Monday, April 4, 2011

little hugs with little arms






when i woke up there was a breeze
bringing with it
words i don't know how to write
only feel

we walked through
a familiar neighborhood in the dark,
i felt so safe,
and people call it dangerous.

before i came, everyone told me
to be safe
never go alone, never look up, never be without fear

but they should have warned me
of how i would fall so easily

for those faces

their arms brush past,
just like that breeze
all at once i'm home again

home again.


Ging said...

Your poetry seems to do justice to all that it embraces. Very tender.

sleye1 said...

Remind me to talk to you sometime about "the strange."

So happy you are having such a life-changing experience. More to come.

Terri said...

Oh Kenz I hope your hydrated . Tears are tiring. Dont forget to bring home mexican Vanilla :)