Wednesday, August 24, 2011

funny stuff etc.

(disclaimer: this is longish so I have inserted funny pictures from my tumblr to ensure you keep reading 'til the end. okay then)

Right now I am feeling a little craaazy because maybe I just got back from running and the endorphins are coursing through my vessels. Although it feels more like 7Up at the moment. Many times in my life I have done stupid-ish things after a run because I felt invincible. Then, hours, weeks, months, or years later, I facepalmed my stupidity. Join me!
  • (I'm pretty sure everyone's heard this story, but I think it's chilarious. I'm not sure which word I just combined with hilarious...I'll get back to you on that.) ANYWHO. Once after a particularly rough x-country practice, me and the Lizard were told by our coach to go home and eat a big plate of pasta with broccoli. You don't understand how much we did not want broccoli. Or pasta. We inhaled pasta most of the time. So what did we do? Just had her mom drive us down the road to Carl's Jr., where we both inhaled 2 burgers...each. One of the proudest moments of my life.
  • Once I called up a friend to help me with a really embarrassing assignment after I ran 3 miles. It was one of the most embarrassing things I ever had to do for 20 points and an A. But worth it in the end. If you want more of this story, you can ask me.
  • There was this one time I ran a 10k and accidentally ran an extra actually the crazy thing happened during my run. But oh well.
  • Then there was the Ragnar. I'm not even gonna talk about all the locomotive stuff from that race. But let me just say that I ran my first leg, sat in a car, ate too many bananas and larabars, slept on a sleeping bag in an unfinished basement on a cement floor, then ran up a hill in the dark at 12:30am when I really shouldn't have been running. But I did it. Crazysauce.
  • I remember one run in high school which I did on a summery night. Naturally, I was pretty hot after the run was over, so I simply jumped into the half-full kiddie pool in our backyard. In my running clothes. My dad came outside and gave me the weirdest look, and then went back in. Psh. He didn't know what he was missing!
As you can see, endorphins make me do pretty nutso things. But in the end they end up being really good I guess what I'm trying to say is run instead of doing drugs. It's a natural high, and the consequences are a jillion times better.

So maybe this blog will end up being a good thing later down the road...because right now, as I'm writing just feels like some half-crazed idea spawned by another run. Excuses, excuses.

Another funny thing I'd like to share is the google searches people have done to happen upon this blog. P.S. I love saying "happen upon." It makes me feel British, almost (if that wasn't stereotypical, I don't know what is). Here is a sampling:

redhead nerds

the truth about gingers
(a British person totally did this one, who else says "gingers" instead of "redheads"!!!!)
ugly coveralls
(wait, it gets better)
bob dylan can't sing

wearing those overalls (again with the overalls...)
pigtails redhead

fat redhead nerds (watch it)
redheads are my weakness
(oh really...)
barf meaning
(this one kills me!)
go back to mexico
(I will, someday)
Thanks to google my blog is being read by people in Sweden, The Netherlands, India, Brazil, France, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, and Punjab (that was the barf one...haha). Please make yourself known, lurkers!
And last but definitely not least, I'd like to introduce my dear friend Tessa. She and I have the greatest conversations. Here's a little taste of what I get every day on my phone.

me: "We found a rattlesnake and my uncle shot it three times. Ick."
TP: "I've never seen anything get shot besides the air."

TP: "Once again I think it's a for my own entertainment crush."
me: "Oh you mean like ____ and ____ and ___ were?"
TP: "Yeah....uh..."

Me: "We just went to Macey's and ate ice cream and talked about relationship problems."
TP: "Oh dear. Well a club should be made called dating drags."

