Monday, September 27, 2010

it's monday. you know what that means.

this is me. this is courtney (see item #4). circa november 2008.

  1. getting in an epic car wreck (it was my FHE bro's fault...don't worry mom) and living through it. cuz now i get to sing "I'mma survivor! I'mma survivor!" with more empathy. I've always wanted to sing Beyonce with more empathy.
  2. A certain movie known as "The Emperor's New Groove." It's, like, 10 years old. And, like, so am I, apparently.
  3. speaking Spanish with an RM who went to Portugal and teaching him Spanish. In all my life, I never thought I would teach a return missionary a language. W to the hoa (and I now realize that when I separated that word it sounded wrong. oh well).
  4. sittin on courtney gopp's bed with courtney gopp talking to courtney gopp about freshman year. in case you were wondering, it was a good year. er...three months. need proof? here's a little memory from my first week in rexburg.
  5. this talk, probably the most amazing talk ever. until this weekend when i contradict that statement. um, yeah, just read it.
  6. peanut butter toast. why do i talk about peanut butter so much? ok, let's nix this one. yeah, i even made a tag just for peanut butter, how pathetic am I?
  7. having home teachers for the first time in 2 years.
  8. taking off my socks before i go to bed. better yet, taking a shower before i go to bed. that way my pillow is wet from my recently shampoo'd hair, not sweat. sorry for the graphic details. it's strangely hot in rexburg right now. nothing to do with me, i swear. wink-wink.
  9. not just winning, but dominating at the game "i have never," thus earning the title of "loser who has not done/experienced anything, but thanks for being my friend anyway." :)
  10. FRIDAY=UTAH! (i know this has nothing to do with monday. but hey, you can't have fridays without mondays. now go find some lesson in that statement.)
love, mcfrenzizzle-brizzle-izzle...
(that trend of adding "izzle" onto the end of things,
it never worked for me. hmm.)

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Amy said...

Are you okay. Any neck pain? What happened? Glad you get to come home Friday.

p.s. I put p.b. in my morning drink every day. I heart peanut butter too. So, what was that link?