Saturday, September 11, 2010

talk about an overachiever

Folks, I've done it again.

When I was in middle school, we had to do a project for my social studies class. It involved researching a country in Europe of our choosing and basically learning everything there was to learn about it. We had to make ourselves a travel itinerary using well-known sites within the country, give a speech on what it's like to live there, and make a culinary masterpiece from the country. I chose Sweden because, well, have you looked at me lately?

(there's white, and then there's Kenzie)

Back to my Sweden story. Another part of the project was to make a full-size map of the country and color it, complete with major rivers, cities, landmarks, and mountains. Most of the students used crayons (like any normal student would do, and I really wanted to be one of them sometimes) and did a pretty basic map. But not me, oh no. I had to use sharpie to outline Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Then I used watercolor paints to paint it all, including the ocean (which took up a major part of the map). When I brought it to class on the day it was due, I didn't think much of it. Using paints made it way easier to color. I figured other people would have thought of that.


I lived up to my overachiever reputation once again, one which I didn't think I'd worked too hard to get. I've just always done my best on school projects. Just the way I am, I guess. But honestly, people, I don't try to be number one. I'm not a competitor. So my "110%" is actually just normal for me. It's not monumental to go above and beyond. I hope this doesn't sound cocky...

So when I signed up for the Rolling Hills Classic in Rexburg exactly 2 months ago, I was skeptical.

I'm not a competitor, so racing??? I actually paid money to run for 6 miles?

Race day was today. It's been rainy and cold for the past few days, so I was worried my first experience of racing (since running x-country 5 years ago) would be wet, which equals major chafing.

If you don't know what chafing is, just imagine scraping the inside of your leg with a fine-toothed comb until it starts bleeding.

I woke up this morning (actually, as you can probably guess, I was already awake...sleepless night for McFrenzy) feeling pretty ansy. I ate an apple, toast with peanut butter, and drank a little bit of water. The sun was shining, the sky perfectly clear. One less thing to worry about (just remember the fine-toothed comb...).

My old roommate Courtney and her friend Abby signed up yesterday, which was not only crazy-spontaneous but also really awesome for my morale.

After the 1st mile, the route started to curve uphill, which I expected (hence the name Rolling Hills Classic). But the hill didn't end. It kept going, and going, and when I got to the 5K turnaround, I almost said, "Hmmm, that looks like a nice idea for the sake of my lungs." But I didn't. I kept going, alllll the way up past the temple, past the water tower, to the end of what is probably President Clark's neighborhood. At the turnaround, the volunteers told me I was more than halfway done. That seemed about right.

That's when my burst of adrenalin kicked in. I started feeling good (minus those pesky blisters that live on my feet), and it helped that the rest of the course was downhill. I got back to the bottom of the temple and the cones hadn't moved, so of course I went back the way I had come, down the curvy hill. It was the longest 6 miles I'd ever run, and I've never even run 6 miles.

As I crossed the finish line, people were walking away with their medals and bread and bananas. Lots of people still cheered for me, though, which felt good because I felt like I had gone a tortoise's pace.

But gets better. If you're still reading this, I commend you for waiting until the sort-of climactic ending.

Courtney asked me if I had gone straight down the hill from the temple. I thought, "Straight down past the temple? You mean it was that easy?"

Yep. I went an extra mile. 7.4 miles, on accident.

So I'd like to echo what I said when I signed up for this race: what have I done?

Hot dog, I just ran 7.4 miles on accident! That made my piece of bread and 1/2 banana so much tastier. I would also like to put in a plug for running "naked," which is runner's lingo for running without music. I thought about taking my iPod with me this morning, even made a playlist, but I knew I'd do much better without headphones in my ears. Even if it is Queen singing "We are the champions."

Oh yeah, and did I mention I got a t-shirt? Without holes in the armpits, thank you.
if you'll excuse me, I shall now sleep all day.


Kristen Moss said...

You are an inspiration. One day i will run more than 50 yards just like you.

That is hilarious that you ran extra. I am glad you have a good out look on it though, I think I would have been mad at myself.


Amy said...

Oh Kenz- too funny. You little extra-miler! Glad it was a good run. Can't wait for the Ragnar with you!

Anonymous said...


You are amazing!! You do work hard because you know that is the right way to succeed. You make your parents and so many other people proud to know you. I love you! Miss you!! Good luck with the school year and I look forward to hearing it all about it.

Savanna Landrum said...

I love your blog. It makes my day go so much better! I love that you ran extra. WHOOPS!! Love, bana.

Ging said...

YES!!! Even on accident you give 110%. Now get some sleep- you've earned it. Man I am so dadgum proud of you. What's next?

funsizetessa said...

bahahahah MK!!! You would run an extra mile. That is just so like you. Way to go. You are a winner. I lub you.