Tuesday, September 7, 2010

tirrred, and fall is coming

Nope, I didn't get hit with those round, black rubber things attached to your vehicle.

I'm just on my bed in Rexburg, waiting out until Thursday. And I'm tired.

Thursday is the day of reckoning, a.k.a. the first day of school.

I have my first class at 8 in the morning. On Friday, it will start at 7:45 with (gulp) Spanish 325...phonetics and conversation. Phonetics? In Spanish? Chyeah, right. Whose idea was that anyway? Oh yeah, mine.

So far I have been seen by exactly 76-ish members of the opposite sex without makeup. That's because this morning when I woke up, I didn't want to "get ready" per se. Mom, please don't shudder. Not yet. Because I did get dressed...but it was a tie-dye t-shirt. And I did do something with my hair. But I did not wash it. Gah! I can't believe I'm even admitting this on the world wide web.

Anyway. Chelsea and I got to campus and all of a sudden every guy I knew came out of the woodwork. Embarrassing. At least now I have pretty much nothing to hide. P.S. how would you define "prospect"? Because I would have to say that any prospect of mine will have to see me without makeup before any rings go flying. Just sayin'. That's future reference, by the way, don't get any ideas.

I also spent a few zillion dollars on textbooks. Let me rephrase that. I spent a zillion dollars on pieces of paper with access codes on them. I never thought I'd pay $40 for a rub-off sticker. But such is life when you are in college. All of a sudden, all that money you spent disappears into a grocery store till, or a bookstore salesperson's hands, or into the college vault which holds all of our tuition. Even though I'd like to think money doesn't mean much, I've come to realize that it means a heck of a lot when you go to la universidad.

Despite this exhaustion from simply settling in, I am glad to be back here. Here's what I expect from this semester:

A trip to Big Jud's, finally
lots of jaunts to Badger Creek
bike rides on the Mongoose
a few roommate bonding sessions
running. a lot of running
ivory-shredding in the Snow Building
mind-blowing study sessions in the library
some interesting tutoring stories...
figuring out a faster way to get to the top of campus
shaking devotional speakers' hands
keeping my freckles intact by getting some lamp-time (the sun will be gone soon...)
not sleeping much
amazing classes
lots of new friends
even more funny, sad, interesting, and random blog posts

the mcfrenzy


chelsea said...

kenz, your list is lovely. plan on getting it all done...because that is definitely how to do lists in rexburg always play out....and the hair washing thing--overrated.

sleye1 said...

Oh Rudy.

And what of the surrogate mothering we so recently spoke of? Hmmm? Hmmm?

Jen said...

OH Kenz, I love your posts! I think you are off to a brilliant start to the semester. I agree with Chelsea - washing your hair is overrated! Uncle Jared is super good at Spanish - did you know that! He taught me so much when I was in college taking and struggling through Spanish! Love you BIG! Aunt Jenny