Tuesday, November 30, 2010

happy to the list

why hello, beautiful

For the record, I made this list yesterday, so technically it's still a "happy list Monday." Alright? Alright.

1. a scalding hot shower in the morning to wake me up. like a jacuzzi for poor people.

2. good-smelling lotion...there were many times today that I caught a whiff of myself and thought, "dang, I smell good." kinda weird...but so true.

3. finding out I don't have a presentation in Spanish until Friday!

4. getting into Rexburg and seeing a temple on the hill

5. snow, for looking so tame and beauteous when it's first falling.

6. this song, currently playing in my ears

7. my heart-- it is my favorite organ (no duh)

8. shopping at Broulim's without a shower cap on

9. my eyelashes

10. Alma 14, worth reading at least twice in a row

11. graham cracker structures...more specifically houses of cards made of graham crackers (if I had a camera, there would be a picture of this, but alas, no lo tengo)

12. smelly mistletoe above our doorframe--don't worry mom, it's just propaganda

13. real life, legitimate mullets spotted on the 2nd floor of the library

14. Christmas trees, even if they're fake and don't smell as awesome as the real ones

15. making a slip-n-slide out of our tile hallway using my fuzzy socks and thrust. Did I just say "thrust?" Um.

16. scars. they're cool, no matter what anyone else says

17. licorice-staches

18. flannel shirts. makes me feel like I'm a relative of Paul Bunyan. Or just camping.

19. memorizing the blood-flow pattern of my heart. it's pretty complex for such a small organ. and that makes it even more divine, I think.

20. warm hoodies, ahh yeah.

WHOA 20 THINGS. That's a record I think. I could go on, but then I'd be procrastinating my homework. Oh wait...think I'm already doing that.


chelsea said...

man you smell good!
and, fyi, that mistletoe is not propoganda...

Amy said...

Soooo wish I had a picture of the mullet.
p.s. Buy Chels some lipsmacker.

funsizetessa said...

"it's like a jacuzzi for poor people"