Monday, April 25, 2011

a little more than 20 questions

I stole this idea from Tessa the other day and I decided to post it for no good reason.

{written on sunday, april 24th}
1. Do you paint your nails?
Yup. Right now they are pink.

2. How many times a day do you think about your ex?
Haha well if I had one, I probably wouldn't think of them much.

3. Are you feeling sick?
At the moment I feel stupendous. Yesterday, different story.

4. How many concerts have you been to? BYU-I concerts count? If we're talkin legit concerts, only like three. I know, I need to get out there and live a little. I really wanna go see Yo-Yo Ma in concert...seriously.

5. What are you going to be doing three hours from now?
Dreaming I hope.

6. Do you shower daily?
Yes, I love showering. Sometimes I do it before bed just so I can sleep with that squeaky clean feeling, you know?

7. Have you ever heard of Led Zeppelin?
Who hasn't? Robert Plant's hair...ahh yeah.

8. Do you know anybody's who blind?
Hmm well if you count old people blindness, then yes.

9. Do you have nice feet?
Well I don't have webbed feet if that's what you're asking.

10. How many times do you pee in one day?
Uh, depends on how much agua I consume. I don't keep track. I know, how strange of me.

11. What comes to mind when I say GREEN?
Ireland! Oregon! Springtime!

12. Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart?

13. Can you spell well?
why yes! I always got 100% on the spelling tests in elementary school. Everyone hated me for ruining the curve. Suckers.

14. Do you like skittles?
not mucho. i like chocolate. :)

15. How many times a day are you on myspace?

16. What does the last text message you received say?
"Ahhh thanks for making me cry!" it was pretty funny actually

17. What do you think of Germany?
I want to go there, obviously. I always think of Indiana Jones movies when I think of that place. Weird but true.

18. Do you have any siblings? Do you hate them?
Yes, but I definitely don't hate them. What kind of twisted question is this?!

19. What is your favorite kind of shoe?
the barefooted kind. I don't mean the $100 ones that make you feel barefoot. I mean wearing no shoes at all. heheh. But if I had to choose, definitely comfy slip-on tennies or sandals.

20. What was the last gift you received?
do letters in the mail count as gifts? because I got 3 of those this week. That's right, THREE. I am a lucky woman.

21. Do you have all of your limbs?
bahaha. I feel bad for anyone who answers this question...not in the affirmative.

22. How many REAL CDs do you own?
Lots! They are all packed away in a box at my parents house, sadly.

23. What's one thing that you collect?
If I was still 8 years old I would have to answer this question with Wizard of Oz books/dolls. But thankfully, those days are over. Now I just collect pictures of places I want to visit. And books. Lots of books. Better throw in music, too. Oh, how I love me some Pandora.

24. What jewelry are you wearing at the moment?
I was wearing a necklace, earrings, and my CTR ring today, but I took them all off when I got into my jammies. jewelry at the moment.

25. Do you have any aspirations in life?
I want to be happy, get married in the temple, have a family, raise my kids in the gospel, serve a mission sometime, meet the Savior. Those are pretty good aspirations, I think.

26. What makes you really angry?
Reading about all of the creepstaches in this world on

27. Who makes you feel better when you are?
"The Big Man Upstairs" as Tessa likes to call Him.

28. Have you ever set anything other than logs on fire?
Oh these questions...really kill me. Um, one time when me and Liz were about 8 or 9 we killed a fly and then we wanted to cremate it. But her mom said no. Sooo...that was the one time I came close to lighting something other than a log on fire. Oh wait, do candles count? Cuz I've definitely lit those! And of course our water heater in Mexico so we could shower comfortably. This answer is turning out to be way longer than I expected.

29. What's one object really special to you?
My scriptures, my journals, my patriarchal blessing, my notes from friends and family members. That's 4 objects, guess I cheated.

