Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i miss her

we used to have good/bad/funnies every night. i miss those.

we used to read from the time capsule and laugh 'til we couldn't breathe. haven't laughed like that for awhile.

we used to talk about our futures in the park or on walks, and we could read each other's minds.

we used to take care of each other, when i was sick she gave me oils, when she was sick, i drove her to the hospital. heh.

we used to drive to winco on the weekends and get lost, and talk about how much we loved grocery shopping. yeah, grocery shopping.

we used to make playlists for sundays and listen to them really loud while doing our hair.

we used to read to each other from our journals and talk about how much we had changed, or not.

we used to think of ways to help the other with their boy problems/successes. those were fun days.

we used to take turns shredding the ivory.

we used to lay out on the grass in front of the library in the summertime and people watch.

we used to watch old movies and laugh at the things nobody seems to appreciate anymore.

we used to brag to each other about our meals every day. she usually won.

we used to swing in a hammock on 1st west and play "would you rather."

we used to make up competitions in which the other person had to owe bolthouse. bolthouse was our (other) religion.

we used to have inside jokes in our english classes together, which made it hard to sit by each other. yet, we always did.

we used to take turns talking to the bishop every sunday.

then, one sunday, she talked to the bishop after i did.

and she came home and woke me up from a nap i was accidentally taking.

and she told me she was leaving me for 18 months.

i smiled and got excited,

but secretly...

i was sad.

and now i miss her.


chelsea said...

:) best birthday present EVER

Ging said...

What a really beautiful post. It left a catch in my throat. I can't express my gratitude well enough, that you were blessed with friends who really see you and really love and value you.