Friday, February 18, 2011

"i don't like to cook. but i'm good at cooking sandwiches."

i know it's probably not fair for me,
of all people, to say this.
but i can't wait for summer.

That quotation right thur in the title is from one of my students, a certain Alejandro (don't start singing the song please. oh please).

It's Friday, dearies. And I haven't given you a happy list in a realllllllllly long time. Why not? So much happiness has occurred down south, why can't I just share it with you? Why do I have to be so selfish? I'm just assuming you are asking these questions, so I ask them for you.

Aren't I nice?

Apparently I'm also bipolar.
(Because I just called myself selfish and nice in three sentences.). <----for the record I hate doing that to parentheses. Why do we have to punctuate between them anyway? It's so ugly.

Ahem. I'm back now.

1.Planning my class schedule for next semester. Oh dudes, it is going to be so off the chain. And saying "off the chain" is kind of fun. I can talk like a gangster but I don't have to wear my pants on my shins. OR get my shins busted. Cool, huh?

2. Thursday Night Futbol brings joy to my heart, because not only do I usually not know what's going on (hello, soccer, a sport I haven't played in years), but when everyone is shouting commands while kicking the ball with insane force, I just have to stop and laugh. I have laughing attacks on the court. Everyone stares. It's great. Did I mention I also wear spandex? These boys wear jeans and BOOTS. Boots. Right in my thigh. Ow.

3. You've probably heard enough of my gushing on the subject of Mexican food. But lately I have discovered what amazing snack food Mexico possesses (whoa, check out the number of s's in that word!!!). Orange cookies that make you think you are eating an orange instead of a cookie...hmm, probably not a good thing. Trail mix with amaranth in it. Amaranth? Do I even know what it is? Nooo, but it's good. Then the cereal. There's this one cereal called Pasion (passion). Chocolate+almonds+flakes. I wish this blog was scratch-n-sniff sometimes.

4. Updated booklists. My booklist used to be 60 books long. Now it's...uh...longer. I'm too embarrassed to admit it. When I return from Mexico, I'm going to have a lot of reading material to go over. Yesss.

6. Wearing my shiny silver flats, which usually don't get weird looks. But in Mexico, you'd think I had hobbit feet the way people stare. Do you guys promise to stare at me like I'm an alien when I come back? Just for a week or so? Otherwise I just won't feel normal. Thanks.

7. Makin' macaroni con queso with the chilluns because 1, they've never had it before and 2, I can use that as a lesson, yes I can. ILP is the stuff.

8. Walking home from school and feeling like I am in American Fork or Rexburg. And you guys all thought I was going to get kidnapped. The closest I have ever come to being kidnapped was...oh wait...I haven't. Nevermind.

9. Speaking of feeling like I belong here (besides the fact that everyone stares), I also love waving to people I know as I walk home. Yep, this city is really that small. And I like how I'm friends with Mexicans. Sometimes I forget and I have to remind myself: I'm not actually Mexican. Ha.

10. When something really unexpected but really amazing happens to you and re-charges your excitement for life. You know?

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sleye1 said...

My Rudy - what a wonderful adventure you are having...and picking some lessons along the way.

Stay safe.

A.E. said...

not only do i wish your blog was scratch and sniff, but also that i could teleport to where you are and eat all mexico has to offer by your side.