TP: "I can't believe I forgot about that! [a funny incident which cannot be shared on the www]
me: how'd you forget a gem like that?!
tp: I don't know but it was funny when I got reminded.
Me: I have a funny bank. I make deposits into it regularly. Then I remember it later and withdraw.

me: Why'd she have to get pregnant?
tp: rude
me: I can't wait until you're pregnant and then when you can't hang out with me as much anymore I'll just say you're rude.
tp: haha and i'll do the same to you.
me: thanks! Glad we could be there for each other.

me: When you kiss someone it should be right after you eat ice cream or something sweet like that.
tp: Mm or chocolate! Not ice makes your lips cold and then they feel like they're kissing a dead person. Which is super funny when it isn't one of your first kisses with them.
me: maybe I should just say I'm allergic...but that would be a horrible lie because ice cream is my favorite food. boys and ice cream, that is.

tp [while watching sound of music]: The weeeee! scene just happened. So good. Along with the one right after, favorite things. Remind me to say weeee after my next first kiss.
me: hahhaha ok...if i"m there I'll remind you. Which might be awkward.

tp: I just changed another diaper...
me: Oh I remember those days!
tp: oh the joys of poop.
yeah....that happened.

tp: I just swam...swam is a loose term because I don't remember the last time I put my head under water.
me: That's the traditional way...otherwise it's called drowning.
tp: ahha that's quite true. By head up I just meant not in water...ever...
me: true.

Monday, August 22, 2011

on timing

one thing I know I'll never have to wait for: long hair

I like to write lists. Sometimes my journal entry is just a list of random things going through my head at the time. For example, yesterday's entry was just a list of things I liked about that day, things I wasn't sure I liked, and things I definitely did not like. A lot of people say they don't know what to write about in a journal--all you hafta do is get creative. Nobody said you had to write every detail of what happened to you that day. /end rant

But really, back to that list thing. I think it means I'm a planner. I like to know what's going to happen and I like to be prepared for it. When I decided to go to Mexico, it was a little bit of a whirlwind. I didn't really prepare mentally/emotionally for it. I just went, because I knew I was supposed to. I'm really glad I did. Sometimes the best things in life aren't planned at all. Things like (here we go with the list thang):
  • becoming friends with TP because we both worked at sandwich land (a bad thing turned into something really good!)
  • going to Mexico to teach English. Me, teach English? Wha?
  • going to BYU-Idaho instead of BYU, something I never thought of until 2 months before I left for Rexburg
  • moving to Utah when I was 15. I wasn't okay with this at first, but eventually I warmed up to the idea. I learned to trust in the Lord. Now I'm 100% sure that was the right choice.
I bet if I went back and read old journals, I would find similar patterns. I love finding the Lord's hand in your life after the fact. It's nice to notice it in the present, too.

Today I read Dieter F. Uchtdorf's April 2010 talk "Continue in Patience." I am pretty sure this talk was written for me. If you know me, you know patience is one of my big time weaknesses. It all goes along with that planning thing. I just want to know what's going to happen, and I want to be prepared for it. I always forget that there is no such thing as bad timing--God's timing is always perfect. Us mortals are the only ones with bad timing (at least, that's how we see it). Pres. Uchtdorf said something which rang true for me at this point in my life:

"The children of Israel waited 40 years in the wilderness before they could enter the promised land. Jacob waited 7 long years for Rachel. The Jews waited 70 years in Babylon before they could return to rebuild the temple. The Nephites waited for a sign of Christ’s birth, even knowing that if the sign did not come, they would perish. Joseph Smith’s trials in Liberty Jail caused even the prophet of God to wonder, “How long?”

In each case, Heavenly Father had a purpose in requiring that His children wait.

Every one of us is called to wait in our own way. We wait for answers to prayers. We wait for things which at the time may appear so right and so good to us that we can’t possibly imagine why Heavenly Father would delay the answer."

I italicized that middle line because it really hit me--God has a reason for everything He does. If we're doing what's right, we don't need to worry. It's that simple. Just keep doing what He asks and don't be afraid. Fear=a rocking chair which gets you nowhere. Faith=a maserati in 5th gear on the freeway. You get me?

p.s. since this was mostly words and hardly any music or pictures, here. you're welcome.

Monday, August 15, 2011

"don't drive me crazy, drive me to casino!"

picture overload much?

