Thursday, October 21, 2010

'tis one of those days

(back in the day when school wasn't stressful. a.k.a. freshman year)

I'm not a fan of blog posts where the blogger vents all of their frustrations onto the world.

And yet, I really want to break my own rule today.

My middle finger has a bruise, because today it got poked (good news: my triglyceride levels are muy, muy low).

I can't catch up on the homework. It never ends. It's like an avalanche, I tell you.

I keep sleeping in through scripture study time and it is really affecting my day.

I want to run every day and I cannot seem to find the time. I know it's all about making the time, but I think I'm still learning how to do this.

I took a science test today which I didn't feel very good about. In fact, I didn't even bother waiting to see what my score was.

I haven't ridden my bike for 24 hours. I'm pretty sure that that's contributing to my slight madness right now. I'm about 75% positive.

It's kind of hurting me to type this...

And I miss a lot of old friends right now who are far away from me.

SO. I'm stopping now with the lame-ness. I'm gonna go make some roasted cauliflower soup. Ike is gonna come over to eat it. I asked him last night if he would eat cauliflower soup. His response: "Cauliflower soup?! Did you seriously just ask me that?" My response: "It's gonna be delicious. Trust me. You might like it." His surrender: "Might as well."


Here's to tomorrow, which just so happens to be Friday. Oh please, McKenz, please do not sleep through your scripture study alarm tomorrow. And also don't stress about missing Spanish so you can give plasma so you can have money to go to Mexico to speak better Spanish. Did you see what I just did?

That right there is called a cosmic connection, folks.

over and out!
(oh and I'm sorry for the weepy post. First and last weepy post, I promise.)


funsizetessa said...

You can weep all you want!! Especially to me. I am sorry. :( None of that sounds fun at all!! It is just a rough week. Thank the heavens for the weekend. Good luck with your plasma. Have you done it before? I don't know what it's like. Tell me please. I love you. I hope you will be here and coming to my Halloween Party. :) I NEED YOU.

Amy said...

Chin up Kenz. Tomorrow is Friday!

Brit said...

Oh Kenz...I am feelin' your pain these days. Today I looked at my semester at a glance calendar and I'm pretty sure I'm racing my assignments through the semester and I'm way behind them :( Hopefully we both win the race in the end, time to run or not. I signed up for a second block jogging course because now it's a forced 45 min a day of running for a grade and so I know I'll fit it in :) haha Good luck.

Ging said...

This is backwards because I talked to you an hour ago and your spirits were high and I know you did better on the test than most of the people in your class. And I bet you read your scriptures and Ike ate that soup- the poor kid is starving afterall. Love you