Tuesday, July 19, 2011

promise I didn't forget about you

(finals week last fall, i barely survived that one)

It's that time of year again!

No, not Christmas, geesh. Don't get ahead of yourselves, folks.

It's finals week! Otherwise known as "must eat all the food I have left in my fridge which consists of milk, carrots, and flaxseed" week. Or "spend all my free time that I really don't have in the library eavesdropping on funny conversations" week. Or "lose all hope of sleep for the next few days because you ain't gettin' any" week. Or "sad because the semester went way too fast even though I kind of wished it upon myself" week. Yeah, that time of year.

I have approximately 2 hours of studying, 1 hour of exam-ing, and 1 hour of potluck-ing to do before Spring Semester 2011 is officially adjourned. Oh sweet relief.

In the meantime, here's a happy list I've accumulated over the past few days. Yes, it is huge. I call it the "the giant happy list of epic proportions and awesomeness." It's been stuck on the wall by my bed for the past week, and every night I pencil in a few things that made me happy. I can afford to waste just one more piece of paper. It's for a good cause, you know. Sanity always is.

  • talking to Alyssa MC, she is the bomb.
  • overnight oats with blueberries
  • the moon outside my window
  • singing primary songs @ a ward fireside
  • Erin's hugs
  • watermelon (an insane amount, I tell you)
  • getting an unexpected A- in piano class, whaaa?
  • my fan. I'd die without it.
  • building on The Rock
  • poetry readings (mine was about Prefontaine, baby)
  • the smell of rain on hot pavement
  • not having to turn in an assignment I lost
  • re-painting my nails
  • mango/pineapple/banana smoothies, ohmylanta
  • not wearing makeup and then rubbing my face
  • cleaning apartment #5's kitchen and living room, for no reason besides happiness
  • "Surprise Homecoming" show on TLC. It's a tear-jerker, kids.
  • Bike fixed at last!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • yummy food all day
  • park + Sisterhood of the T-Pants w/ Amy (yeah, I just said T-pants, I dunno where it came from)
  • pre-bed showers
  • summer breezes
  • talking to Ikey
  • napping in the Ricks Gardens
  • temple w/ Amy
  • being baptized for Mexicans (one was from Puebla!)
  • homemade popcorn
  • patriarchal blessings
  • Isaiah 17:10
  • Harry Potter 7.2 (now what do I do?!)
  • Reese's Pieces
  • laughing at certain movie trailers about certain vampires
  • Craigo's with Apt. #5, my adopted apartment this semester
  • Zac Efron and 17 Again, ahhhh
  • funny girls in my ward
  • ward potlucks
  • my mom
  • knowing all will be well in the end
  • naps
  • Falafel!
  • Sunday night walks
Next time I see you, it will be in American Fork! Or if you are not a member of my family or a friend from my hometown...keep lurking! I'll be back with more when this is all over.

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Kaitlyn said...

Yay! Home to Utah!! Which means... I see you soon! YAYYYY