Monday, November 1, 2010

november the first

I'm done crying over October. It came and left just like that, and all I'm left with is a few orange leaves and frost on the windows in the morning. *Sniffle.*

I have been Miss Slacker Face when it comes to these Monday Happy Lists. I would apologize, but I know you guys aren't really offended. You just missed them a little bit, right?

This morning [as in Monday morning] my bike ride to class was cloaked in darkness. That's right, cloaked. But the soggy leaves I ran over reminded me that it's only the beginning of November. No worries. I still have 1.5 months.

And now for that list you've all been waiting for:

Tutoring a native Spanish speaker (de peru) and helping him read English. Is this supposed to be a coincidence? I think not.

playing spoons for FHE....just reminds me of my freshman year at NEHS. We could play that game for hours. And yes, I champed everybody.

eating a BET sandwich (bacon, egg, tomato) for breakfast. ¿como se dice DELICIOUS?!

opening a new bottle of shampoo which just happens to smell like POG (pineapple orange guava juice, best thing that ever came from BYU and that includes John Beck)

running into Miss Courtney Gopp in front of the Taylor Building and watching as she does a pelvic thrust in front of everyone walking by. no guile, people, no guile.

clean sheets+shaved legs. in the celestial kingdom, we'll have skintimate. obviously.

pandora radio, for introducing me to way too many good musicians. I have saved 250 songs thanks to them. and that's 250 less than I need right now. sigh.

watching people's expressions when they bite into one of those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies i make. that's the whole reason i do it. :)

quote from Tessa Perry in a recent email: We're all in a crazy land and stuck in it being crazy.

have you ever noticed someone's face right before they sneeze? how many of them have had a super-attractive look on their face? that's what I thought. You know it's funny.

making funny faces in the mirror to wake myself up in the morning.

freckles. hopefully they come back after the winter.

running around porter park semi-late at night during a football game. as I ran around the 4th time, one guy shouted "I love you." I thought about responding but didn't think they were talkin' to yours truly. Until another one said, "Not as much as I love you!" Run faster, Kenz, run faster.

question: how come so many people insist on listening to christmas music the day after halloween (thank you, Kosy 106.5)? I don't see anybody wearing masks the day after September 30th. Just sayin'.

love, the mckenzers


Ging said...

1.5 months until you are in a Very warm climate. You will miss most of the snow this year- good thing you are in Rexburg. I think I am going to make myself a BET-sounds yummy. Great post- as usual. I definitely needed the pick-me-ups-thanks Courtney for the visual..

chelsea said...

we'll have skintimate..obviously. :) oh, kenz, i lo yo

Allison Marie said...

The skintimate was my favortie part as well. We truly well. Well Miss Redhead, your Monday posts make me blissfully happy! :)

funsizetessa said...

MK I really do just love your happy lists so much. I love that my quote made it to your blog too. It was pretty good. And I am one of those people that starts listening to Christmas music ASAP. I listened to some before Halloween. You can judge me.

sleye1 said...

You are a nut and a half. All from your mother's side, obviously.