Friday, July 16, 2010

the end is near...

the truth about redheads is...they're weird.

it's coming...oh so slowly.
and yet, I can't even remember how it got here
I've got a mere 4 semesters left at this place
not sure how I feel about that right now
not gonna think about that right now
in fact, I think I would rather
make a summer to-do list
and ignore the other to-do list
currently in my backpack/brain/dreams/sock drawer
(hint: it is rather long, grows like mold, and has
to do with the my sleep patterns of late...or should I say, the lack thereof)
If you haven't guessed by now, it's
finals week

So to distract myself
(it's not procrastination, it's a defense mechanism)
I have put up some photos from this past semester
for your enjoyment
and made a to-do list for the break
(listen up, parents)

*basically all photos credit of Chels*

if we came back as something else, i think i'd be a platypus

taken the night i returned from 4th of july...i'm zombie-eyed
i'm cool cuz my legs looks distorted in photos, wassup
yep, we take pics of ourselves getting ready. and chels doesn't
have a right eyebrow anymore.
taken at G's, a place we frequent...kind of...a lot.
is she possessed? no, she's just a burnt out college student at
2am, registering for classes.
super stoked to be a full-time student! ehhhhh...
telling chels the facts of life while simultaneously getting a tan sunburn
dis be the R.C. (place of employment)
if i could lift this, construction on campus would be done in no time

biggest loser, season 10, here i come!
(taken in the Romney building...the one with funky mirrors)

no explanation needed.
i guess i thought i might run into a homeless man on the way to Wal-Mart
who was twice my size and then charitably give him
my shirt. Huh.

you'll never guess what we're watching. it starts with
"Bachelor" and ends with "cornnnyy." You can literally see
Chels's I.Q. points plunging.

This is just an artistic representation of
a phenomenon commonly known as
"High on Wal-Mart."

Question: Why do they call them hot brownies?
(only Chelsea will know the answer)

how did i get roped into this? her name is Niki and she has
super-sized mallows.

picture this: two self-centered ninjas with nothing better to do
than take pictures of themselves.

tentative summah to-do list
*tackle Isaac when he comes
*eat homemade ice cream after I learn how to make it
*jump on the tramp w/ the Chineseans
*temples, temples, temples (temples to the third power)
*hiking, preferably up the canyon, baby
*running & more running
*read books other than textbooks
*go swimming
*inevitably acquire more freckles
*fro-yo w/ T.P.
*stickyyy shoe
*library visits

over and out,


Amy said...

Can I call you McFrenzy? It has a ring to it. Your summer plans look fantastic.

Ging said...

I'm not sure which will be funner- school or "summer" It would appear that you have been enjoying the goofiness and glory of college life. I am first to tackle Isaac. I dream about it in some form every night now.

Terri said...

Mcfrenzied you have had another twisted wonderful semester I love it! See you soon summer and your big brother beckons your return. Time to fight for the good cold cereal.