Wednesday, September 29, 2010

autumny food and other ramblings

ok, random question: do you say autumn when talking about the space of time between mid-September and mid-November? Or do you take the easy way out and say "fall"? Personally, I dig saying "autumn." I think that it could be an onomotopoeia, if it really wanted to. You know what that means, right? It's when the word itself sounds like the meaning, er...something like that. Autumn sounds like autumn. Are you all in agreement?

I just wanted to say a little somethin' about autumn. Because it's almost October (!!!) and I already miss this time of year. Strange because it's not over yet. It's kinda like in November, right around Thanksgiving time, when you start to miss Christmas even though it hasn't happened yet, because you know that it's going to come and go just like that. Then you'll miss it.

recently I have been perusing my favorite food blogs, and they are full of recipes like roasted vegetable soup, pumpkin waffles, and apple cake. They kinda, sorta, make my eyes water out of sheer longing. Uhh, that made zero sense. But you get my drift, right? My chilly, crisp, autumny drift. Sorry, I just had to say it.

After class today I decided to try my hand at roasting nuts. I've never done it before. Queue (cue?) the sad music. I burnt them. All. Well, all of them that fit into an 9x9 pan. If you know me, you know how much I love nuts. And to sacrifice them to the Heat Miser gods, well, that just made me wish for Friday to come faster.

Friday is the day I go back to Utah. I intend on not only watching conference while eating aforementioned pumpkin waffles/pancakes, but I also plan on taking a drive up Alpine Loop and maybe buying some more nuts (sad face yet again).

How are you going to spend this weekend?
btw, it's hump day. Hump day=Wednesday=halfway through the week.

here's a few of my autumny-eye-candy favorites via the interestingness.

best for last. mmm-hmmm.


Amy said...

Autumn is my kind of season. Chilly nights, mild warm days. Perfect. Sorry bout your nuts.

Terri said...

Mc Frenzy you and I share many loves. Im a nut aholic fond of almonds like them roasted, smoked, covered in chocolate and candy shells. I also love macadamias and Autumn is my favorite season. peaceful learning.

Ging said...

Sigh- That is just for a post that makes me smile. Oh, and maybe for the lost 9X9 pan of nuts. We'll replace them for you. So you are making breakfast Monday morning? Right on. I am an Autumn person. It has been a nice long summer-like Autumn. My tomatoes are oh so grateful.

Ging said...

P.S. I meant Saturday morning. Saturday is when I would like you to make breakfast. Monday morning I would draw no benefit from this event.... giggle