extra day to sunday at midnight my friends)
*I rode a roller coaster for the first time and almost lost my insides
*I slept underground in Mexico City on a small bed with a slab of concrete for the box sounds sketchy because it is
*I walked through two beautiful cathedrals
*I ate too many delicious tacos. I wish you could all partake of their deliciousness. Taco Bell=never again.
*I shed more sweat than I knew was possible. And then decided to never move to Arizona.
*I finished Alma and started in on Mosiah (I'm not reading it chronologically this time)
*I registered for my classes...senior year. Psyche.
*Chelsea left on her mission and I didn't get to say goodbye.
*I played more soccer and got kicked/hit with a soccer ball/shoved while doing it.
*I ate tacos filled with sesa (pig brains, remember), barbacoa (sheep), cactus, and salsa so hot it made me cry.
*I taught my Mexican children mine and Chelsea's super-secret-handshake, which isn't so secret anymore. It'll be all over Mexico soon, I'm sure.
*I killed 50 zillion cockroaches. Blurgh.
*I packed my stuff, then kinda unpacked it again, then packed again. What is going on with my emotions here?
*One word: freckles.
*I created a new holiday: Jesus Bracelet Wednesday (you'll see soon enough).
*I accidentally got on and all of a sudden I got excited to cook for myself again. Like, real bad.
*I prayed for rain.
*I sent three postcards.
*I said "No speaking Spanish" 1,543 times.
*I washed all my clothes with a tub and a bar of soap.
*I visited the zocalo and it's amazing, you know.
*I fell even more in love with Mexico. It's been good to me.

And now, here comes April, yet another month full of surprises and goals being accomplished, and countdowns to the next thing. Only this time, I'm only counting down to tomorrow.

"Surely God would not have created such a being as man, with an ability to grasp the infinite, to exist only for a day! No, no, man was made for immortality."
Abraham Lincoln


Amy said...

Man that was fun, wasn't it?!!! I'm just sitting here waiting to see what you do next.

Ging said...

Wow. I can not believe that your rode that roller coaster.That you ate pig and sheep parts that shouldn't have been in your mouth. And I can't believe you got sun poisoning after the number of times I have warned you about the sun. You did though. So many things came out of this trip that were unexpected. Almost all really really good. Now lets get that icky part about traveling home alone over with

{Princess seeking frog} said...

sounds like you have been having a blast! i too, have an obsession with allrecipes... it's kinda pathetic... (when i get back we should have a cooking par-tay!!!)
i like the sound of this...