Friday, October 29, 2010

side braid + poem

yes, i know the light in this picture is eerie. but it's kind of october-y and halloween-y, right? that's the look I was going for. Oh, and my orange lamp was on. That might've had something to do with it.

it's halloween weekend, and I am in rexburg.

but I'm ok with this.

last night some people from our ward came to our house dressed like zombies. my roommate screamed bloody murder (no, literally). they were pretty freaky, sticking their bloody arms through the door and everything. so I did what anyone being chased by zombies would do--I invited them to have prayer with us.
and they did.

even more randomness:

I'm giving a talk on Sunday about tithing settlement (pray, people, pray).

today in science class we looked at a cadaver. happy halloween, right?

It's amazing how easily I could eat my lunch after that little session in the formaldehyde-laden lab. *shudder*

for now, I shall leave you with a poem I wrote a few days ago.

going to bed with wet hair, october 25th
this afternoon I had fallen asleep
again at my desk with the window
wide open and breathing its fierce sorrows onto
me, and then, like a thousand bad endings, I
woke up three times.
the leaves are like embers, stoked by the turn
of October to November,
that dream within itself was only
a fragment of an avalanche, a splintered foundation
for now I can hardly breathe when I walk
up the hill through the thick screen of ice,
suspended in the air.
it's not so much that the earth, gasping
on its deathbed again (silently silently)
leaves us, in the remnants of its
redandorange dignity,
it's the slight noise the leaf makes when it falls,
the clouds wrinkling the already aged sky.
mother says that the mountains could hold out,
and be preserved through the storm.

happy halloween eve-eve!!!

oh and good luck to chelsea and sarah tomorrow! they're running 13.1 miles! wahoooo!

love, mcfrenzy


Ging said...

Your hair looks mighty darling in that side braid. Cal and Ellie wish for big brothers and sisters to take them trick-or-treating. Surely they would get more candy this way. Now- that poem was simply magical even though I was going to ask what gaspingon was (but then I got that one figured out). You always do the right thing even with no previous righteous example- like when zombies come and you pray with them. Purely inspirational.

Terri said...

Is your hair that long??!!

It is like a slow death maybe a anestitized slumber. You almost dont see it creeping up on your beautiful shades of gold and red then boom it all baren. Have a great Halloween If you were here Id make you a special bag with sour bats, pink teeth and gummy brains in it.

Em said...

praying with Zombies. so appropriate of you. :)

sleye1 said...

My Rudy -

So cutie -

A beauty -

Yes you be -

Love dadd-e