Monday, November 15, 2010

una lista de felicidad

just imagine your monday is HERE

Ohhhhh, I am very happy today. Remember how Mondays used to be kind of looked down upon? I feel bad for them! I just had a random memory: when I was a kid, I used to sleep with lots of stuffed animals. Oh yeah, and my bed could fly. No joke. Usually we flew to Arabia or India....I was into the Middle East.

Anyway, if my stuffed animals ever fell off my bed during mid-flight (like, over the ocean, for example), I would quickly snatch them "out of thin air" and save them. I always felt so bad for the stuffed animals who were lying on my floor in the morning. Because technically, they were dead. I chose to ignore that fact.

Mondays are kind of like those stuffed animals that got kicked out of bed after I fell into deep R.E.M. And you know what? I think Mondays are pretty awesome and shouldn't be kicked out of bed so often.

So I shall now make a list of pure, unadulterated happiness for Monday, and figuratively "snatch it out of thin air." Dang. That. Was. Random.

1. Taking baby steps to class so I don't slip on the ice. Ice=bad, baby steps=good, walking on ice=worth the danger of walking on it. Me explica?
2. Making one-bowl brownies and giving them away. There will be a more embarrassing post on this later.....
3. Writing thank-you notes to my friends, just because. They can't even ask me why I did it.
4. Waking up laughing. Yeah, this actually happened to me today. I think I dreamt I was a stand-up comedian.
5. Oooooooooklahoma where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain! Um, so I watched that this weekend, and I realized that people don't flirt like they used to. Back in those days, girls just had to do ballet moves around a guy and they were as good as engaged. I've never been to country dancing up here...does anyone know if this tactic still works?
6. Learning about sangre (blood) in science class. Sangre just sounds better. But blood, oh man, it is SO COOL!
7. Homemade squash soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Alright, just lunch. But if I only had to eat one food for the rest of my would be....chocolate. Almost had you, didn't I?
8. Music that nobody has ever heard of. It is just the best.
9. The smell of the Taylor Building. I like to go inside just so I can pretend I'm at Temple Square.
10. Writing my name on the window when our apartment steams up because there's a zillion people inside. Remember when your mom wouldn't let you draw on the car window after you breathed on it? Well, I finally got it out of my system.
11. DP's, a.k.a. dance parties. Chels and me initiate them spontaneously. Blame it on Michael Jackson's rhythm.
12. Reading in the Book of Alma---'tis my favorite book in El Libro de Mormon. I'm glad I don't have to choose, though. So very glad.
13. Did I just put Alma and Michael Jackson on the same happy list? Oh man.
14. Doing dishes...whaat? I can't believe I just confessed to that. But it's true. I don't mean loading dishes into the dishwasher, nah, I like to get the hot water and the suds going so there's bubbles floating all around the room, and then I crank the music up and scrub. I think I just made doing dishes sound like a New Year's Eve Party. Whatev.


chelsea said...

hope you know we're going to try the dance thing...

Amy said...

You are good for me. Your outlook, your humor. You are one amazing young lady.
Love you,
Aunt Amy
p.s. If you have questions about country line dancing at Ricks, er, BYU-Idaho, just ask your Aunt Jen. She's an ole pro!!!

funsizetessa said...

MK. You make me laugh so hard. Everything you say is amazing. It's quite ridiculous, honestly.