Friday, November 12, 2010

it's a beautiful day alright

Friday, friday, friday at last.

Today the snowflakes drifted down between science class and nothing. They looked like cotton balls that had been ripped to shreds. Perfect for landing on eyelashes.

I love it when snow gets caught on eyelashes.

This week I have learned a few pretty wonderful things:

Bicycling is better when there's not two inches of snow on the road.

Smoothies are especially tasty after running 3.2 miles (and only 3.2 miles).

Gwyneth Paltrow can sing country music and she has a food blog.

Some people like to trample all over the snow while others like to preserve the pristine-ness of it (like Chelsea Ann). I happen to be in-between.

Just because a box of tomato soup says it is reduced sodium doesn't mean it tastes better.

One of the most beautiful things in the world is a carpet of golden leaves right on top of the blazing white snow.

Blasting this song in the morning is quite amazing.

Sleeping in basketball shorts and a t-shirt, with my fan on and my blankets pulled all the way up to my chin, heater on, it's snowing outside. Perfect temperature control.

The time it takes to fill out mission papers is far too short for my liking.

When my apartment constantly smells like pumpkin, cranberry, and lemon bread, you know there are some lucky guys on this earth who haven't yet met my roommates. Congratulations, mystery men.

People look at you strangely if you say "hi" to them instead of "thank you" when they open the door for you.

Coming home to find Chelsea doing this reminds me of how much I'm gonna miss her come next semester.

Realizing that my job is probably the best job ever and it is because the people I work with..are dang hilarious.

It's a good day when I'm watching the Spanish soap operas inside of the taco bus, while eating carnitas, while the windows steam up, while my soaking wet moccasins get my socks wet, too.

The Merchant of Venice is probably one of Shakespeare's most underrated plays. Drop Romeo and read this, people!

It's Friday.

Tonight: Extravadance. Tomorrow morning: 5K if my calf muscle stops acting like I pulled it....

update: I'm not the one filling out mission papers...Chelsea Ann is. Jus' so ya know.


chelsea said...

mcnancy, i just love you! hi for the shout out...i mean thank you :)

Amy said...

Um. Mission papers? Hmm? Happy Fall. I wish you were my roommate.