Monday, October 18, 2010

don't you wish your weekend was awesome like mine?

(stolen from tessa)

there are lots of things in my life that i really love.
that's why i created the happy list monday thang.
and today, my happy list is all about what i done did,
this weekend, which was a 20 on a scale from 1-10.
yeah, that good.

  1. getting engaged.
  2. people are gullible (if you are experiencing a bout of monday slow-ness, #1 is a farce simply thrown in the list to wake you up. c'mon, it's only 5:30. you can make it to 8!!)
  3. Ok, but seriously now. Autumn is my favorite time of year. How many times do I have to say it? The weather has been most excellent all during October, which has allowed me to really relish it. Relish. It is such a great word.
  4. Road-trippin' it with the Bedke Sisters. We played POTI MASH (sounds appealing because it is), the gratitude game, the self-esteem game, hot seat, and visited their Uncle Grant (for all of you Livingston's reading this, think Grandma Great's house). I'm grateful for people who have basements full of tomatoes. They remind me that all is right with the world.
  5. Q&A's. But not just any Q&A (like those conducted late at night after too much fro-yo), this was with Elder Bednar. I loved the way he answered most of the questions with a principle or a scripture. One of my favorite one-liners was something along the lines of: "'Self-worth stems from the root word 'worthiness.'" In other words, those who are the most happy with themselves have a good relationship with their Father in Heaven and cultivate a life of righteousness. Love it!
  6. Speaking of frozen yogurt....pumpkin spice frozen yogurt+wayyy too much graham cracker topping ("like a sandcastle in your throat," as a wise woman once said) is kind of delicious on an October night.
  7. Accidentally coming upon "Fork Fest" (raise your virtual hand if you know what I'm talking about. Actually, don't, because that will make me feel better if you were as ignorant as I was). This happens to be a free band festival that apparently American Fork does. WITH JOSHUA JAMES. Apparently American Fork is "down" and "happenin'" and "the stuff," and I just don't know anything about being down or happenin' or being the stuff. But we went anyway. AND that leads to the next happy list thing...
  8. The girl dancing in front of us at the concert. I bet she's all over YouTube by now. It was some mixture of yoga, hula, and...well I'm not sure what else.
  9. Taking craaazy photographs with TP and Allie Love (click on the link at the top for some more) at the park using only a park bench and our imaginations. Sometimes...our imaginations get a little bit out of control. I place all responsibility in the hands of the dancing girl and the frozen yogurt.
  10. Another beautiful Sunday in American Fork. I remember when we moved into our house 5 years ago this month, I was a bit skeptical about it (hello, I was 15 and knew everything). But it was autumn. And the reddish-goldish mountains were right there by my house. And the guys in the ward did help move our stuff in. Autumn+American Fork=a good first impression.
it is halfway through October. get out your kleenex.
love, the mckenzers


chelsea said...

so glad that you got to visit home and see the crazy dancer. to think you could have been deprived of that one...i just can't fathom it.

funsizetessa said...

BEST WEEKEND EVER. I keep laughing over it.

Terri said...

You are a wonder. Always thinking of exciting and good natured things to see and do. I love you attitude Mc Frenzzy. I hope theirs a man that hope to keep up with you but not this week. pssssh in gag d can wait. we are married forever 20 years single just isnt that long to have a fork fest or eat tacos from a bus and play gratitude games with people you will call friends forever.

Ging said...

I am relishing this month too-please stay last signs of summer my Brandy Wines are minutes away from ripeness.
Okay- sorry back to you: I love that you have happy, fun friends who share your standards and your love of all that is good. Yum Graham cracker topped pumpkin spice yogurt. Yum.
That quote by Elder Bednar was also a favorite(it was a toss-up but in the end I decided to let you have it instead (tee hee) So glad you came home . See you in another 2.

Michele Alger said...

Love October. And another thing I love happened, I found your adorable blog. Happy, Happy, Happy! Love you!

s + b said...

my jaw literally dropped when i read your number one, then i literally laughed out loud when ir ead your number two. then i typed literally twice. now three times.

anyway, i miss you! and i love your blog.