Monday, October 4, 2010

and i slept and i slept and i slept

i know, my grammar is terrible today.

but honestly that conference weekend wasn't nearly long enough for me. so i am going to have bad grammar just this once (and i'm even de-capitalizing the i's. de-capitalizing probably isn't a word, either. for shame!).

i did successfully make the pumpkin pancakes with nutmeg whipped cream. here's the recipe (don't deny you want it)...oh and I used buttermilk instead of milk+vinegar. just fyi. the nutmeg whipped cream was a mixture of whipped cream...and nutmeg (so much for the element of surprise), plus a little bit of sugar and vanilla extract.

i did enjoy every conference talk, most especially D. Todd Christofferson's, President Eyring's, and Dieter F. Uchtdorf's. They were speaking right to me, I think. But isn't that how is always is?

oops. i deviated from my bad grammar streak. sorry, i know you were enjoying it.

i did go to the annual familiy photo shoot, but alas, the leaves had not yet turned so we didn't go up the canyon. that and everybody seemed to be in a hurry. but that's how conference weekend is when you have to get back to rexburg by sunday night. noodles (kenzie-slang for "dangit").

one thing i did not seem to have the easiest time doing this weekend was sleeping. and i really needed to catch up on sleep (remember the whole part about me being in college? ok, just checkin'). monday morning came and i still hadn't caught up. i usually take a nap in between my 10am class and my 11:30 class. guess when I woke up?


consider this my first and last missed class of the semester. i really hate missing class, honestly, i do! but i think i just needed that sleep. my nap lasted for a glorious 2.5 hours. i could make a list of everything i might have accomplished in that amount of time, but i think sleeping was what i would have ended up doing anyway.

alas, now i have a little bit more energy than i usually do at 4:30 on monday afternoon, so i think i will go and sweat it out before the rain really comes bustin' out of the clouds. yep, the weather finally realized it was october and changed its mind about being 70 degrees all of the time.

i can't say i'm disappointed. see #3 on happy list below.

today mcfrenzy is happy because:

1. she said the blessing on her and chelsea's food in spanish. hasn't done that in awhile.
2. she imagined herself at the top of a mountain overlooking Puebla, Mexico. good image.
3. she walked home from the library enjoying the musty smell of rain, leaves, and autumness.
4. she wore her purple striped shirt with the buttons and everybody complimented her on it.
5. she rode her bike to the grocery store for bananas. there's something very fulfilling about riding your bike to the grocery store in autumn.
6. she fell asleep reading her book of contemporary american poetry and felt like spending the whole day writing poems. but don't worry, she didn't. she just slept some more. :)
7. she decided to write an entire happy list in 3rd person.
8. she listened to mister jack johnson sing "imagine" and realized she liked it better than the original. sorry, john.
9. she found the most amazing scripture in Ether 12:4, please go read it.
10. she woke up and realized she missed her family a lot. she just saw them, what is wrong with her? oh well.
11. she got to sit in the park above the valley and talk to TP on Saturday night. only thirty minutes, but she just really likes that girl and that park, so the combination of the two made the short amount of time worth it. oh and elder greene, he's the bee's knees.
12. she saw a picture of griffey that was really old but made her smile so hard she almost cried. her parents liked it too. and yes, she hijacked it so all of you could see it. thanks, TP.

happy monday :)


funsizetessa said...

I am so happy I could cry from this post. I just love you! 30 minutes is definitely never enough but it is always the best 30 minutes ever. And Griffey is such a sweetie.

Ging said...

That was really really worth all of the bad grammar you seem to think we had to endure. You are a lovely person and it shows in your perspective. Have a wonderful autumny day.
Love you