Sunday, July 18, 2010

thank-you note to Spring 2010

this has nothing to do with finals.
i just really dig the aesthetic-ness of it.

me=super impatient.
me=wishing for a fast forward button.
me=one semester away from being a...senior.

today was my last sunday in the 45th ward for 6 weeks
After choir practice and before church
Chels and I wrote a poem for the Bishopbric:
Every Sunday they arise
Because they are the coolest guys
Bishop Cram's gots the GTO
Got a question? He's in the know.
Brother Hastings digs football
And always magnifies his call
Brother Blake/Bro. Luigi
Went to Italy, not to Fiji
All in all, they rock the ward
With their service to the Lord

We recited it to the Bishop (he was the only one present) after church
Apparently it was a "knee-slapper"
He laughed and laughed
Then shook our hands and said seriously,
"Thank you."
We tried not to laugh at ourselves.
We made it to the door of the Romney Building.

Ohh, Rexburg.
I'm really excited for Utah.
But as always, I am sad to leave you.

So I would like to return the favor. Thanks for:

da roommates. they treat me right.

Spanish 321 (remember when I was scared of that class?)

here's a conversation I listened to
going on behind me in the middle of
a grammar lecture in Spanish on Friday:
John #1: Dude, do you think you could eat your arm? I mean,
if you were starving and had to do it. Would you?
Levi: Probably....yeah...yeah, totally, I would.
If I had to. I would. What about you [me]?
Me: Uhhh, no. (stifling laughter....remember this was during class)
Isn't that so endearing? I think it is.

British Lit. Because of Brother Brugger,
my writer's notebook is full of
jokes and inspiration.
Mostly jokes.

Doctrines of the Gospel.
I know so many things about the gospel now
that make me love it even more.
Thank you Brother Allison,
for teaching with the Spirit.

The 1st floor of the library.
You housed me more
than my own apartment.
However, you never provided me
a date. I thought that was a
guarantee if I studied there...
Hmm. Maybe I read the
contract wrong.

Marie, my women's health teacher,
for reminding me that
the best teachers love their students so much
that they tell them to eat their pie
for breakfast
and then to exercise every day. :)

The R.C. As usual, I got
a plethora of funny work memories.
Some people...just don't know
the difference between
a verb
and a noun
But I think I straightened them out.

The lovely view from my window.

Broulim's, thanks for providing me with
overpriced produce.
You made me thankful
for my parent's garden.

Everyone who served me this semester
even though they didn't have to
ash, for making me gluten free goodies
taylor, for offering to fix my car
lori, for driving me to class
chels, for being my friend
anna, for helping me study
the temple workers, for getting my backpack :)
dan, for driving me to utah and back 2x
court, for making me laugh
bishop, for always listening

Heavenly Father, for leading me here in the first place.

Oh yeah. And I can't forget...
the taco bus,
for making me remember
that food can taste good.

Seee youuu in Septeeemmmbberr.
(with Ike)
{our last fhe}


Kristen Moss said...

If I could give you one piece of advice ever and it was the only thing I could tell you and then we would NEVER EVER get to see or hear or read of each other again it would be...

DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER WISH FOR A FAST FORWARD BUTTON!!!!!! (well that and be sure to floss your teeth and read your scriptures, both daily.)

Dont be offended by this next comment but I love love love reading your blog because I see a little piece of what I was like in you. Granted you are WAYYYY better than me, and you are WAYYY cuter than i ever was, and you live life wayyy fuller at this point than I did then... but I like to relive life through you. Never EVER wish for this time to go by faster.

But it seems from this post, and your blog in general that you probably already have a grasp on this... I just wanted that little part of me in you to hear that.

Kenz said...

Kirsten, you are wise. I just wish I didn't have to write so many papers...this week...haha. P.S. I ate some G's for you! :)

Amy said...

I loved this post. So many things to enjoy and be thankful for. You lucky girl you.