Friday, September 17, 2010

i am the one who....

...who only eats french fries if they're burnt.

...who loves to ride her bike all over the place.

...who can't sleep in past 9 when I'm in school.

...who looks at this website regularly for inspiration.

...who has always lived within {at the most} 2 hours of a temple.

...who has red hair in the summer, brown hair in the winter.

...who sometimes listens to Yo-Yo Ma to go to sleep.

...who cooks without recipes (sometimes it works, other times not so much).

...who is afraid of car accidents, natural disasters, and big hairy spiders on the ceiling.

...who regularly listens to classic rock with that Yo-Yo Ma. Mm-hm.

...who is in a Spanish class full of return missionaries and sometimes doesn't have a clue what's going on.

...who normally wears a t-shirt and basketball shorts around the house.

...who shreds the ivory for Relief Society and recreation purposes.

...who also likes to shred--really shred--on snow.

...who isn't above drinking milk straight from the jug.

...who likes getting up early on Saturday morning when everyone else is asleep and making breakfast.

...who drives her car with the windows down and the music turned up really loud on road trips.

...who thinks that nothing is more beautiful than the entire stretch of coastline that runs along Highway 101.

...who wants to keep her freckles for-ev-er.

...who still watches Disney movies for my own entertainment.

...will take rain over snow any day.

...who really loves grocery shopping at Costco. Especially on Saturdays (you know why).

...whose eyes water when she's scared.

...who wants to learn to play the guitar someday really soon (Gabby if you're reading this, teach me!!)

...who currently knows one song on the harmonica, but can improvise if I really want.

...who thinks ice cream is the greatest invention since the wheel and the written word.

...who can easily get stuck in a book for hours and lose track of time...and the need to use the bathroom. Just kidding! Almost got you, huh?

...who should probably stop writing this post before you get bored. But I really like writing on this blog.

...who is an English major but still loves to learn about the body, history, languages, and music.

...who, like my madre, can't go to bed with dirty feet. Not in a tent, not in my apartment, not ever.

...who thinks Adam and Eve were onto something when they invented camping.

...who has been a pizza-saucer, a sandwich-builder, a late-night custodian, a tutor, a babysitter for 1-6 kids, and a full-time student.

...who would also try crab-fishing in the Arctic ocean, whitewater rafting in the Colorado River, cage-diving with sharks, and surfing the pipeline on the North Shore.

...whose hair, since birth, has been a little bit cuh-razy.

...who will put peanut butter/almond butter on almost anything (including carrots).

okay, seriously, I"ll stop now. I'm just avoiding homework.

peace, love, and hawaii.

{how's that for a parting shot?}


shawn rowley said...

wow you are an adventure aren't you.

you and gabber need to plan a trip.

austrailia mabey, sharks and the snowy river camp out. and shreding snow in new zealand on the way home...

JP Anderson said...

Santa frejole, I've been reading this post since 11:31 and just finished (check post time below). Okay, so not very long at all actually. Speaking of adventure, are you snowboarding this winter? We should meet up sometime. You could relearn us.

Terri said...

I loved this post. I learned so much and hers what we have in common. Me to rain over snow, me to highway 101, me to loud music window down, me to saturday breakfast smells to wake everyone else up, me to custodian at BYU Idaho
Love you

funsizetessa said...

...who is loved by Tessa Perry!