Monday, February 14, 2011

things i love on february the 14th, 2011

i love sharp corners, because i can run my back up against them and be relieved of this constant itching. sorry if that was too graphic for you. i seem to give away too much information too much.

i love daydreaming about coming home, and seeing everybody i love, and giving them lots of hugs. i also love daydreaming about comparing my tan arms to their white ones. you do know i'm tan now, right? it took a lot of pain, but it was (not) worth it.

i love teaching these children here in mexico. they are snotty, loud, obnoxious, disobedient, and sometimes mean (ex: i showed them my sunburned shoulder and they covered their eyes while making gagging noises. nice). they are also very funny, give spontaneous hugs, share their lunches with me, tell me stories with so much enthusiasm that they are literally out of breath, and throw cute smiles my way. i love them.

i love listening to my "s.a.d." playlist. it's got some good tunes on it. the one in heaviest rotation right now is this song, which you need to listen to. it's that good. bob dylan wrote it, so, uh, DUH.

i love walking to school each day and letting the sun turn my hair crazy colors. but not my back. please, sun, do not touch my back, not ever again. thank you. love, mckenzie.

i love valentine's day funfetti cake, and i love how us teachers have a tradition of making cake when we want to bond. cake=delicious. bonding=fun. delicious and fun. sounds like an idyllic Pillsbury Cake Mix commerical to me!

i love going to the corner store to get eggs (for aforementioned cake) and seeing the delicious mangoes on display. and then i love telling the proprietor (what? I don't know. I just don't know.) that mangoes are more delicious in mexico than they are in the united states (they any mango lovers reading this, you don't know what you're missing). and then i love when she gives me 2 free mangoes just for saying that. mexicans are so generous with their mangoes.

i love wearing skirts and red beaded necklaces and headbands which hide my wonky bangs. remember when i got my bangs cut a month ago? and remember how i take fish oils? soooo what i'm trying to say is...I don't have those bangs anymore. headbands are awesome.

i love looking at pretty, inspiring, unadulterated awesomeness:

air guitar it, no questions asked

could you be any cuter, little boy who i don't know?

oh hey ireland, wassup, i think i need to visit you ASAP

l-o-v-e + sunsets, makes perfect sense

did you know that there was such a thing as boy bait?
well, now ya do. you're welcome.

there's a reason He saves the best for last.

(oh, here she goes with the food again. maybe she can't help it.)
i've been thinking about it a lot, and i think i decided what
the first thing i eat when i get back to the u.s. is:
one of these sandwiches.

p.s. i am getting married here. so if you are wanting to come to that
future wedding o'mine, be prepared to drive. to manti. ok? ok.
glad i got that cleared up.
now i'm feeling awkward for mentioning my future wedding
like a true BYU-Idahoan. psyche.

i also LOVE clean sheets, recently-shaven legs (haha shaven is such a funny word!), making valentines with lotsa glitter, when my hair air-dries kinda wavy and kinda awesome, talking to my family on skype cuz they're hilarious, emailing Bishop Cramer updates on Mexico, dental floss, carpet (i miss it more every day), baby pictures, japanese peanuts (they don't sell them in japan, only mexico. just forget the name and try to enjoy it someday, cuz it is SOOO good), cute-lookin' flats, running, running in spandex, chocolate+almonds, new freckles.

valentine's day is really a good holiday. i don't know why it gets so much flack. there i go again with that weird, meaningless word.

over and out!


Anonymous said...

If you hire me as your wedding photog, I will come to manti for your wedding. let me know, k.

ps, I would come to manti to eat some of that sandwich with you too.

funsizetessa said...

All of this is amazing, so I will just point out my very favorite. "did you know that there's such thing as boy bait? now you do. you're welcome" bahahaha.

Amy said...

What a fantastic idea on the day of love! Love your list.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog!
I love your crazy personality!
I love your gorgeous hair!

JP Anderson said...

That is a beautiful temple..... and sandwich. Didn't your padres get married there? I think so.

Ging said...

I am behind. R___E___A___L___L___Y___Behind. Great post. I love you and wish I had been on-the-ball enough to send a package 3 weeks ago so you would get it for valentines. My last blog was about your birthday- as you can see I've been busy. Too busy.