Monday, September 20, 2010

happy list monday

i hereby start a new tradition....and i shall call it "happy list monday" and it shall be mine. (also, did you notice i am not capitalizing my "i's" like normal?! this is about as much rebellion as I can muster.)

  1. the smell of pumpkin bread in october (it has to be october, ok?)
  2. blowing bubbles with gum while simultaneously riding bike uphill to class
  3. sitting under a tree to study and having leaves fall onto your books
  4. the smell of the taylor building (it smells like Temple Square, HONEST)
  5. getting up at 5:30 (!!!) just to read scriptures...I think maybe I could become a morning person after all.
  6. putting on that edible lip gloss just so you can eat it (what? I get hungry)
  7. ripping the "frazz" off of notebook paper and rolling it up into little balls
  8. sneezing a bunch of times on the 2nd floor of the library (it's the quiet zone, so people glare at you more for breathing loudly. it's fun.)
  9. homemade guacamole, need I say más?
  10. becoming friends with siblings of people you met freshman year who are now on missions. co-inky-dinks galore!
  11. talking to mom on the phone
  12. finding out that my roommate also applied to go to Mexico and also got accepted to Puebla. like WHOA!
  13. sitting in the art gallery, just for kicks.
  14. having people not-so-subtly try to read this over my shoulder and imagining what they would write on their happy list
mondays really get too much flack. and guess what?

I don't even know what that phrase means.

anyway, make a happy list and the
badical-ness of Monday will soon fade away.

lurv, mcfrenzy


Amy Elizabeth said...

i feel happier already :)

Amy said...

leaves are falling in Rexburg?
Happy Monday McFrenzy!

funsizetessa said...

WHAT THE HECK? I'm blogging a Monday happy list right this second.

Ging said...

That is a really thoughtful list. I might have to bake some pumpkin bread and mail it to you along with the rest of your edible lip-gloss. I love your insightfulness it raises my vision. I love you

shawn rowley said...

some mondays ARE good after all.
thanks for the better perspective.