Friday, April 22, 2011

back in blue (not black)

I think I'm finally back. It only took me two long does it take for RMs to adjust to coming home? Do they ever adjust all the way? I've never been on a mission but I kinda felt like I had just gotten back from one for the past few weeks. Especially this first week in Rexburg.

I lost my appetite. Nothing sounded good. For 5 days I didn't eat hardly anything (a strange feat if you know me), except for the occasional pb & j. I would see people pull into the drive-in at Ramirez's and have the urge to stop them from ruining their taste buds.

I kept finding notes from Chelsea written to me last semester and I would get a little bit sad.

I went on a 4-mile run (it was also an "angry run" which I can explain later, but lemme tell you, they are pretty effective. ha.) against the 25-MPH winds native to Idaho. I came back to the apartment with a mane for a hairdo and a desire to let the wind blow me right back to Mexico.

I kept spurting out things in Spanish and nobody would understand. I was beginning to count down the days until Spanish Lit started and I could be stuck in a room with funny RMs again.

But then on Tuesday a few things happened:

1) I received 2 letters from Chelsea written to me now, in the present, and she is happy. So I can be happy, too.

2) School started. Turns out what I have been dreading since I landed back in this country is going to be a really good thing. My classes are incredible, as are my professors, and the homework isn't "punch a wall passive-aggressively" worthy.


3) We had our first devotional, and it was my first in the BYU-I Center since its dedication. I love that building--it still smells like new carpet, you know. Plus, I went there with my old friend Amy Mathews, who I learned is still funny as ever (fun fact you probably do not want to know: back in elementary school, when I would go over to Amy's house, I would sometimes bring extra chonies with me because she made me laugh that hard. I thought ahead).

4) I wore spandex for six hours straight. That always adds to the happiness of my day.

5) I ate a huge salad for dinner AND a mango, proof that not only was my appetite back, but I was craving healthy food... Oh and the mango, it was incredibly delicious. I was worried I would hate mangoes when I came back to America, but I don't. You can alert the presses now.

6) I decided not to study in the library so much this semester. Remember how I kinda lived there last year? Well it's too nice outside to be studying in a will be soon. In the meantime I'll just have to keep running in spandex and jackets and ignoring the snow.

would you guys like to see what else has been going on in the world of kenzie? thought so. {that wasn't a question}.

i took a 3-hour nap on tuesday. in the words of mr. "hide yo wife hide yo kids," that was so dumb, so dumb, so dumb.

i got an email from my dad which said the following:
"Rudy - we just put some $$ into your account. Now get a razor and shave your legs. Love, dad and mother"


My parents sure are funny. At least my legs will never be wanting in this chilly weather (now for all of you who haven't been reading this blog for very long, that was a joke. I really do shave my legs. And I can't believe I just said that on this blog.)

Rexburg experienced a thunderstorm and I inhaled that lovely rainy smell while I stood in the Spori Quad (yes...I stood outside). Why is it that whenever a huge rainstorm happens I'm the only one left standing in it?

I picked up that early-early morning scripture study again (in Mexico it wasn't as early). Gosh, I love it. And I love Mosiah.

My allergies decided to come back in full-force and now I kinda sound like a man when I don't guzzle enough water to clean my throat out. Doink.

Awkard moment #1 of the semester: I saw someone in the Smith Building (my second home besides the thought I lived at the apartment? Ha!) who, from behind, looked exactly like a girl I know. Spitting back image I tell you! Now, I'm not an expert at identifying people from their back images (yes, I just made up that terminology), but she seriously fooled me. I kinda smacked her backpack like I normally do to get my friends' attention when they aren't facing me. Lucky for her I didn't kick her backpack, which is another attention-getting tactic I use. Well, she turned and I saw her face and all of a sudden I was walking the other way, uttering "sorry" and "fool" to myself. Oh, McKenzie.

The spring semester is now in session. And Kenzie is back to tell you all about it. Get ready...

p.s. it is Easter Weekend! I left you something better than a chocolate bunny:


Allison Marie said...

Wet. The. Pants. After. The. Razor. Comment. HAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA

sleye1 said...


Maybe this college thing isn't the best idea after all...

Kinzi said...

i almost needed to change my chones after reading this post it is so funny!

Terri said...

Welcome back to your other good life. Maybe you should open your own taco truck, show em how it is done.