Wednesday, April 6, 2011

what i still don't know




How many licks it takes

How many looks it takes

Why the moon turns yellow in autumn

Or why autumn feels so melancholy

How death comes in without knocking

How death leaves without crying

Why the sound of her voice

Is never the same to me,

Sometimes I could swear it was

Just a ghost, just the sound of my


How many years before the smell of

Your first classroom goes away

How many friends will die before me

How many will have children that look

Just like them

Why evergreens smell like perfect love

And why I know what perfect love smells like

Why cement hurts so much

And why it is always what I fall onto

Why the scars on my sides don’t fade

Won’t fade

And they serve as reminders of my mistakes

Why we have to be reminded

How the smell of rain brings along

Unwanted visitors

Right into my mind, right into my words

Soaks right through my clothes

Why music drifts in and out of sleep

In my bed

Of all the beds, why mine

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Ging said...

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