Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"I've had like four quesadillas today"

{from a series known as "mckenzie: bored"}

Today on the way to the library from devotional, I was eavesdropping on a fellow who was walking behind me. I couldn't really help it--he kept saying "cheese" really loudly. I decided to tune in to the rest of the conversation--who can pass up a conversation centered around queso?

...Yeah, me neither.

So anyway, he was bragging to the girl next to him.
cheesehead: I couldn't think of what to eat. But I have lots of cheese.
girl: oh, really?
cheesehead: Yeah, like four blocks. I LOVE cheese! LOVE it!
cheesehead: I've had, like, four quesadillas today. Why not have another one?
cheesehead: [awkwardly laughing] Well, I gotta go to class.

Just thought I'd share that with you all. Happy Tuesday.

oh..and I guess this is my 200th post. All of you who lurk on my blog are welcome to leave a comment. I prefer funny stories, anecdotes, or song lyrics please. Anything else and you are banned from this blog.

{just kidding}


funsizetessa said...

I may die laughing.

Ging said...

I don't think I have reached 200 posts yet. I don't even know. I am glad you are spending your time with intellectuals.

Amy said...

Scott loves cheese. As newlyweds he ate it by the block in bed. Sometimes he'd leave a little dried up nugget on the nightstand.
Ahhhh, true love.