Friday, September 24, 2010

it comes and goes in waves

{hello, good morning}

This morning when I headed off into the sunrise on my bicycle I made sure that 1) I was fully awake and 2) that it was really Friday. I could tell I was awake because my bike was moving, strangely...and I knew it was Friday because people walking to class were smiling more than usual.

On Sunday I had a strong feeling. If you read my blog a lot, you know I get this feeling a lot. A lot a lot a lot. Well, this time I felt like I needed to start studying my scriptures earlier. Much earlier. For most of my life I've done it before bedtime.

You see, for the entire first week of school I felt like I wasn't getting as much out of my scribber study as I could. Sometimes you think you are doing the best you can, when really you are only doing the "good" or the "better" part. My professors were inadvertently dropping hints about the merits of early mornings all week. So I knew what I had to do. Not to mention that other member of the Godhead. Sometimes He is persistent.

On Monday morning, the alarm went off at 5:30 AM. As of last week, "AM" just stood for "A Mistake," and I went back to sleep. But not this time, baby. I've been going for 5 days now and I can truly say that it was the best move I've made in a long time. However, none of the credit should go to me.

The amazing thing about getting up this early is the effect it has on the rest of my day. I don't usually need a nap, even though on days that I got up at 6:30 just to get ready for school, no scripture study included, I needed a nap. Now I get up an hour earlier and I don't need no nap. Better yet, I pay attention pretty well in my classes and actually participate. Imagine that.

On Monday, day one, my journal entry looked like this:

"Here's what happened today as a result of this amazing thing called fervent scripture study:

I got everything+then some done on my To-Do list in a good amount of time; managed time wisely
Was able to understand what went on in Spanish class, and I liked it
Asked the right questions
Ate healthy, exercised, no problem, mon
Went to work and loved it--did I mention I have 7 students and I got a raise?!
Wanted to smile at everyone and I think I did...
Couldn't litter...haha. "My conscience was pricked" as the gum wrapper fell...
Rode my bike uphill to class and smiled for most of it
Acted like my crazy self, and that's OK
Gave a spiritual thought for FHE which really wasn't from me, if you know what I mean
less sarcastic, more loving
got on the Jamba Juice wall! Alright, this has nothing to do with my morning scripture study. I just had to say it.
High self-esteem
More sincere prayers
Made my bed! This is epic for sure. "

some habits come and go in waves.

we stop biting our nails off, but we keep chewing them.
we give up sugar, but not chocolate (yeah, right).
we resolve to make more friends, but then we just smile at people.
the gym fills up in january, then gradually empties by march.
we say our morning prayers, but then by friday we're sleeping through them.
every week we promise to remember Him, to take upon us His name, but every week we have to be reminded again.

it's ok, because it's human nature.

But I also know that our Creator intended for us to become something. We're made from the same mold as diety. Remember? So we should be able to do this kind of stuff, getting up at 5:30.

I'm pretty sure God is a morning person, anyway.

Let's hope this habit comes and stays.


Terri said...

well done good and faithful Kenzie! I lked the thoughts about our human nature, we do need alot of prompting and reminding to keep us on track. That makes me want to be more patient with myself and others.

Amy said...

Nice Kenz. I didn't love mornings either until the last few years. It feels like you've got a jump on the day and you own it instead of the other way around. You are one impressive young lady.

sleye1 said...

Rudy - your "rock-ness" keeps on growing. How blessed we are to call you ours.

Love, dad

Ging said...

What? You are making your bed? This is a testimony in and of itself!
But really... You are such an inspiration. I love this post and it loves me back.

funsizetessa said...

morning scripture is the best thing. usually i'd say since sliced bread. but no. it's better than that. thank you for posting this and making me feel warm fuzzies.