30. Do you like chalk?
Heck to the yes. Me and my Mexican kiddos would always sidewalk-chalk.

31. Do you still have stuffed animals?
Nope, but I used to have 200. You can ask my mom.

32. What's one thing that truly frightens you?
Car accidents. Yikes.

33. Do you like the smell of flowers?
Yeash! It depends on the flower, though. If it's too overpowering/smells like baby powder (I don't like that smell...I know, right?) then no. But usually, I could take a walk through a flower patch any day.

34. Have you ever seen Bambi?
Traumatizing for a 5-year old!

35. What's your favorite book?
Followed by El Libro de Mormon, I would have to say any of the classics. I can't decide.

36. Do you go to movies often?
Uhh, often as in once or twice every 3 months.

37. What's the last movie you saw in theaters?
"Desconocido," or "Unknown." I saw it in Mexico. It wasn't very good, just fyi. But the Subway sandwich with guacamole which I ateduring the movie? Now that was good.

38. Are you scared of something really odd?
I don't like windstorms. They kinda freak me out. Or being home alone.

39. Do you like vanilla M&M's or chocolate?
I didn't know vanilla M&Ms existed, but I will always, always, always pick chocolate.

40. Have you ever painted a picture?
Sure have! I think my mom has a bunch of them stowed away.

41. Ever watched Spongebob on your own accord?
Of course! "F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anywhere anytime at all, under the deep blue sea!" Proof. Right there.

42. What's one big thing that you've accomplished in your life?
I took a nap on top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico! Oh, and going to Mexico was a pretty neat accomplishment too, which I owe to my parents and many others.

43. What's the dumbest thing you watch on TV?
Sometimes I'm channel surfing and I stop to watch novelas for a bit. Yes, it is true.

44. Do you think dead baby jokes are funny?

45. What are 3 words you think describe you?
freckly, funny, happy

46. What is your middle name?
Cerise (it means Cherry in French. uh-huh)

47. What's the last thing you spent money on?
frozen yogurt, and dang was it delicious or what.

48. If a stranger asked you to take a picture with them, would you?
Heck to the yes! This had never happened to me before I went to Mexico, but when you are white in a sea of brown--instant celebrity, I tell you.

49. Do you think you're materialistic?
Maybe to a certain degree...?

50. What's the best commercial you've ever seen?
this one.
"leave the ram!" hahahahha
(funny that me and TP both thought Stride had good commercials)

51. Are you wasteful?
Actually, I don't think I'm too wasteful. My mother trained me well in this regard. I can't waste food, I just can't.

52. Do you think your nose is shaped funny?
It does have kind of a funny shape, but I don't hate it.

53. What's one thing that honestly makes you happy?
Just one? Reading my scriptures, being outside, listening to/playing music, running, talking to family/friends, laughing, hammocking

54. What do you do with stickers?
Give them to my sister because nothing brings her more joy (besides candy or princessy things)

55. Do posters of people frighten you at night?
Say what now?

56. What color are your sheets?

57. What is one of your nicknames?
I have a zillion nicknames. A sampling: McNancy, MK, Rudy, Rack-Jack, Josephina, McKenzie Fox (from the Mexicanos), McFrenzy, Tiny Red

58. Do you think Canada exists?
claro que si!

59. What's your favorite lyrics of all time?
ohhh man I can't possibly decide. Right now I really love these from Mumford:

And there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears.
And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.
Get over your hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.

60. What's a movie you like but wish that you didn't?
Oh gosh. Please don't judge me. But parts of Clueless really makes me laugh. I'm terrible, I know.


funsizetessa said...

I loved all of this, especially that we both love Stride commericials. I love Clueless...don't tell! The word verification today is gulash...

Ging said...

Very insightful. Some of these questions- um,. well... never mind. Fun to see how you see yourself. And yes, it was 200 stuffed animals. Remember that scene in E.T. when he is hidden in the stuffed animals. It was kind of like that every morning.
P.S. Please don't give Ellie anymore of your hand-me-downs :-)