Monday, October 11, 2010

from wednesday to monday, yessiree.

this is something like a "weekend update," only not the seth myers kind. because #1, I'm not seth meyers, and #2, his w.u.'s are much more abbreviated and probably funnier.

right now I'm on the third floor of the library, which always smells like burning plastic. there's a guy behind me whose voice loud. but it's the third floor, so nobody is giving him the the hairy eyeball. at least not from where he can see [as I hunch even lower behind my computer screen...].

I decided to include Wednesday in this post only because something rather scandalous happened to me on that day. In a certain shiny, white building on the hill. Don't worry, it gets better (only what could be better than that last sentence, I submit to you?).

I had just gotten "done" (which is a relative term, you will come to realize) getting dressed in my lovely jumpsuit before doing baptisms. I walked out to the vanity to put my hair up in a ponytail. Work that up-do. Anyway. It's a good thing Chelsea Ann Bedke was there, too, so she could point out something I had missed.

A little something called the zipper.

Many of you have underestimated the importance of the zipper until you are standing in front of a group of people (be it the Elders' Quorum, Relief Society, or any congregation bigger than 1 person....) and all of a sudden you feel a breeze....where you shouldn't be feeling a breeze. Then you try not to be conspicuous as you conduct the entire rest of your speech/lesson facing the chalkboard.

Well, when you're wearing this kind of jumpsuit, the baptism kind, the zipper kind of makes the outfit. If you forget it, you (and everyone else around you) will pay for it.

Chels: "Uhh, are you gonna zip up that jumpsuit?"
Me: "Huh?" (Looks down and sees zipper....really far down. I'm not going to be very descriptive for the children's sake who listen to this blog as their bedtime stories)

Chels: "Yeahhh."
Me: "I knew I was forgetting something..." (Zips up jumpsuit. About 5 minutes too late.)
We laughed all the way down the hall and when we got to the chapel. Eventually Chels had to excuse herself because we were making a disturbance. Sometimes I think I laugh too much.

Phew, glad I got that off my chest.

Now for the glorious weekend update.


a trip to WinCo: in which I bought enough produce to feed a slew of farm animals for weeks. or maybe just one really hungry farm animal. me.

a spontaneous dance party: while doing the dishes at 12am. Didn't know some of my roommates could move like that, but I guess Michael Jackson can do that to you.

a discovery: high-fiber cereal that tastes like cardboard tastes a lot better when it's on top of some zoi and covered in nectarines and almonds. delish.


a good morning: scripture study in Moroni 7 and a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. I simultaneously lowered my cholesterol and my desire to judge others.

a bike ride: pedaling through a very beautiful, autumny rexburg for almost 2 hours. I discovered a bridge over the South Fork Teton River and sat there for awhile, notebook in hand. Don't worry, Dad.

a second showing: Inception. It's true that it's better the second time. Plus I now understand that wonderful ending a little better. And I want to sleep more. But how is that any different than my life before? :)

a new talent: popping popcorn on the stove. besides, i like it burnt.

an ivory shredder: that would be yours truly, playin' hymns for Relief Society that nobody knows. I like to employ the element of surprise in my calling. Who says the pianist can't lead an exciting life?

a flashback or two: watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers & Meet Me in St. Louis, basking in the pieces of my childhood which I always remember when I watch those movies. And I think that a BYU-Idaho alum must've written the song "Bless Your Beautiful Hide." Just sayin'.

a roommate potluck: my roomates are good cooks and even better sharers. Chels, as she took a bite of her pot roast, "We are going to be such good wives." Go Chelsea go!

a group study session: in Preach My Gospel, a really cool book. You should read it sometime.


an early morning: scripture study, learning about consecration all week long.

a class: where we studied one of my all-time favorite talks. no, I'm serious guys. We watched it because watching this man talk is an experience in and of itself.

an exam: an oral exam, to be exact, speaking in spanish with my teacher one-on-one for an allotted amount of time. the prognosis: I am about as good as any return-missionary. Oh, ok. Wait...what?!

a rainy bike ride: getting soaked while coasting downhill never gets old.

and now, I'm in the library, still listening to that guy practically shouting behind me. that was an epic-ally long post. I don't blame you for not reading it. but for those of you who did, it was awesome, was it not (my weekend, not the post)?

p.s. I am a little bit poor but I am determined to go to Mexico in January. For those of you who have helped so far, there's no way I could thank you enough! But expect a thank-you card, anyway. :) If you would like to help even more, just click on this link. It will make you take a survey about your school. I know some of you aren't in school anymore, but just pretend you're still in college and write what you remember:


Brit said...

Ummm...I love the talk. My dance teachers always make us read it :) Hooray for BYU and religious dance and you speaking as good as RM's (doesn't surprise me).

chelsea said...

i will forever remember that tender moment in the temple..Maybe we should choose a more appropriate setting for our next laughing fit. maybe.

funsizetessa said...

Okay I could die laughing over your temple story. I sure missed out on that one. And I mean, I have a decently sized spot in my heart for Seth Meyers, but you my dear and your posts are up to par and surpass Seth Meyers in my opinion.

Terri said...

Im glad you kept the bossom covered! Now on to some serious delights of College life. What to cook on a 40 dollar a week budget. Sounds like you and Brit can share cooking recipes.

Amy said...

Oh Kenz. I want to come spend a day at BYU-I with you. It sounds so fun. When you come home will you speak Spanish to me? with your zipper up.

Ging said...

Your glimpses always tell a side of the story that I didn't quite get in conversation. You are full of surprises, which is evidenced by your recent swafoo in the temple.