Friday, December 17, 2010

finals week: a series in 8 parts

day 1: wednesday, december 8th (in library from 8-11:30 pm)
song that kicked us out: sweet home alabama
pieces of gum chewed: 1
other interesting tidbits from this evening in the library: gave away a mango, taught someone a secret handshake, stuck my feet up on the heater 'til my shoes started to smell burnt, changed my hairstyle twice, wrote 8 emails to Chelsea while she sat right behind me.

day 2: thursday, december 9th (up doing homework 'til 11pm)
today I fell asleep in class three times, took one 1-hr nap which felt like 5 minutes, and ate an ice cream cone to get me through the evening. I obviously haven't learned the basic formula...sugar+kenz=crazy/crash. Sigh.
day 3: friday, december 10th (stayed in library from 3:30-6pm)
My original plan was to stay in the library until my research paper was done. But the only spot open on the 2nd floor with a plug nearby was also right up against a brick wall. It was mildly claustrophobic.
So, after a few pieces of gum, a piece of string cheese, and exactly 1 page of my research paper, I booked it out of there before my brain melted onto the floor.
(the above photograph is supposed to show my claustrophobia. didn't really work)

day 4: saturday, december 11th
I tried to wake up at 8, I really did. But my body wouldn't allow it. So I slept until 9am (shocking, I know!). Our elders quorum made us breakfast (think lots of bacon and sausage), which was at noon. We tried to call it a brunch, but they said, "No, it's breakfast."
Alrighty then.
I have now progressed to page 5 of my research paper.
And I've only eaten 1 piece of gum.
Thank you, thank you.
The glasses are supposed to help me study,
or something like that.

day 5: monday, december 13th
(yeah, I skipped Sunday because it's the day of REST, a word which isn't really synonymous with finals week)
ran my final 1.5 miler for science class and beat my time by 1:15. I heard that the new track is supposed to make you run faster...pshh, it was all me!
Then I spent the entire rest of the day on the couch in the living room writing my research paper, finishing my shakespeare project, and starting my spanish project.
for some reason the lighting in this picture makes me look like I have highlights.
p.s. i feel kind of conceited for taking a picture of myself every day. that's all.

day 6: tuesday, december 14th
yes, i recognize that my hair is wavy-crazy in this photo, but what's more is my face. it must be day six of finals week...oh snap.
that there on the right is my lovely amiga Niki, who was studying for an English test with me when this was taken.
Interestingness of the day: I was fed by others for every single meal. Breakfast party in Shakespeare, lunch party at work for which i made the famous brownies, closing ward social with yet another free meal.
I could get used to this free food thing.
Also, I found a new favorite spot in the library (of course the last day I'm in there!)...the only problem is that it's right above a heater and it makes me sleepy.

day 7: wednesday, december 15th
I am quite disgusted with myself in this picture, but this is kind of like a day-in-the-life kind of thing, so I had to stay true to my school. What? Yeah, I dunno what I just said. Confession: I did not wash my hair today. Thus the hoodie.
As for schoolio, well, today was my last day of actual classes. I have exactly 2 tests left to take and 1 project to turn in.
Tomorrow I'm makin' pumpkin muffins for breakfast because I CAN.
And I still have pumpkin leftover...agh.
I have been sitting in this chair for 6 hours now. Six. Hours. I probably could've woven a basket in that amount of time! Think about it!
p.s. is it just me or are the entries for each day getting progressively longer???
oh dear.

day 8: judgment day (did project from 12-2, studied for science test from 2-5)
that's AIGHT, people, I did it! I finished my sixth semester at this place (technically it was my 5th, but I came in with an extra one, so cha).
I can't tell you the bliss I felt after walking out of the testing center at 6:15 PM this evening. What were you doing at 6:15? Did it feel that awesome?
It was like a 100-lb anvil had been lifted off of my head. That's right, it was on my head. But now I'm FREE! Next time I set foot in a classroom, I will be the teacher.
I'm guessing it will be just as hard as school, but in a different and equally amazing way.
now I'm going to have some pizza and watch a movie with my roommates.
p.s. Elder Bednar, Elder Nelson, and Pres. Eyring are in this city RIGHT NOW. With me!!!! Well, not with me with me, but you know what I mean!


Em said...

i know that feeling. you feel amaaazing to leave that last final behind. :) congrats Kenz. that is really fantastic.

Macy Hammond said...

Ummmm... love. Yes... lots and lots of love here.