Sunday, April 3, 2011

but really it's an hour ahead




startled, we woke up late
the clocks hadn't changed by themselves
but time waits for nobody,

never has
never will

nothing to light the flames
we ate cake instead.
but none of us complained.

i've stopped complaining about certain things
and maybe i am grateful for them instead
or maybe i just ignore them

it feels more like gratitude than anything

words from those who know better
i write them down
but they've already written themselves
inside of me, like they were supposed to be there
all along

i close my notebook, walk home in the sun,
feel the sun, don't forget the way it feels
i see photos of people i know in
the places i normally live
their noses are red and frozen

i shake in my boots.

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Amy said...

lovely! you are amazing.