Monday, November 8, 2010

melancholy monday

{the snow just doesn't know how to ask nicely}

What, you think I can't have a happy/sad day? Well, I can. And I did. But no worries, it was 75% happy, 25% sad. See if you can guess which part of the list goes with which emotion. C'mon, I'm in the mood for games, guys.
  1. currently in the library, poppin' gum and listening to Fleet Foxes/Mumford and Sons/Wiretree
  2. shoes are soaked through because it has been snowing all day and I really need rain boots
  3. granola bar for dinner, time for another grocery trip
  4. no bike ride today (remember the snow part)
  5. zombie-eyed-ness isn't attractive, right? I guess on certain people it could be (like if Paris Hilton was ever in a slasher flick, she could probably pull off zombie and still look semi-good. Which is really twisted if you think about it. I wouldn't want to be known as a "hot zombie." Just sayin'.)
  6. early-morning conference talk reading
  7. my hair is kinda like Ariel's today (and by that I mean it wasn't frizzy and crazy, but smooth and sane....just forget about the power bangs, people. I would never go there.)
  8. wearing a giant scarf that looks like an albino boa constrictor from far away...or...uhh... just a really long scarf....
  9. saturday happiness: playing in the leaves
  10. best friends are leaving me (CB Scent made a big decision which I dunno if I am allowed to say on this blog...but anyway, you'll find out eventually.)
  11. seeing my breath stream out in front of me....oh coldness.
  12. not once looking at CNN's website today. The comments section is usually the most entertaining part (seriously, go read it if you need to laugh), but the news part is usually depressing.
  13. imagining walking home from the library, my current home, to Apartment 7, my other home with my bed in it, and getting into that bed, and sleeping in it.
  14. meetings with Bishop Cramer. Oh man is he funny. I've never laughed so hard in a Bishop's office before.
  15. the whiteness of snow against the still-yellow leaves
  16. writing this post on time for once


Ging said...

I am glad to hear that it was 75% good. That's a pretty good ratio. As long as you keep making "happy Lists" your gratitude will see you through the other stuff. Add to that- you are a terrific listener. Love you

funsizetessa said...

I am about to die over how you said you'd never go there with the power bangs. And I'm laughing about your bishop. Again. For the millionth time.