Monday, April 18, 2011

frozen in place




when you think your heart can't take anymore...and then another curveball comes.
when you are running against the wind...and you wish it could just blow you away.
when you come back home...and you're not sure what you're doing there.
when you remember where you were a week ago...and you feel a melancholy poem comin' on.
when you find notes from your best friend...and miss her so bad it actually hurts.
when you are half-asleep in a dream...and a loud noise wakes you up.
when you come home to your own room...and you wish for a roommate, a pet, anything.
when you find the mexican aisle in the grocery store...and a pack of cookies makes the memories flood.
when you see freshmen walking around on campus...and it hits you that you're a senior.
when you read journal entries from semesters before...and you wonder what the next will be like.
when you find an old friend...and everything is going to be okay.
when your brother lives up the road...and he will always be there, no matter what.
when you talk to someone who really knows...and it's easy to cry, easy to talk.
when you have a load of strong emotions inside...and you don't know how to get them out except through a pen and paper.
when it is april 18th...and it is raining.

It's just one of those days. I know tomorrow will be better.


Ging said...

At first I thought you were quoting a song but then it got too personal. I am sorry for the many changes in your life,even though they are good. You will be able to embrace another adventure-probably today. Do I need to get you a goldfish?
P.S. This may have been somewhat no-sugar induced. I think it's possible as I am in that same boat with you.

Terri said...

It will get better promise. Light and dark cannpt exist in the same space.

sleye1 said...

Find someone that needs you to:

Listen to them
Help them
Lift them
Forgive them
Be there for them

Kaitlyn said...

I miss you. A LOT.

italiamarie said...

Kenzie!! best roomate ever! I hope the end of your week ends swell mi amor, we love you and miss you!!..keep that smile on gurlfriend :)

italiamarie said...

Kenzie!! I hope the rest of your week goes swell! Mi amor we love and miss you chica! keep that smile on :)