Friday, November 5, 2010

trapped in the library

I'm being held hostage against my will. The criminals aren't wearing masks. They aren't holding water guns to my face (I didn't want to be graphic. Who knows how many kids read this blog). It's almost 8pm on a Friday night and guess what? I am surrounded by homework. But at least I have good music playing and a never ending stash of gum. Tomorrow, just to spite this chair which has confined me for so long, I am going to attempt to run 7-8 miles. Heheheheheheheheh.... What, you don't think that I can, Mister Chair? [don't judge me for talking to inanimate objects...remember...I'm in the library. on a friday]

Well, I'm gonna.

Good night and good riddance.

Pray that I'll get to leave this place before the music comes on. :)


Allison Marie said...

This post was like my worst nightmare. But I admire your studious habits and envy them greatly... well some of them. :] Love your guts.

Macy Hammond said...

...I'm never going to the Library again. Too scary.