If you weren't at the Anderson Reunion last weekend, then you won't have any idea what that title means. I guess you could say it's privileged information, or somethin like that. Ha. All I can say is thank goodness for D.I. granny sweatshirts. It's time for another confession-session. (P.S. it's fun to say "session" like this: "se-see-ahn" I'm gettin' a French vibe, anyone else?)

confession numero uno: I recently decided to start as a "newbie" on a bunch of things. What does this mean, you ask? It means I'm starting with a clean slate, a clean shiny chalkboard, etc. etc. I decided that I'm an action kind of a girl and I hate waiting. So I'm not gonna do any of that anymore. Sorry if this made no sense. Guess I just had to say it.

confession 2: I may or may not like the smell of lemon fresh PineSol a little too much.

confession 3: I got asked if I liked to swing on vines the other day in a text conversation. I tell you, texting is a funny thing sometimes.

confession 4: I have fallen prey to the "pumped up kicks" phenomenon and I don't know why.

confession 5: I happen to enjoy thunderstorms mixed with a bit of lightning. Last night's was a stunner. Also, I just said "stunner." Call me names at will.

confession 6: All I really want for lunch today is a PB+Banana sandwich (and maybe tomorrow and maybe the next day)

confession 7: I'm actually daydreaming about snow because snow=snowboarding.

confession 8: I had a dream about Mumford & Sons the other night. I think I listen to them a little too much.

confession 9: I have a problem with killing bugs, unless it's a fly or a mosquito. Or a poisonous spider. If it's anything else I will try and preserve its life somehow.

confession 10: If a guy has good grammar, that is a turn-on. Then again, if he has bad hygiene, fuhget about it.

confession 11: I hate sunburned lips, because then you get chapped lips, and then you put Carmex on it, and then you have poky, greasy lips. Not kissable at all. Not like that's what I was leaning towards...but you know...gotta be prepared. Ha.

confession 12: homecomings are often anti-climactic.

confession 13: When people speak in languages I don't understand (anything 'sides English and Spanish), I just like to close my eyes and listen to it. I like other languages, wish I was multi-lingual.

confession 14: this confession session has gone on long enough. I'll tell you how that swinging on vines goes latah.



oh p.s. all these pics are from my tumblr, yep, i have one of those. add that to the confession session. I've been thinkin' about sticking some of my favorites from my tumblr on here every once in awhile. That thing is quite entertaining.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I've been calamined

The first three weeks of summer have been just what I imagine my perfect summers to be. It makes it hard to want to go back to school in September. However, it will be the fall semester, which many of you know is my favorito.

Would you like to know what I've been doing? Okay...well if you want the pictures, go look at my facebook (unless you are stalking me from a foreign country, which many of you are....then I guess you don't get to see any pics right now. And I'm not really sorry about that. I don't even know you....ok, moving on).

Here's what a summer of mcfrenzy consists of:
  • lots of biking (pretty much every single day)
  • hiking. I recently decided to do one every week for the rest of the summer. Last week it was Silver Lake/Lake Solitude. This week, I intend on finding one in Twin Falls when we go to the reunion. Who wants to come?!
  • cooking, lotsa cooking (thai tomato soup, yes?! YES.)
  • running (maybe I'll write a blog about saturday's run in was like running on the clouds, baby. And someday I'm really gonna know what that's like.)
  • walks, walks, mosquito bites (hence the pink paint/calamine lotion all over me right now), and more walks
  • collecting more songs for future playlists (listen! listen! listen! listen!)
  • reeeading. So far I've finished 1.5 books. Sue me. I have a habit of starting 5 at once.
  • letting my hair do itself (aka wavy-crazy, just the way I like it)
  • more freckles plus a much worse sandal tan than I had in Mexico
  • watchin' some good cinema (if you're thinking of the smurf movie, I'm kind of offended)
  • using way too many parenthetical phrases (what do you think this is?)
oh..sidenote, something funny just happened. So Ellie came upstairs with some asian cookie thing and told me to try it, which I did. It was yummy (it had chocolate in the middle, hellloo). Then she came back later and said, "Did you like it?" I said, "Yep." "So, you kissed it?" "Wha?" "Well, if you loved it, you kissed it, right?" RIGHT. I like the way you think, girlfran.

adios for now, amigos and stalkers!