Wednesday, November 17, 2010

little prayers and smiling

liz, don't kill me for posting these pictures. they never fail to make me laugh.

This week has been stuffed full of happiness for some reason.

Oh wait, I know what the reason is--I decided to be happy! When you decide to be happy, that makes all the difference in the world. Seriously, nothing can tear you down. Doesn't matter if you can't get your bike into 2nd gear while going uphill, or if you have to wear a shower cap to the grocery store because you lost a bet, or if you got a B on a test instead of an A. You can still be a reallly happy person. I know because all of this has happened to me this week and I've kept smiling through it all.

I know some people who smile and say they are "fine" on the outside. And we all know what "f.i.n.e." stands for, right? Well if you were to ask me how I was doing (like the checkout lady did while trying to avoid staring at my shower cap), I wouldn't just say "fine." I would say "I'm doing excellent!" or "I'm doing so good I make Bill Gates look like a poor man." Dude, that analogy totally failed. And I just called everyone who reads this blog "dude." College is doing wonders for me, guys.

But honestly, this has been my best semester yet, and I think I can trace it back to a few things:
1-my early morning scripture study. this truly changes my entire day if I can just get a half an hour in.

2-my early morning prayers. David A. Bednar said this about prayer: "Morning and evening prayers—and all of the prayers in between—are not unrelated, discrete events; rather, they are linked together each day and across days, weeks, months, and even years...Such meaningful prayers are instrumental in obtaining the highest blessings God holds in store for His faithful children."
Isn't that the coolest thing?!!!

3- my "little" prayers. This includes prayers about little, seemingly insignificant things that I didn't used to pray about. I have found that God really does answer every righteous prayer that is offered up with "real intent." If you are too afraid to ask the Lord for help with something because you think He is "above" it somehow, think again! He knows you the best & knows exactly how to answer your prayers.

4-walking/bike riding to class. I have learned the value of saying hi to people as I walk to class and saying their names.

5-exercise+delicious food. Even if I don't wanna and I don't think I have time, whenever I exercise, I feel so much better. And my pants, well, let's just say they are immodest without a belt. Gulp.

6-becoming a social butterfly., so let me define this. Most of you know I have been a wallflower for most of my life. Ever since Fall 2008, I've gotten a little bit more outgoing. But this semester I had an epiphany (as well as a lovely talk with my Bishop)--you've got to put yourself out there and take risks if you want something really worthwhile! So be nice to everybody! Be a good friend! Don't be afraid to be yourself. These are no-brainers for some people, but for me, well, it took awhile.

6-choosing to be happy and smiling no matter what. I used to get discouraged about little things. Now I try to do just the opposite--get really happy about little things. Find joy in the blessings you see every day. I like to make those happy lists because it makes me notice the tender mercies, and I am overflowing with gratitude.

I know this post was cheesy, but I just had to write it. Life is just too good.

xoxo, kenz

i submit to you that a creepier picture does not exist anywhere on this planet.


Ging said...

Thank you again Oh Wise One. I was up before 5 today, read my scriptures, wrote two thank you cards, made a to-do list (thank-you Grandma Bonnie) and I am currently canning applesauce. With all of my doing I sometimes (okay most times) get "cumbered about" and forget gratitude the true source of faith and thus hope. I am so glad you are having a marvelous experience. I couldn't wish for more.

Allison Marie said...

Love this. So true! The gospel, scriptures, and prayers do miracles. I'm so glad to see them change your life and make it better! That helps my own testimony grow. You are the greatest! Love your guts.

sleye1 said...

College is making you smarter...your choices are making you wise.