Friday, October 1, 2010

is that a harmonica i hear?

( it's a friday piksha...oh and it reminds me of catherine creek )

It's kind of early (translation: I'm pretty dang tired). This morning my alarm beckoned at 6 am (still getting used to it) for scripture study. Which was very good, by the way. Did you know that we get to have a member of the Godhead with us all the time? Try and deny how awesome that is.

My original intent after getting out of Spanish early today was to do some homework in the library until 9, when I have a tutoring sesh. But of course I got sidetracked by the harmonica coming from someone's cubicle in the east wing. I guess if that's how they're gonna celebrate their Friday, more power to 'em. If only I had brought mine, we could've had a duet!
On Conference Weekend, Rexburg empties like my fridge sometimes empties onto the floor...slowly and subtly, but then all of a sudden you trip on the puddle and...oh wait, that has nothing to do with people leaving Rexburg. But you know what I mean. More than half of the students in Spanish were m.i.a. Part of me wishes I was on the road, too, but I know that half of the journey is the getting there. And holy moley, that was really deep for a Friday morning. I can almost hear your applause.

Friends, I have approximately 1 hour of class, 1 hour of work, and (maybe...maybe...maybe) 1 hour of nap to go. The 4 hours of driving time, well, that's part of the fun cause I'll be with the Goppster.

your devoted harmonica-playa,


p.s. happy anniversary to my parents! you make me want to be lo mejor.


Ging said...

Glad to hear even study time is "fun time" when you are at college. We are ever-so-boring in comparison, but we are glad that you like us.

Word verification (and I am not joshin you) : opluckin

shawn rowley said...

like the picture of the creek. is that near rexburg?